Queen Máxima Supports Entrepreneurship Initiative in Amsterdam

Queen Máxima of the Netherlandso attended the kick-off of a mentoring program for entrepreneurs in Amsterdam.  She wore the same taupe ruched straw hat she wore back in May to visit a children’s hospital in Rotterdam. It is a great hat on her although I liked it better paired with the red suit she wore it with last time. I think her tailored and clean-lined Natan suit today would have worked better with a brimmed, classic picture hat.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

There has been much debate in the comments of this blog about this shape of hat- is it a turban? Is it a pillbox? I think it’s both, which leads me to propose a solution to this debate.Why don’t we call this new genre of hat,  which is two parts pillbox and one part turban, a Pillban? What do you think (of both the hat and the proposed name)?

Update- no need to invent a new hat genre! This hat is actually a toque.

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Supports Entrepreneurship Initiative in Amsterdam

  1. All those new hats tullbans or just pillbans are not my cup of tea. I always like other types of hats on her.

    • I like this kind of hat very much on Maxima. Wearing a hat shows that she is important and she is Queen. This hat is not so formal and looks very good with her hair in a chignon. I like the name Pillban for this hat style!

  2. The suit is elegant, I’m not often a fan of Natan. But I do agree that it would have been better accessorised with a bigger, brimmed hat. Pillban sounds a bit like a medication! It’s really hard to come up with an alternative, because turbox for example sounds like something you would use on a hotrod.

  3. Queen Maxima has worn so many of these turban type hats recently – I wonder if she is setting out to make a recognisable “hat image” for herself, like Queen Beatrix did with her distinctive hat shape? I hope not! She looks lovely in so many different hats.

  4. This hat looks a little dull this time. It’s nice on her but I like it better with her red suit too. I like the name pillban! That’s cute!

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