Swedish Royals Remember Princess Lilian

The Swedish Royal family attended a memorial service for Princess Lilian today in Stockholm (Princess Lilian passed away March 10 of this year and her funeral was March 16). For this event, Queen Silvia repeated a white straw pleated calot hat trimmed with rosettes and net veil.   It is a great hat on her and I particularly liked its pairing today with this soft grey plaid boucle suit jacket. 

Queen Silvia, September 8, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Silvia, September 8, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Mode Rosa
Previously Worn: May 10, 2013; and April 16, 2013 

Crown Princess Victoria wore a flowered pink fabric fascinator tucked around her chignon. I thought it was a whimsical touch added to her scalloped shift dress. I originally thought this was new but now at second look, I think it might be the same headpiece she wore back in May when the banns were read for Princess Madeleine’s marriage (take a peek here).

Princes Victoria, September 8, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown. My guess is Asli Togay
Previously Worn: possibly May 19, 2013

Photos from Svenskdam  

10 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Remember Princess Lilian

  1. Queen Silvia’s hat is a little old fashioned for my taste but it looks good on her. From the front, Princess Victoria’s headpiece looks like nothing but from the back it’s really beautiful!

  2. The double rose worn by Princess Victoria looks great. The dress is unfortunate with the LARGE visible zipper up the back. Serious? It may still be mended with the installation of a hidden zipper.

  3. I like this hat on Queen Silvia, and it goes really well with the jacket. But I do find the net strange. It looks as though it were meant to be a half veil, but with the hat in this position, it isn’t in anything like the right place to be a veil! Is the hat supposed to be worn tilted somewhat forward so the veil is in the right place? Or is the netting not a veil at all, but decoration?

    • Queen Silvia looks beautiful in this hat. I think the veil might be decorative although these days, it seems veils can be worn over the face or pushed back.

  4. I also like this one on her..it very much harkens to some of the pre Jackie Kennedy more structure pill box hats. It works well with her hair style. I do also really like seeing Princess Victoria in what I call a summer dress still…we’ve heard for yrs all those old fashion rules are out the door…but I only see that in certain areas where the temps are hot, hot like Florida, Caribbean, MX, So. Calif. The folks we look to for high fashion like royals for example always were doing a big wardrobe change soon as Sept hit. Now we see straw hats, light colors and light fabrics on through Sept and only really getting out the more winter colors/fabrics when truly needed due to the temp change. Guess global warming finally taught fashion it cannot turn to wearing wool just because it’s Sept! When I lived in New England, we did not even wear khaki color slacks/skirts after Sept 15th – those were packed up and put away.

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