Opening of Danish Parliament 2014

The Danish Royal Family attended the opening of Parliament today in Copenhagen. Queen Margrethe led her family in her pale blue brimless hat with rolled bumper brim and braided trim around the perimeter of the hat. It remains a great hat for her, especially with the interesting stand-up collar of her jacket.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 14, 2014June 24, 2014May 19, 2014April 25, 2014

Crown Princess Mary was the only member of the family to debut a new hat today and it what a hat it was! Made of royal purple wool, this large scale pillbox hat was trimmed with a circular spray of purple feathers and crystal beads. The hat alone is fantastic but as seen today- worn on the back of Princess Mary’s hair with a 1960s inspired cream coat, purple gloves and shoes- it was stunning.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Shell” design
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Marie repeated her navy straw fedora with a net veil wrapped around the crown and a silk flower on the side. I have always liked this hat on Marie although I find the combination of materials (straw on her hat, boiled wool on her jacket) in her outfit a little unsettling. Am I the only one who sees this as a summer hat?

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 18, 2013;  May 18, 2013, February 14, 2011

Princess Benedikte repeated her tan wool hat with swish pattern inlaid into the crown of the hat. The brim of this hat raised sharply in the back creating a very modern silhouette. It is such a striking hat and Benedikte’s modern necklace, red purse and shoes created such unexpected (yet successful) contrasts. This is not a look for someone who lacks fashion confidence and I thought Benedikte carried it wonderfully well.

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Designer: my guess is Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: January 30, 2014; January 14, 2012 

Wind played a little havoc with the royal hats today, as you will see in the video below. Despite the inclement weather, I thought the Danish royal women’s hats today were a bright success. Did any of these hats stand out to you?

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk,and Ricardo Ramirez via Corbis

22 thoughts on “Opening of Danish Parliament 2014

  1. Mary, as usual, looked stunning. Effortless chic, simple, understated and lovely. Straw should not be worn with wool methinks.

  2. Crown Princess Mary looked the best and her hat channeled Jackie Kennedy. I think the pillbox worn at the back of the head style suits her better than this style did on Mette-Marit. The coat looked the palest pink on my monitor, not cream, and I think pale pink and purple is the better look.

    Princess Marie really suits blue, but she missed the mark here, wearing odd pieces that didn’t go together. The hat didn’t work with the rest of the outfit and the huge scarf was too much.

    Princess Benedikte is tall enough to be able to carry off the over-sized jacket and it looked better in movement, and the brimmed hat style suits her. I didn’t like her earrings and the huge statement necklace, as I felt that there was just too much going on.

    Queen Margrethe ought to have worn something new, or at least, an outfit we haven’t already seen a few times. I like the pale blue color, but I prefer her in bright colors like reds and pinks. She doesn’t really suit this brimless hat style, though it would be a lovely hat on the right person. I do lover her earrings and brooch. I am not loving the pussy bow at the neck.

  3. All the ladies looked lovely, but for me, Crown Princess Mary wins. I don’t love a pillbox but she just looked so elegant and well put together. Love the purple accessories! I really like Princess Benedikte’s hat, so very stylish. I also love the dark red accessories with the pink dress and hat. I didn’t love the smock style coat, but it doesn’t really detract from the outfit.
    Princess Marie looks just fine. I realize, looking at her hat, that I don’t like netting. I think it’s unnecessary on this hat.
    Queen Margarethe looks elegant, as always. The color of her outfit suits her very well.

    I love how deeply Mary and Marie curtsy to the Queen. The two women down the line didn’t do as well — one barely dipped down at all.

    One last thought: why give flowers for the opening of Parliament? For a social occasion, yes, but is it really necessary for a political event? All the ladies are expert at juggling their handbags, gloves and flowers while shaking hands but why complicate the arrival that way?

  4. Mary looks spectacular!

    I agree with G.A.’s comment about how Marie just doesn’t seem to knock it out of the ballpark. She is so beautiful, but the outfit and hat looked rushed. I’d love to see her in a bigger brim – something Audrey Hepburnish. She could pull that off.

  5. Mary looked perfect! Her hair was just right with the hat. Loved the way she put the pale coat with the colorful accessories of her hat, shoes and gloves.

    Poor Marie! She always looks so sweet and friendly, but I tend to like much of what she wears and then she throws in something quirky (i.e. straw hat/netting and a suit that looks like wool). I always root for Princess Marie and am waiting for her to arrive in an outfit and steal the show.

