Trooping the Colour Continued

The extended British Royal Family appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace today for Trooping the Colour (check here for a review of hats worn by the Queen’s immediate family). This is quite a fine, hatted bunch, isn’t it?!

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The Duchess of Kent wore a white pillbox hat trimmed with purple roses and a white tulle veil.

The Duchess of Kent, June 15, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Her hat was a little fussy for my taste and I thought the colour washed her out a little but it was a much better hat than her daughter Lady Helen Taylor wore (to the right of the Duchess, below). Helen wore what looked like grey feathered antlers stuck on a white skull cap. I can only imagine we need a close look at this Stephen Jones creation to fully appreciate it. The Countess of St. Andrews (Helen’s sister-in-law on the far right) wore a navy blue straw beret topped with an explosion of feathers. I think this hat looks rather circus-y with Sylvana’s lime green lace dress and… dare I say… looks too young for her? Sylvnna’s two daughters, Lady Amelia and Lady Marina, looked much more appropriate and fashionable than their mother and aunt. Amelia wore an apricot vagabond hat while Marina chose a wide white picture hat with flat crown and dramatically raised brim designed by Yvette Jelfs. I’m not usually a fan of orange hued hats but I really liked Amelia’s chapeau.

Lady Amelia Windsor, The Duchess of Kent, Lady Helen Taylor, Lady Marina Windsor and the Countess of St. Andrews, June 15, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

The Duchess of Kent’s other daughter-in-law, Lady Nicholas Windsor (second from right below)) wore a large cream lacy fascinator trimmed with a peach coloured rose. It looks a little odd to me, especially with the slim feather sticking straight up out of it. Princess Alexandra of Kent is unwell so she did not attend today’s festivities but her granddaughter, Zenouska Mowatt did her proud in a large black straw Jane Taylor picture hat (right). This hat, which appears similar to the “Florence”  or “Lady A” shape, was one of my favourites of the day. Zenouska shared a marvelous picture of his hat on her Twitter feed, here.  I also thought the Countess of Ulster (daughter-in-law of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester on the far left) looked great in her small turquoise blue button percher with quill trim. It’s the “Nicolette” design from Bundle MacLaren.

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Princess Michael of Kent wore a large white pillbox. I love a simple pillbox hat but this one seems gigantic. Marie-Christine obviously does not think so as this is the third time she has worn this hat to this event (see her at the Trooping the Colour in 2011 and again in 2008).

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Lady Gabriella Windsor wore one of my favourite hats of the day- a pale lilac picture hat with diagonal, upturned brim and large side looped bow. The bow looks like a signature embellishment of Philip Treacy so I’m betting this is another one of his designs. This is a new hat for Gabriella and I think it looks stunningly beautiful on her.

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The extended British Royal Family hat a few hits and a few more misses with their hats today but all in all, it was a great day for royal millinery.

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We will see a few more British Royal hats on Monday at the Order of the Garter service and then we have the hat event of the year, Royal Ascot! Let the hat craziness commence!

Photos from Mark Cuthbert via The TelegraphPacific Coast News via ZimbioChris Jackson via Zimbio; Mark Cuthbert via Getty and The Royal Kents Blog

11 thoughts on “Trooping the Colour Continued

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge has some competition here! My favorites are: the Duchess of Kent’s large white pill box hat (Jackie O wore this size too) matching her white ensemble gave a 60’s feel; Lady Helen Taylor’s 40’s vintage ensemble with matching whisper grey hat with straw plume-like ribbons – truly a revelation; Amelia’s orange hat, royal blue jacket and orange dress, a snappy outfit; Princess Eugenie in a darling eclectic feminine light grey coat contrasting with black bows at the hip and a black bow on the stand-up collar, simple black straw hat worn on the back of her head with feather-light straw bows, gives a turn of the century feel; Lady Nicholas Windsor’s jaunty tilted small whisper pink airy disk of a straw hat and matching school girl round collar lace jacket had the effect of a delicate bon bon; Zanouska Mowatt’s black sculptured hat worn with a red draped dress, very simple yet dramatic; the Countess of Ulster with her navy sheath and jaunty turquoise hat with navy accent lent a 40’s vintage feel; the Duchess of Cambridge in a light pink simple peter pan color coatdress with a matching straw wide brimmed, low crown hat worn at a jaunty angle, the look is light and airy.

    Just a note; Prince Michael of Kent looks sharp in his beige waist coat and blue tie worn with a wide collar white shirt. Same for the gentleman with the blue waist coat, red and white polka dot tie worn with a white shirt.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your interesting blog and commenting, thank you.

    • I would like to add the lime green lacy dress contrasting with the navy jacket with matching straw hat worn by the Countess of St. Andrews was lovely with her dark coloring. The only recommendation I would make would be to scale down the hat so it doesn’t overpower her outfit.

      All these women look lovely in their clothes. I have found it is difficult to always hit the mark perfectly if you are dressing yourself especially when adding a hat and often a second opinion, ideally an artful one, is extremely helpful, and can view your outfit from all angles.

      I would like to note Lady Louise Windsor’s pink military double breasted coat with puffed sleeves that matches her mother’s pink suit is a wonderful design and she looks darling in the coat.

  2. You’re right, Lady Gabriella’s hat is lovely, as is Zenouska’s. The Duchess of Kent is a bit washed out by the colour of her outift – I thought the same with her garb for the Coronation anniversary service. The Countess of Ulster’s little hat is very nice in itself, but somehow contributes to too much roundness on that rounded hairstyle, I think, although it may just be the angle of the photo. I was going to say that I appreciated the exuberance of Lady Helen’s structure, but actually, looking at the group photo, it just shows up as too weird from a distance, so maybe not! I haven’t seen a close-up of the Duchess of Gloucester’s hat (far right in the group photo) but I really like the contrast of her colour scheme, one of the most interesting of the day.

  3. I’m with you HatQueen, now that I have seen Lady Gabriella Windsor’s ensemble. Her hat is beautiful and when taken together with her suit – just perfection. Far and away the best of the day.

  4. Is the hat worn by Zenouska Mowatt not closer in style to the Lady A, also designed by Jane Taylor, style as worn by the Countess of Wessex to the Royal Wedding in Luxembourg?

    • You may be right. It looks like there is a flourish of something behind the top corner of the brim which is what made me think it might be closer to the Florence design. On the closeup photo that Zenouska posted on Twitter, there does not look like any feathers on this hat and the shape seems a little softer than the “Lady A”. We’ll have to wait for confirmation next week!

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