Bourbon-Parma Wedding in Apeldoorn

Royal Hats Prince Jaime of Bourbon Parma (son of Princess Irene of the Netherlands) celebrated his religious marriage  to Viktoria Cservenyak today at The Church Of Our Lady At Ascension in Apeldoorn.

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The bride was dressed by Danish designer Claes Iversen in an empire waist gown with boat neckline, three quarter length sleeves and a floral appliqued skirt that swept into a train.

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Viktoria topped the gown with a full length, Swiss dot lace-edged veil anchored by the Dutch Ears of Wheat tiara.

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The bride and groom’s immediate family members celebrated this wedding in a rainbow array of fascinators. Viktoria’s mother wore an explosion of teal and white feathers to coordinate with her dress and coat. Somehow, I think her coat would have coordinated much better with a picture hat.

 , October 5, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Jaime’s mother, Princess Irene, wore a headpiece made of layered red straw leaves. It was a little pointy for my taste and I’m afraid I liked her coat much better than her millinery.

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Jaime’s twin sister, Princesses  Margarita, looked to be wearing a curled headpiecearound the back of her head. It’s hard to tell without a closeup view but this fascinator seems a little lackluster to me.

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You can’t say that however, about their sister Princess Carolina who followed her mother’s lead and went head-to-toe in the same colour. She looks great in purple (I really do love her dress) but that fascinator looks like a bath pouf, doesn’t it?

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Princess Annemarie of Bourbon Parma (the wife of Jaime’s older brother Carlos) was admitted to hospital this week and was not able to attend (she is expecting a baby soon). I’m sure you all join me in wishing her and the baby good health.

While I thought the bride (who will now be known as the Countess of Montizón) looked lovely, I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the millinery worn by this couple’s immediate family. The rest of the Dutch Royal Family’s hats fared a little better- you can see them here.

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15 thoughts on “Bourbon-Parma Wedding in Apeldoorn

  1. What we have here is a bunch of cheap looking department store fascinators and a bride in a boring dress with Gibson Girl hair. Not an ounce of style at this wedding.

  2. Oops the bride looks so old for her age. She is only 31 (the groom is 40). The hair is not that charming. I love the hat of Queen Maxima! This shape is so lovely on her.

  3. It’s a very old fashioned wedding look, still not sure I’m totally on board. I think the hair does it for me, almost Victorian styled. The dress is lovely but I don’t know there’s something not there for me. However she looks very pretty and very happy, so that’s the main thing!

    Irene’s coat is fabulous. She is one elegant lady!

  4. I love Princess Irene’s red coat dress and her fascinator. The wedding dress is simple and I love the veil. I know all the Van Orange’s use the “ears of wheat” tiara but I would have asked if I cold pick a different one like former Queen Beatrix’s daughters-in-law. Either the Bandeau or the one that Laurentien wore for her wedding.

  5. Mabel was there. Brave girl – can’t imagine attending a wedding shortly after being widowed. Props to her for carrying on!

  6. I am not going to say anything about the bride…, but I love the outfit of her mother in law! That red coat with matching shoes and handbag are just fabulous. And for a wedding I like her fascinator too. Charming, elegant and very sophisticated princess.

  7. Lovely gown and veil. I always love long veils. My own wedding gown had no train, but my veil was so long it trailed behind me like a train so I always have a soft spot for those long veils.

  8. I like Princess Irene’s red dress but I didn’t like any of those fabric pieces that they put on their heads and called hats!

  9. A fall perfection wedding dress and veil – I always have been fond of long veils like this even when they have not been in style…always ‘said’ in the 60’s when the poof ones were popular, I was having a 50’s wedding when it was my day with a long training veil. Love Vick’s red dress and facinator – again a great pick for a fall wedding.

  10. It was reported in Dutch media that princess Annemarie had to stay in the hospital because of her pregnancy, so she couldn’t attend.

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