Princess Akiko Supports Japan In Argentina

Several royals have traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to attend the 125th IOC Session which begins today. While we have not seen photos of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Prince Albert of Monaco, King Constantine of Greece, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, Princess Hisako of Takamodomiya or Princess Nora of Liechtenstein in a hat (nor do I expect to), Princess Akiko of Mikasa was spotted with millinery at the Japanese Botanical Gardens yesterday. Princess Akiko, eldest daughter of the late Prince Tomahito of Mikasa (who was first cousin to Emporer Akihito), is accompanying the Japanese delegation to support the Tokyo bid for the 2020 Olympics. For her visit to the gardens, Akiko wore a characteristically sedate dove grey hat with rounded crown and upturned brim.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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15 thoughts on “Princess Akiko Supports Japan In Argentina

  1. She looks so cute in this hat, she looks like a lady and that is something so many royals regardless of whether they are reigning houses or not, some really don’t dress appropriately when in public. I think her whole demeanor in the picture speaks well of her. I love her smile also.

    • what is “appropriate”? I take such issue with this kind of argument because it’s so subjective. Could you define what “appropriate ” for a royal lady is?

      • What is appropriate….an outfit that is way to short and when it weather change is windy the outfit blows in the wind shows way to much of the leg/thighs and whatever. Saw this in a young married royal, the Queen Elizabeth has small weights sewn into the hems of her clothes so this doesn’t happen, some should take notice. I find it disgusting today that so many young people shows almost the entire body when in public. I was taught to dress like a lady and that doesn’t always mean old fashioned, I don’t like seeing the breast hanging out, the crotch, please leave something for the imagination. Sorry if I offended you.

        • Based on this definition, I think most royals are dressed appropriately! I think Fashionista raises an interesting question- what is “appropriate” when it comes to royal hats?

      • Elizabeth’s definition of appropriate doesn’t make sense. Some of the younger royal’s hemlines might be short (Kate, Bea, Eugenie, Charlotte Casraghi) but none of them dress with body parts hanging out. Give them some credit. You say you find it “disgusting today that so many young people shows almost the enitre body when in public”. That’s fine that but we’re talking about royals here not the general population.

        I think appropriate for royals means: shoulders covered in church, clothes well tailored but not skin tight, shoes that are perfectly polished, good “foundation” garments, good quality fabrics and clothing that is flattering to the body type of the person wearing it. For women over 35, I think hemlines should be at least just above the knee. I also think “appropriate” includes picking an outfit that is suitable for whatever event that royal is going to. If you’re going to a homeless shelter, don’t go in haute couture dripping with diamonds. If you’re going to church, dress up a little.

      • I forgot to answer HatQueen’s question- I think what’s appropriate for royal hats is the same as what’s appropriate for other accessories (jewellery, shoes, bags). To me that means: good quality, in good repair, and reflective of the style of the person wearing it. What’s appropriate for Maxima’s colorful and flamboyant style is not going to be what’s appropriate for Kate. An appropriate hat also needs to look good with the outfit you’re wearing. And if you’re going to a wedding, it shouldn’t be such a huge statement that it takes attention away from the bride! (hear that, Beatrice!!).

      • I think Janae’s explanation of “appropriate” royal fashion and hats is really good. The only royal family who might not fit this is Monaco. Even with Karl Lagerfeld’s personal help (or perhaps, because of it!) this is not a family that understands “appropriate”.

      • Great definition of “appropriate”. I think it’s also great when royals can promote their domestic fashion industries as well. The Brits usually wear hats made in England.

  2. Looks cute…must have turned cooler there by now??? I would think it’s still warmish but not from what she is wearing! and they just announced about 20 mins ago Toyko did get the 2020 summer Olympics! I am glad it did not go to Madrid…waaaaay too hot there in summertime!

    • Adorable? To me that is a description that should only be applied to a baby or toddler. Cute can serve for a child or teenager. After that they are women, young, middle-aged or older and the range of words to describle their hats are almost unlimited.

      Unfortunately you are correct and that hat is adorable and very cute. It should not however, be worn by an adult woman! Young, middle aged or older . . . it’s a variation on a school uniform hat!

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