Three Hats and A Grey Coat

Royal HatsLast Friday, Princess Beatrice attended the Ascot fall races with her grandmother. The grey beret she chose to compliment her grey coat was not the first hat she had paired with this coat- it was the third! Which pairing to you think is best?

Princess Beatrice, Dec. 25, 2010 in Philip Treacy | The Royal Hats Blog   Princess Beatrice, October 19, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

A Philip Treacy black and white cocktail hat for Christmas, 2010; A structured grey beret at the Ascot races last week

Princess Beatrice, Jan 7, 2011 | The Royal Hats Blog  Princess Beatrice, Jan 7, 2011 | The Royal Hats Blog

A royal blue percher hat for the wedding of friends, January 7, 2011 

Can anyone help identify the designer of this coat?

Photos from Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Europe via ZimbioGetty via The Daily Express; and Big Pictures Photo via The Daily Mail

21 thoughts on “Three Hats and A Grey Coat

  1. I like hat #2 with the brooch the best. I think the coat is Trying Too Hard. Funky sleeves on a sleek body or lots of details with plain sleeves. Not all. But in any case I’m tickled to see HM bring the grandkids along on official outings!

  2. I think the most recent beret, I liked the coat until I saw a full length of the Ascot outing and there was a dress three inches longer than the coat and it was not a good look. I’m just not a fan of any of those looks. It seems she is filling the coat out a bit in the ascot wearing and it looks better.

  3. The structured beret looks the best as the coat is very fussy. I think she looks great and its nice to see her out with ‘Granny’

  4. I vote for Ascot! I think the first is to small for the scale of the outfit, and the blue one is too fussy and takes away from the detailing on the coat. Really did not care for the coat until I saw it with this hat.I wonder if she’s had it altered? Seemed too big for her in other appearances, but looks to fit properly in this last appearance.

  5. I do like the coat, although I think it perhaps doesn’t flatter the wearer much. At least it looks comfortable. My favourite hat with it is the Ascot one, but I think they are all acceptable. I assume the blue one was chosen to make the outfit a bit more festive for a wedding; at first I wasn’t keen, but it’s grown on me, especially with the view of the grey flower, which ties it in with the coat.

  6. The coat is still horrendous, not flattering at all and just too much. But, if forced to choice I prefer it with the Phillip Treacy cocktail hat at Christmas. It is just interesting enough to distract from the coat but doesn’t add to the overall messy look created by having too much going on with the entire look.

  7. The first is absolutely the best, although it is not the same hat. The second hat looks out of place because it is the only colour in the photo. Too much pop?

  8. The coat is gaining favor with me. I don’t really like the pockets and I think that is what is making me not like this coat. I like all three hats, but my favorite one is the gray beret she wore at Ascot.

  9. I like the grey beret from Ascot the best. The clean design of the hat contrasts with the many design details on the coat. I agree with Vogue that the coat is much better when the pockets are left empty.

  10. I am with Wendy on the coat here. Have always hated this look – that sleeve was popular in the 60’s and I hated it then too! I like the most recent hat, the structured beret.

  11. I think this is an interesting but lovely coat – obviously not to everyone’s taste, though! Because the coat’s shape and detailing are so complex, I think it looks best with the grey beret worn at Ascot. The slightly larger size and simplicity of the beret complement the coat best, in my opinion.

  12. This coat has received much unfair criticism. It is well made and the design is relaxed but effortless and chic. The pleated shoulder detail is brilliant. Of course, it does not help when it is worn with items stuffed into the pockets. I like it best with the blue percher hat. The styles fit best together and the look is very fashionable and chic.

    • Well made? More like poorly tailored. The grey hat is the only one that works. The blue one looks like a satellite dish stuck on her forehead.

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