British Royals Attend Order of the Garter

Queen Elizabeth and members of the British Royal Family attended the Order of the Garter Service today at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Founded in 1348 by Edward III, the Garter is the senior British order of chivalry awarded by the sovereign for outstanding public service and achievement. The Queen, The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, who are all members of the Garter, wore their robes and Garter hats – black velvet caps topped with large white ostrich plumes. The Queen’s cap also included a brooch of the Garter emblem which features St. George’s cross and its motto,  Honi soit qui mal y pense (shame upon him who thinks evil upon it).

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Also in Garter robes and plumed hats were the Dukes of Kent and York, the Earl of Wessex and Princess Anne. Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence wore a  black silk top hat.

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As the Duke of Edinburgh was released from hospital this morning and is continuing his recovery at Windsor Castle behind closed doors, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall rode with the Queen for today’s events. Camilla repeated the turquoise Philip Treacy picture hat she wore last week for the Founder’s Day Parade. This appears to be the sixth time she has worn this hat and it continues to look great on her.

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The Countess of Wessex unveiled a new hat- a wave- shaped disc in metallic silver that swept over the right side of her head and face. This design, which looks very similar to the hat Zenouska Mowatt wore on Saturday (and I’m quite certain is another Jane Taylor design), has a feather flourish and cluster of metallic silver roses beneath the upturned top brim. Sophie wore the slightly larger but similar shaped “Lady A” design, also by Jane Taylor, for the Luxembourg royal wedding last October.

UPDATE: Sophie’s hat is the “Lulu” design from Jane Taylor’s the upcoming Autumn-Winter 2013 collection.

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Lady Helen Taylor and her husband Tim also attended the Service (I suspect one of their sons might have been a page for the Queen today). If you peek behind Camilla below, you’ll see Helen in the same grey feather headpiece she wore at the Trooping of the Colour on Saturday.

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UPDATE: one of our readers was at this event and has generously shared her personal photo of some of the royal hats! Thank you so much E! Lady Serena Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley, wore what appears to be a new black straw beret trimmed with tall black feathers. Her sister-in-law, Lady Sarah Chatto, wore a black straw Stephen Jones-designed saucer hat, tilted to the right side. Sarah wore this hat for Zara Phillips’ wedding in 2011 and for Ascot last year– it’s a hat style she likes so much that she has identically shaped hats in both grey and cream. I can’t argue- Sarah wears clean-lines very, very well and it’s a great hat on her. I’d just think that variety, especially in hats, is a good thing.

Viscountess Linley and Lady Sarah Chatto, June 17, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

The Duchess of Gloucester wore the navy straw beret she unveiled earlier this month at the 60th Anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation. This hat shape looks very good on Brigitte and its simple lines work very well with her more fussy and ruffled coat. The Duke, who is also a member of the Garter, looked quite distinguished in his Garter cap.

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14 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Order of the Garter

  1. Its not a broach its the Chain and Great George Badge of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, The Royal Princes are Royal Knights not members of the Order, there are significant differences, and the hats have herons feathers too.
    But..Im loving your blogg, even if I totally disagree with many of the opinions!!

  2. The Countess of Wessex and the Duchess of Cornwall both look gorgeous with the hats matching their outfits beautifully. My favourite family member, Princess Anne the Princess Royal looks great too.

  3. I know it’s about hats here but I have to say I really love Sophie’s hairdo! Also her hat gets a thumbs up from me.

  4. Duke and duchess of Gloucester also were at the service. But I didn’t see clear pictures of them without watermarks 😦

    • Her hairdo shore is pretty. Her hat looks part messy and part like she put a shoe box lid on her head. It looks like shiney cardboard. I don’t like it very much altho those silver roses are pretty.

  5. Everyone in the family is a Knight of the Garter exept the Duke of York? ouch. I like The Countess of Wessex’s hat far more from her left side (where the embellishments show) than from the other side, but then I suppose all hats look best from certain angles. (I LOVE her hair, by the way). The Dutchess looks lovely in her aquamarine. I know she likes feathered hats anyway, but it strikes me how her feathers echo the Garter cap feathers.

  6. I’m a new subscriber and I love your ‘Royal Hats’ blog, especially your e-mail alerts! I can’t tell you how they brighten my dreary days to open one of your fun news items!

    • Welcome here, Judy! Welcome and I’m so glad you enjoy the blogs. Hats do bring a ray of sunshine on a dreary day, don’t they? Please join in on the comments and discussion here!

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