Belgian Royal Couple Visit Leuven

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium paid a one day visit to Leuven in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant today. Mathilde wore a new hat for the visit, a rosy-beige picture hat with coordinating band around the crown and an upturned brim on one side.

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The hat is spectacular… or it would be, if it had not been paired with her lime, indigo and rusty brown Ikat patterned dress. I like the dress and I love the hat, just not in the same room. The good news is, dear readers, that Mathilde chose a hat for today’s engagement. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she follows Máxima’s queenly lead and chooses hats for her future daytime engagements as well!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Couple Visit Leuven

  1. The hat is great on her but the technicolor animal print dress ruins everything. Keep the hat but please, please, please get a new dress to wear it with!

  2. I really like this hat with this dress. A lot of royal outfits match too literally. This hat compliments very well. I think accessories that compliment are much more interesting than those that just match color.

  3. To my eyes, this hat cannot be seen as anything but informal. its a nice hat – yes – but its a common style that shouldn’t take a designer to make. Princess Beatrices’ hat which we saw earlier on this Blog in “Who Wore It Best- Ascot 2013 Edition” would have worked better with this dress.

  4. The hat looks so beautiful on her. Good choice! And I actually like the dress too. Koodos to her, she does not always wear a color that is “safe.”

  5. I agree totally. Love the hat, but that’s a great excuse to get a dress that goes with the hat. Afraid the dress is wearing her. Her coloring is delicate. So, what would go nicely with that hat?

  6. The hat is beautiful…really love the color, warm/soft and glowing on her, now why the heck did she chose that ugly dress? I see a huge blob of crazy colors that don’t even look good together. It’s way to much for her, it’s like a paint can of unused colors thrown together on a canvas. she has much better taste then that. She is such a beautiful woman and so dignified and classic, why oh this dress?

  7. Love this hat on her, but not sure the color works with the dress. Needs to be a little darker. Truthfully, all I see in the pics is the dress. Mathilde is lost in this print.

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