    • Princess Mary has worked with stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi since before her marriage and her impeccable style is partially (mostly?!) attributed to this assistance. I wonder if Princess Marie works with a stylist as well?

  6. The shade of purple of Princess Mary’s hat is just so beautiful and striking and the pillbox is a nice look on her. She has really been looking fab lately. I like the overall colour, shape, proportion etc of Princess Maries hat, but I think the netting is unnecessary and actually detracts from the hat. The overall look is sophisticated but the netting seems a bit craft shop. It pains me to say that because I think she looks like a very elegant and hard working member of this Royal Family. I love being able to watch how royals interact -both curtseys from the Princesses to Queen Margrethe were so low! Thanks for that.

  7. I loved Mary’s hat and outfit. She looked amazing, although I did wonder how she kept the hat on – a few judiciously placed pins I suppose. Marie looked very chic I thought, and I didn’t mind the straw hat. Margarethe’s hat was fine and she looked very Margarethe, bless her heart. That pale color was very nice on her. Benedikte, meh. Not a fan of the patterned hat or the odd little jacket, although she also looked together and very attractive. This is a good looking, friendly family, and I enjoy seeing them out and about, but I especially enjoy seeing what Mary and Marie are up to.

  8. Mary looked stunning, that is such a fabulous Mad Men look – she is just so chic. I’m bored of Marge’s outfit already, I do wish she’d repeat a bit less. Marie looks nice enough but nothing special, and whilst I like ben’s confidence, I just think the pieces don’t work together. Definite easy win for Mary here.

  9. Of all the hats, QM and P Marie’s hats I did not like, straw at this time of year, what was she thinking, I didn’t like the shape of QM’s hat, yet the color looked really nice on her. PMary hit it out of the ball park, I adore, love that hat and the color was perfect on her. I do believe she was born to be a royal princess for she sure has a great wardrobe of hats. PB, I laughed when I saw how she turned up the back of her hat, I do that to some of mine when I wear a heavy scarf or a knot of hair at the nape of my neck. It is a great way to wear your hat sometimes! PB looked just remarkable, I love her hat and her jacket. The red shoes(I collect red shoes) and that red purse where perfect, she and PMary know their styles and what works for them.

    • Princess Benedikte’s hat was formed with the sharp upturn on the brim (as seen by the previous wearings of this hat) and not done by whim for yesterday’s outing!

  10. I love how the bouquets coordinated with each ladies outfit. Especially love the vibrant flowers for The Queen. Mary’s purple is so fabulous. Princess Benedikte’s hat is such a fun shape – sorry the wind was an issue for her. I would like to see her outfit without the jacket – but do love that jacket. Marie’s straw hat really bothered me, but it did improve in motion in the video. Always good to see a tried and true classic outfit on the Queen, but I do love it when she gets something new.

  11. I like the hats of Bene, Mary and Marie, bit I just don’t like that rounded crown worn by Daisy often. Bene’s jacket looked much nicer as she moved, and I like the silhouette with her straight skirt. Mary was perfect.

  12. Well, i think they all looked lovely. I do like that hat on Marie, even if it is straw, but I’m a total sucker for a good pillbox hat worn right, and Mary did it.

  13. I’ve noticed before that the Crown Prince exits the car directly to the red carpet, while the Crown Princess walks around from the other side to join him. Same pattern with the Queen and her consort. But in this video, Princess Marie is on the favoured side of the car and her Princely husband makes the treck. I wonder why?

    All the hats are nice. Crown Princess Mary must have some really great hatpins – that pillbox didn’t move one inch in the gale force winds.

    • I noticed after Princess Benedikte had arrived a limousine with the flag on it started to come in and stopped and backed out really quickly. I wonder if the driver thought he was supposed come in from the opposite direction. If this is the case it would put Marie on the wrong side.

      • No, that is just how Frederik and Joachim do it. Protocol dictates that the “Royal” person exits to the red carpert and the spouse from the other side. It used to confuse me that Frederik and Joachim do it differently but that’s just Joachim.

        When the senior royal steps out of the car he or she greets the reception committee first. So Fred hops out and while he’s doing the bows and handshakes, Mary exits from the other side and walks behind it and takes her place behind him in the receiving line.

        The Prince Consort likes to mix it up by walking around the front or the back of the car, but still takes his place behind the Queen, but Joachim likes to play Kinght to his Lady and has her exit onto the red carpet first. He also follows her along the reception line.

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