Queen Máxima Celebrates World MS Day

Queen Máxima celebrated World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day in Voorschoten today where she received the 1st copy of the Dutch edition of the International MS Atlas. For this event, Máxima  paired her red ruched straw toque hat with vibrant raspberry trousers and a cheery red and white gingham blouse. I love how the ruched shape of the hat complimented the ruched collar of this blouse

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Queen Máxima, May 28, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

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After Máxima’s less than successful pairing of ‘pants with picture hat’ last week, I must concede that this pairing of hat and trousers, in theory, is much better (a toque hat is a fantastic shape for a trouser outfit). However, the colour clash between the red hat and the raspberry pink trousers and Máxima’s unruly hair makes this ensemble an unsuccessful one in my book. 

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 21, 2013

Is seems that when it comes to her wardrobe and hats, Queen Máxima’s legendary risk taking results in the most dramatic of successes but also carries great potential for flops. That’s why I love her so much and why we all can’t wait to see what she wears next. What do you think of her red toque today?

19 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Celebrates World MS Day

  1. Having MS I just want to say thanks to Queen Max for appearing and publicizing World MS Day!! I love the hat and the outfit and her hair looks like mine today, just clean and brushed and nothing done to it. Straight haired people should always put their hair up under hats in my opinion, my hair does that hang thing no matter what you try to do to it!! So, all in all Queen Max is fabulous to me!!!

  2. Oh my word! I am going to go out on a limb here everyone, so hold on, but I think Maxima looks DI-VINE!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous (Dior?) blouse and Raspberry, yes raspberry wide legged tailored pants. What’s not to love!!!! The hat does not strictly match the trousers I will admit but it does match the other accessories, and I have a theory re the loose hair. First, the engagement is of a casual nature and second, if she had it up, with the neckline of this blouse, a lot of royal skin would have been on display, if you know what I mean. Maxima looking amazing and raising the profile of MS at the same time. A huge ✔️ from me……..and those trousers, did I mention the raspberry trousers. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

  3. I do not like toque hats in general but might have been persuaded by the color if the hair had been up. No hat looks good on such messy hair.
    I don´t like the idea of pants with hat and gloves and I do not think this style of pants is the best for Maxima´s figure. What really drives me nuts are the wrinkles!! Leticia wears pants a lot but hers are never creased like this. Both the beige pants and todays have masses of unbecoming wrinkles adding to the generally sloppy appearance

    • I agree, the creases in the trousers are a no-no for a royal outing. Her hair looks a mess. I would like the toque hat with the hair in a more restrained style, eg a chignon. I don’t like the gingham top, I think it looks cheap and dated. This is not one of Queen Max’s best looks.

  4. I’m sorry but the last two photos she looks like she rolled out of bed, pulled on the hat and left for this meeting. No earrings, makeup or anything. I don’t get it.

  5. she looks tired..and her earrings are failing! . the location Voorschoten is very nearby from her residence.

  6. I thought the combination of trousers and picture hat the other day was a great one but then I do love a picture hat:) What was wrong the other day was the fit of the trousers! If the belt had had the same colour as the bag and the trousers had had the same fit as the trousers QM is wearing today, it would have been perfect. The toque with trousers as today is ok. For me, the toque references a woman in turban and dungarees in a factory circa 1943. Now, I think QM would be the queen to carry off a turban with trousers! Maybe next time:)

  7. I echo the sentiments of a wise commenter here earlier this week who wondered why Maxima is able to reign in the fashion stakes on foreign visits but can not pull it together when at home. Unfathomable.

  8. I love the top half of her outfit, but I think she would look more regal in a skirt or dress. By the way, I love this blog! 🙂

  9. This whole outfit is a bit of a letdown after the past two days. The best part of it is her cute blouse. I’ll leave it at that!

    • I don’t think we can know for certain. The two textures- linen and straw- do photograph differently. Perhaps someone who was at this event can weigh in?

    • That’s what I was wondering. On some other sites it isn’t as clashing, but it certainly isn’t a good match. That’s a shame because otherwise I like the combination.

  10. Not happening for me with this outfit – like the parts to it but not together – the proportions are all off – little head, little short blouse and pants that make her look a zillion feet wide! It would have worked with a different top or a skirt – not a huge fan of these hats either she wears a lot.

  11. Ditch the hat! There is something wrong with wearing a hat with trousers/outfit that is more towards casual than dressy

  12. I love the hat – and I especially love the folds/structure on her blouse! Together they’re a win. But yes, those pants. Surely the queen must have some basic black trousers?

  13. The hat is fine. The hair looks terrible. The hat and trousers clash. Budget cannot be the problem. Hit or miss sadly seems to follow her. She needs some advice. She does try though I am sure.

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