Dutch Royal Couple Open Exhibition

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands attended the opening of the “Dreaming” exhibition at  Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn today. The exhibition shows a selection 300 dreams (from a larger collection of 6,500) of the Dutch people for the new King. For this special event, Máxima looked lovely in a beautiful ecru straw picture hat with a diagonally upturned brim. I believe this is the same hat she debuted in Germany in June (last time she wore it with an orange tunic which cast an orange hue over it). I really like this hat but wish she had ditched the large green earrings.

Queen Máxima, September 5, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne I The Royal Hats Blog Queen Máxima, September 5, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne I The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 3, 2013

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

20 thoughts on “Dutch Royal Couple Open Exhibition

  1. I think it’s absolutely the same hat. Color looks a little darker in the June photos, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the lighting. The wire in the brim looks like it may have been smoothed out a bit since the earlier wearing.The grain of the fabric, size of each element, everything else looks identical.

    • I agree. The new closup photo with better lighting makes pretty obvious it’s the same hat. I think she wore it further back on her head last time which also makes a difference.

  2. Totally love the hat. Agree with others that the shoulder decor is way too much. Also agree that some other beige in the outfit (nude shoes were a great idea!) is needed. And she totally stole this skirt and shoes from Mathilde’s closet. Sorry, don’t know how to post a pic of it, but she wore it over the weekend at an event called Hanswijk. Too bad Mathilde didn’t wear a hat, would’ve made a possible who wore it best!

  3. The hat is beautiful, love it. Really can’t stand that weedy grass on her shoulder, that is overkill for sure. The shoes, ugly shoes, as a person here said, the LBK nude shoes would really go with the outfit. And please, a green watch, tooooo matchy matchy for me, a gold watch would so compliment the outfit.

    • Well said!

      If she must wear the green dress, it just can’t be worn with green shoes, purse, earrings and a watch. That is such a 1980s styling move.

  4. hate the shoes…like the dress but the foliage on the shoulder needs a prune job! it’s too big. Like seeing her also still in summer clothing and summer hats..it’s been warm and no need to get into fall clothing just because the calendar changed to Sept. I don’t agree that she needs to keep with somber shades due to her brother in laws passing..that’s old school and not done as much anymore in ‘most’ families/countries. You wear what fits you, your taste etc…she also has her country looking at her and they want to see her in fashionable style and colors. i do think the top here is a little short in the torso for her…the one yesterday in yellow was very similar to this design and yet fit her a lot better. This one makes her look a bit short in the torso/short waisted.

  5. She looks real nice and that hat is a beaut. By why is she wearing such bright green and orange dresses so soon after her poor brother in law-s funeral? I think she should be keeping it to grey for a few more weeks yet.

  6. –and the foilage growing on her shoulder and the too small shoes. Too often her heels are hanging over the back of her shoes. Love that hat. Best part of her outfit.

    • Nude pumps like Kate’s LK Bennet court shoes would have been better and cordinated with this hat. These green shoes are a little too matchy imho.

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