British Royals Participate in Remembrance Service

The Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph on Whitehall yesterday saw participation from nearly every branch of the British Royal Family. Earlier today was saw hats worn by the Queen, the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge, and the Countess of Wessex– now we’re going to take a peek at hats worn by the rest of the family.

Princess Alexandra wore a simple black wool hat with rounded crown and downward sloping brim. The hat was trimmed with a sash of crushed velvet, which was repeated in piping round the edge of the brim and on a collar on her coat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 2, 2005; 1996
The Duchess of Gloucester wore a small black velvet hat with a bumper-style tightly upfolded brim. The hat was trimmed by an abstract folded silk bow and the addition of a small enamel poppy brooch. I thought the addition of this brooch was a lovely touch.

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The British Royal men all appeared in the hats and coats of their respective military dress uniforms.

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This is a rather beautiful event to behold, isn’t it?

Photos from Getty as indicated. Please click on each photo to return to the original source. 

13 thoughts on “British Royals Participate in Remembrance Service

  1. The Duchess of Gloucester’s hat was a pleasant surprise today, especially with all the repeated millinery on senior royals. I really adore this hat for its unusual and flattering shape. Alexandra never disappoints.

  2. The winning look for me was the Duchess of Gloucester. I adored the black velvet hat with its bumper-style upfolded brim, the elegant folded silk bow and the small enamel poppy brooch completed the look so well. I also loved her outfit, jewels and accessories. I would love to wear all the pieces of this outfit, especially the hat. All the royals did look very well turned out for this sombre event.

  3. This day must bring back to many memories for HRH Princess Alexandra whose father was killed in an airplane crash in 1942, while on active service. She looks quite wistful in this photograph.

    • And Prince Richard’s older brother was also killed in a plane crash, although was racing at the time and not in the military. Prince William is named for him.

  4. Does anyone know if the senior (age-wise) royal ladies wear multiple poppies as a particular remembrance or is it just a matter of preference?

  5. Princess Alexandra dressed more elegantly than all the others. Perfect for her. I am so glad she is well again and able to participate in these events.

  6. I really love the hat on Princess Alexandra, it is very elegant and she seems like such a gracious lady. I like how the men wore their appropriate uniforms as required and the somber looks of the day. Note, I would of loved to see the river of red poppies, what a wonderful, thoughtful, inspiring thing to do. Makes one realize how much was given for the freedoms we have today, to be so appreciated.

  7. Love the photos. There is so much to enjoy here. It is lovely to see the Gloucesters and the Kents again. These are two of my favorite Royal ladies. Their hats are both very nice and I would love to have either one in my imaginary hat collection. It is also a treat to see all the Royal males in their uniforms. They look so distinguished.

  8. The men all look very sharp, very proper. I like both ladies’ hats very well, but the small percher hat is very interestingly shaped. The other has such a somber feel, appropriate of course, but it looks like a sad, rainy day hat for some reason.

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