Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Celebrate Maundy Thursday

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Blackburn Cathedral for the Royal Maundy Service this morning. The Queen was not to be missed in a new magenta hat with flat crown and brim trimmed with lavender-grey thin leaves and white tulips. I liked the colour contrast on the underside of the brim (in the same lavender-grey as the leaves) but was disappointed by the rest. While I can overlook the too-bright colour, the awful choice and placement of those spindly leaves and sad, wilted tulips makes this hat fall flat for me. This hat is another case of “ruined by bad trimmings”, I’m afraid.  What do you think?

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly. It is another one of her “flat brim” hats
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

18 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Celebrate Maundy Thursday

  1. This exuberant color deserves an equally exuberant flower to trim the hat, and then it would blend better with the nosegays that do not change from year to year. This color looks wonderful on HM but the tulips would look better on a neutral elegant outfit.

  2. I know this blog is about hats, (Which I think looks quite fine), but those nosegays, oh those nosegays, they look so ridiculous!

    • There is quite a story behind Royal Maundy celebrations which go back more than 800 years I understand. If you check it out on say Google you may find the nosegays less ridiculous.

  3. Not a favourite, but I don’t think it’s an unsuccessful hat; from a distance, it has a simple, almost abstract look, a bit like an art deco treatment of flowers and leaves, which I think gives it quite a modern feel. I don’t think the style of the hat goes well with the posy, though, as others have pointed out. But in itself not a bad outfit.

  4. I like the head-to-toe look. The color looks LOVELY on HM and the hat is very nice. I can’t find fault with this one!

  5. I’m in minority, but I like the allover look. I brights up her majesty’s face. Also like the decoration of the hat.
    Of course the yellow flowers ruin it all. I have red last year that every year the bouqets are made by the same florists approximatively from the same beatifully smelling flowers, so this ansemble should have been left to another occasion.

  6. I think the hat is quite appropriate as Holy Week comes to its conclusion. It will be time for a big spray of flowers on Easter Sunday!

      • I am with you on thinking the flowers are crocuses or pussy willow rather than anaemic tulips. I also agree it is a good hat for this solemn part of Holy Week and for the monarch’s role in this ancient but moving ceremony.

  7. Love the underside of the brim being a contrasting color and I think Snug Harbor is right that the embellishment somehow must match the dress underneath, as I imagine HM took her coat off at the lunch but kept the hat on. But that said, I’m not in love with the trimmings. The Maundy Thursday bouquets always look the same, always that color, shape, those flowers. I forget why exactly. So while they don’t match HM’s outfit, we wouldn’t want her to be in the same colors/clothes year after year.

  8. I really do not like this hat shape. It is uninteresting and unflattering and reminds me of the kind of hat shapes kids make from construction paper. The trimmings are fine, the colours are fine–the hat shape, not so much.

  9. HatQueen, you have hit it right on the head, as it were.
    An unfortunate hat made worse by the trimmings. While the contrast underside of the brim is very nice, and while we give AK a lot of grief for over attenuated/fussy shaping — this flat tray brim with fondant covered layer cake crown is almost worse….and it has never looked good. The example worn for Prince William’s wedding is an especially painful memory.
    Every time MrFitzroy sees this particular Kelly hat shape on HM, there are involuntary thoughts of the Monty Python ‘Spanish Inquisition’ skit — not something one particularly wants to associate with HM.

    What is especially disappointing about the trimming of this hat is that everyone KNOWS exactly what the Maundy Nosegays will look like….bright, fresh, springtime cushions, always so alive and charming….which only makes the trim on the hat look even more wan and sad. The hat trim shouldn’t compete with the Nosegay, but it should not look all the worse because of it either.

  10. Predictable, overused color. Predictable, overused hat shape. Nonetheless, I very much like the contrast of the brim’s underside and I find the trim reasonably understated for Angela Kelly. I have always rather liked this hat pattern, although it is overused.
    While one can judge a hat on its own merit, those “spindly leaves and sad, wilted tulips” on the hat probably resemble a pattern on the fabric of the dress. I doubt that this coat has a dress made from the same material. Before passing final judgment on the hat, I would like to see the complete outfit. (I’m always frustrated by this when the coat is closed and doesn’t allow any of the dress to peak through.)

  11. I always like whatever the Queen choses to wear because I think allot of thought goes into each outfit, some method in her madness, if you will.  It is said that she choses to wear bright colors so that she can be seen in a crowd. In addition’ it could be, she wanted the trimmings on the hat to be understated because of the occasion and the venue.  Personally, I think that the hat looks great and Her Royal Highness looks the style icon that she is.

  12. The colour of her bouquet is – unfortunayely- not matching, in fact it ruines the total effect of het Majesty ‘s outfit. The magenta colour suits her very well. However the “tulips” on the hat could Berry left away imoo.

  13. Now I quite liked it! I think the colour combo works well and I also like the thin stems. I could do with the coat being a bit more interesting or at least a bit better tailored, but it’s not a flop in my book at all.

  14. I think Queen Elizabeth looks beautiful in this hat! The feathers are just right and the tulips are perfect for an Easter Hat.

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