Queen Máxima Reopens Hortus Botanicus

Queen Máxima re-opened  Hortus Botanicus in Leiden this morning. This important greenhouse, which was founded in 1590 and recently underwent extensive renovation, has traditionally housed an amazing variety of plants from the colonies in the East-Indies. For this botanical outing, Máxima repeated a pale pink open crown hat with an upturned back brim. I could like this one if it was a whole hat and not just a brim.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: November 1, 2011

Photos from Getty as indicated

26 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Reopens Hortus Botanicus

  1. I like the hat….it is complete, to me…with the binding around the edges. I would like to see it worn with another color dress … maybe the same color as the hat.

    I am told that anything on top of the head is considered a hat…so it qualifies as a hat in my humble opinion. She is a very pretty woman and looks great regardless.

  2. I love the dress/hat color combo. I also like the overall shape of the hat. However, the open crown makes it look like a sun visor gone wrong.

  3. I really love the dress, but I can’t stand the hat….there is a hole in the top that shows some type of band holding the hat in place, tacky tacky for sure. The whole design of the hat is off, she is such a lovely lady, smiling and always seems joyful and full of life. Maybe next occasion will there be a better hat.

    • No. I think the whole outfit is chic. It would have been perfect if the metal band in the hat had been covered. Amateur hairstyling mistake

  4. Yes, it is a great relief that Maxima is wearing lots of hats! Now if only Mathilde would follow suit… I do like this outift a lot, and the hat seems to match the coloured stripes in the skirt perfectly in my computer’s version of the photos. I do think the hat would look better if the hair were up in a bun behind, and although I really like the shape and whole idea of it, I do think it would be much improved if it had the crown!

  5. You can see a string going over the top of hear head, I guess to keep the hat in its place. Would’ve been better if that wouldn’t be visible. Makes me think she did her own hair for this day.

  6. Love the hat – love the dress – but they don’t look right color wise together – the pink is not neutral pink – really it’s almost mauve. That said, I adore the hat – really cute and will look forward to her pairing it with something that works better…least it’s nice to see her still in summer things – so many run from summer stuff soon as Sept hits…if the weather is nice – I say keep wearing your summer outfits!

    • now that I look again I see that stripe in her skirt is ‘close’ to the hat/purse color but least in these photos it’s not a spot on match making the hat look really off – tho that said, I don’t like the whole matchy matchy look…but something on this one is just not right – maybe she can get shoes that are close to the hat shade and wear it again with say a blue or a taupe outfit.

      • The stripe in her skirt sorta matches her hat but I think yellow and pink are a bad combo. It would been much better if that stripe was blue, green or even orange. The hat would be cute with a different dress!

    • My guess is that the colors are distorted by the computer monitors and that depending on the sunlight, in real life the color combination works well…

      • I just love the pink and yellow together. The pink hat goes with her skirt. It’s real feminin and genteel. She is such a royal looking lady! LOL!

  7. Thank you for including the full length picture. My first impression was that the pink hat did not compliment her yellow dress. Seeing the pink stripes in the skirt pulled everything together. I agree that hats with tops on them look better but somehow, this hat is very flattering and summery on her.

    • The full photo helps me make sense of this whole ensemble. I’m not crazy about the pink and yellow combination but it works. I also like the hat with her hair back in a ponytail although I agree, the hat would be better with a top. Many of Fabienne Delvigne’s creations make me scratch my head.

  8. I’m with you on the crown (lack of, that is), but Queen Máxima is a living doll–that is a stunning hat with the dress on her (overlooking the tuft of hair)..,She looks like she was born to be queen. The Dutch seem to be very lucky.

    • I agree- the shape of the brim is really beautiful on her. And I am so thrilled that she has embraced wearing hats to most of her daytime engagements since becoming queen!

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