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Members of the British Royal Family attended church this morning at St. Mary Magdalene near their Sandringham Estate. The Queen chose a hat we have not seen in a number of years, this purple squared hat with small brim and spray of purple and pink feathers. This hat features a unique diagonally wrapped crown that you can see better in this photo  and this photo from February 2011. I have always liked this hat very much from a distance; from close up, however, the finer details (stitching, flowered fabric on the diagonal crown, spines of the feathers sticking out on the brim) seem a little sloppy.

Queen Elizabeth, December 29, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unconfirmed. The shape and details look similar to some of Angela Kelly’s other work. 
Previously Worn: December 9, 2011; February 6, 2011; December 8, 2010; October 21, 2010; March 11, 2010; March 15, 2006

Princess Anne wore what I originally reported was a new hat…. I should know better by now! Our favourite hat recycler unearthed a lovely red wool beret was trimmed in a matching navy-edged feather. It is a different shape and style of hat than we have seen on Anne in recent years and I thought it was rather fun. While I have found proof of two previous outings for this hat, I suspect Princess Anne has worn it numerous times.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: December 23, 1990 (seen at 2:20 in the video below); April 3, 1988

The Countess of Wessex also looked fashionably fun in a jaunty navy trilby hat. The shape is quite a departure from other hats Sophie wore in 2013 and I welcomed the change. You’ve got to love the way she has experimented with her millinery this year- let’s hope this continues in 2014!

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. It’s a custom version of the “Chloe” hat”

Photos from James Whatling via Corbis and Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Church Hats

  1. I must say I love Sophie’s hat. I’m usually not a fan of trilbys on royals at all, as I usually think the style isn’t a good one for a formal outfit for a lady and is often far from flattering anyway. But this is very chic and is well suited to the occasion (still not sure it would be quite the thing for an “ordinary” royal engagement). And I do wonder about Princess Anne. This little red hat could easily be contemporary. Do you think she ever rejects another outing for any of her hats on the grounds that they are impossibly dated? Or does she just not care about that? I’m not sure I can think of her in any hats that really scream ’70s or ’80s.

  2. I don’t like the thickness of the fabric used for HM’s hat. I do like her coat and brooch. Anne and Sophie both look marvellous.

  3. Reading the other comments, it strikes MrFitzroy that this really has been a banner year for millinery on the British Royals.
    They’ve all debuted some spectacular new hattery this year. The ongoing archival and ‘greatest hits’ selections going back to the 80’s remains fascinating. The Yorkies have settled into quite marvelous personal styles, and the Wessex-Cambridge duo can rare do wrong. Every now and then, just enough of a clunker appears to remind us how lucky we are most of the time.
    Cheers to you HatQueen for bringing us all the plumed, felted, furred, spangled, and flowered finery, and giving us a place to enjoy it in company.
    A fabulously hatted 2014 to you all!

  4. I too have liked this purple hat over the years, partly because the unusual slope of the fabric at the front of the hat, I thought, tends to mimic the slope of fabric at the front of the coat. Since I never thought the purple went particularly well with the dress and scarf, I was just surprised to see in your close-up from February 2011 (first text link above) that the dress fabric seems to be included in the top of the hat as well. If this is an Angela Kelly design, it’s sort of a precursor to her now oft-repeated split crown design.
    The Princess Royal’s hat, although out of character for her or perhaps because of that fact, looks excellent.

  5. I think Sophie in her fedora and deep blue coat is one of her best looks. The fedora gives such panache to the outfit, and I like the neckline of the coat and scarf tucked into the collar.

    • I totally agree, Baroness! Panache is the perfect word. And how nice to see an actual hat instead of those saucer-like thingies that are slapped on the side of the head…

  6. The Princess Royal’s hat is quite different to her usual style and a change is always great to cheer for!!! We would sometimes see this style on younger generation like Crown Princess Mary, Belgian Queen Mathilde but I think Anne had carried it well.

    I dont recall seeing the Countess’s number before but I think the shape and style are little similar to the one she wore to the Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving back in June 2012.

  7. I am not a fan of any of the hats worn by these ladies today but I’ve got to say, the color on the one the Queen is wearing (along with her outfit color) is stunning!

  8. I’ve always been a fan of that purple hat, I don’t get the usual AK over-embellished angst I so often feel!

    But it’s a big day when Anne makes the hat headline. Isn’t that hat fab! It looks great on her.

    And Soph? Chic as anything. This woman just looks so damned good these days!

    • JamesB, I totally agree on all points, Sophie is so chic I can hardly stand it. One small aside, and I apologize in advance since it has nothing to do with hats, but will someone take poor Lady Louise shopping? That poor child is seen in the same coat over and over again and the sleeves are way too short. I would post a picture of her standing next to her impossibly chic mother but I can;t figure out how to do so.

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