British Royals Attend State Opening of Parliament

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall attended the State Opening of Parliament in London today. The Queen arrived wearing the George IV Diadem (as she does each year). The royal world was abuzz yesterday when Buckingham Palace announced the Queen will be scaling back her duties (she’s sending Prince Charles in her place to the Commonwealth meeting in Sri Lanka later this year, the first time she’s missed one of these meetings in 40 years) but she looked as spry and as regal as ever today. The George IV Diadem always looks so wonderful on her.

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For the ceremony, the Queen wore the Imperial State Crown. I think it’s still the best piece of royal headgear in existence. Period.

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The big news was that this was Camilla’s first time attending the State Opening of Parliament. She looked beautiful in what is becoming her ‘standard’ tiara, the Greville tiara (sometimes known as the Boucheron Honeycomb tiara. You can read an excellent history of this tiara here). Camilla’s hair gets a lot of criticism but it’s great hair for a tiara or a hat. I thought she looked very royal as well.

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15 thoughts on “British Royals Attend State Opening of Parliament

  1. Camilla looked beautiful! Yes, the large tiara looks good on her. She does look confident and “the part.”

    • I can’t argue. I still wish she would go back to Anna Valentine for all her gowns but she BROUGHT IT. It’s about time.

  2. No matter how you feel about Camilla, I actually feel this tiara looks better on her than it did on the Queen Mother. Because it is both massive and wide, it tended to accentuate the Queen Mother’s ’roundness’ of face, while Camilla, with a different face shape wears it better imo. The Queen Mother favored the large rounded hat though, which shouldn’t have been her best look, but suited her to a tee. Go figure. Have we ever seen Camilla’s hair up? It seems it should be long enough in the back to pin into a roll. The only thing I have against her hair style is sometimes it is a bit too casual for tiara occasions.

    • I think she looks beautiful today. I really like this tiara on her (better than the Queen Mum, I agree).

    • I was trying to figure out why this tiara looks so good on her and it’s the shape. It works very well with Camilla’s face shape. It’s a big tiara but all the open space keeps it light and that works very well with her hair.

    • I agree with all you gals. Camilla looks like such a regal lady today. Good to see she’s got it in her because boy o boy sometimes I wondered if she would ever look like one of the royals.

      • Hullo there Patsy! Had a rouf spell for a few weeks with some surgery that didn;t take too well. On the mend now PTL! I shore have a lot of hats to catch up on! LOL!

    • It does look better on her than it did on the Queen Mum. I was hoping she’d wear the Delhi Durbar again but it seems this is the one she’s been “assigned”.

    • This will and always will remain a blog focused on royal hats. There are a couple of special occasions, like this one, when tiaras come out in the daytime and when that happens, we might see them here.

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