Dutch Royals Attend Air Crash Memorial

Yesterday in Amsterdam, members of the Dutch Royal Family attended a national memorial for the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine in July. Queen Máxima wore a simple rounded black pillbox hat in black felt which was trimmed with a flat double bow at the back.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: in Bettina Thomas | Royal Hats
Previously Worn: November 2, 2013

Princess Beatrix wore a round black straw hat woven with metallic threads. The indented crown of the hat was wrapped in a tall, rolled band of straw, making it look like a large-scaled bumper style chapeau.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I suspect Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: I think this hat is new

Princess Margriet wore a black straw hat with flat brim that slightly raised around the back. This hat was trimmed with a slim band around the crown and a swath of light straw folds and wispy black feathers around the sides and back of the hat.

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I thought all three hats were quietly dignified, yet each flattered their wearer and conveyed a bit of their personal style. My favourite was Queen Máxima’s pillbox- which one did you prefer here?

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11 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Attend Air Crash Memorial

  1. All three look appropriately dressed for the occasion. Maxima’s hat, hair, and suit were perfect. Princess Beatrix never disappoints. She is exquisitely dressed. Princess Margriet’s hat and suit were perfect. This royal trio respectfully honored their country during this
    national memorial.

  2. It was a sad occasion, but I liked all three hats. Queen Maxima looks nice in her pillbox…I am a traditional and conservative type guy…and I like traditional hats.

  3. I think this is the nicest and most appropriately dressed occasion that I have seen from Queen Maxima, aside from their coronation ceremony.. I really like the pillbox on her and all three women looked lovely. Well done.

  4. The Queen looked even better in this outfit than she has in the past. Shows it is not necessary for her to wear extreme outfits to look nice. Her hair appears to have fallen in the last picture. Not sure.

    The Princesses both looked lovely.

  5. All the hats are nice, and appropriate. I also like the neckline/collar on Magriet’s. Interesting to note the women are all wearing pearls so still traditional in that sense.

  6. No argument here. All the Royal ladies looked lovely and dignified, and gracious. HM looked especially lovely with the pillbox hat. It is a great style for her, and the coat was very nice as well.

  7. They all look nice – I think it’s so interesting to look at how times change in what it’s OK to wear – if I had worn a black straw hat after Oct 1 (fall in Northern Hemisphere in the Western US) in the 50s, I would have been really ‘out of it’ and creating a big no-no in fashion rules – you put all your straw away, no matter the color until spring.

  8. I agree HatQueen, I thought all three ladies looked elegant and dignified, and I liked all three outfits, hats, jewels and accessories. They were all true to their personal style but kept their looks occasion appropriate. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I think Queen Máxima’s pillbox wins just slightly ahead on points, with Princess Margriet’s a close second, and I would wear any of their items of clothing shown here. Although I think Princess Beatrix looked good, she can carry off those huge bumper style hats but few other people can, and it’s not a hat I could carry off.

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