Queen Elizabeth Visits Aberdeen Hospital

Queen Elizabeth visited the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s Foresterhill campus today where she toured the hospital and met staff. I thought she was a vision in this watermelon pink straw hat trimmed with a large handmade rose. I particularly like the subtle tiered shape of the crown on this hat. Lovely, isn’t it?

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 17, 2012

Photos from Press Association via The British Monarchy

8 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Aberdeen Hospital

  1. At first I thought “what a big flower!” Normally I would have thought a flower that big is too disruptive and attention catching, but it is pulled back somehow, almost two-dimensional, and it works. So nicely done.

    • The flower is big (something I don’t usually like) but it’s really pretty on this hat. It works and the color is great on the Queen.

  2. The Queen looks absolutely marvelous and this color really suits her. She looks so bright and cheerful and happy. Just look at that smile, it makes her glow. Red also looks great on her.

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