Dutch State Visit to Luxembourg

King Willem-Alexnder and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands embarked on their first state visit since becoming king and queen with a visit to Luxembourg today. Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa greeted them with great fanfare and it looks like a jolly good time was hat by all.

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The women both sported dusty pink hats by Belgian hat designer Fabienne Delvigne (making me wonder if there was some behind-the-scenes fashion coordination??). Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a new straw picture hat with sharply angled upturned ‘slice’ brim trimmed with a wide pink Petersham ribbon hatband in the same shade. I like Maria Teresa’s hat better from the side profile than from the front where it slightly overwhelms her.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Máxima repeated  was the wrapped calot she wore earlier this year on a state visit to Brunei (she originally wore it in April 2011 for William and Kate’s wedding).While I don’t like the wrapped texture of the piece, I like the shape- more than a bandeau but less than a turban. These off-the-face styles are really lovely on Máxima and is seems that she has stumbled onto a new hat trend that works very well for her. What do you think?

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Designer of both hats: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: January 21, 2013April 29, 2011

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19 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit to Luxembourg

  1. Both royal ladies look beautiful and very happy — so do the men, of course — to see each other. But this time Màxima wins the elegance prize. That heavy silk suit in that rich emerald green is SO beautiful! And I thank her for not pairing it with green accessories the way a certain Belgian princess did last week — no Kermit the Frog look for Queen Màxima! It must be very difficult to try to be stylish at all times in public; the royal ladies do such a great job of it, including mixing their accessories so they almost look new at each outing. The turban is a wonderful look on Màxima with her hair so beautifully styled, too — I can only hope that she continues to give her hairdresser more business since her beautifully styled hair compliments a hat so much better than her daily unstyled look.

    • I was so thinking the same thing! Mathilde looked horrible this week in head-to-to leapfrog green. THis mix of green and dusty rose is so fresh and beautiful. I’m also not sad to see her stringy hair go bye-bye.

  2. I love the use of colour in all of Queen Maxima’s outfits the last few weeks, she is looking stunning. The pink toned hat and shoes with the green suit looks great but her skirt is two inches too short. The Grand Duchess looks beautiful as well and they all seem delighted to see each other.

  3. I agree, from the side profile Maria Teresa’s hat looks great. Not on the last picture, unfortunately.
    Great dusty pink and green combo for the two of these ladies: have you noticed how the bouquets are perfectly coordinated with outfits and hats?

      • I don’t know how you can say that since she wore this hat twice as princess. Her style has therefore not changed at all.

      • Oh come on. It has certainly changed- there is visibly more polish and restraint. We also haven’t seen any stringy hair with a hat. The hats have been smaller. Only time will tell if this change is permanent.

  4. That turban hat looks so nice on the queen. The other hat looks like it was turned inside out and is twisty off in the wrong direction. But its nice to see soft pink on the royal ladies.

    • I would like the pink hat more if it didn’t look like she ran into a brick wall. The front of it looks all squished back. She’s a very pretty lady and her coat is very nice.

    • It’s nice to see turban hats coming back in style. I remember them the first time (back in the 1960s) when they were very popular. The newest queen looks beautiful in this pink and green combination.

      • Maxima does look beautiful. I would not think myself to put a pink hat with a green dress but it is very elegant.

  5. I really don’t like turban hats as a concept for some reason, but I do think this one on Maxima is about a good example as one can get – almost enough to convert me.

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