Danish Queen Celebrates Regiment’s 400th Anniversary

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visited the Guard Hussars Regiment in Slagelse yesterday to mark the regiment’s 400th anniversary. For this special occasion, Queen Margrethe repeated her white felt rimmed saucer hat trimmed with a white fur knot bow. While we royal hats watchers are used to seeing hats of this shape on Empress Michiko of Japan, it is a style departure for the Danish Queen – a style departure that works! Queen Margrethe’s hairstyle is often covered by her hats, leaving the unfortunate impression that she is bald (which of course, she is not). This hat, worn at the perfect jaunty angle, works well with both her hairstyle and with the high fur collar on her coat. I think the hat is fantastic on Margrethe and tops off the perfect winter ensemble for a Scandinavian queen. What do you think of this white saucer hat?

Queen Margrethe, November 17, 2014 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, November 17, 2014 | Royal HatsQueen Margrethe, November 17, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 17, 2014;  April 4, 2013; February 3, 2013; January 14, 2012

Photos from Rene Lind via TV East and Niels Ahlmann Olesen via B.dk

18 thoughts on “Danish Queen Celebrates Regiment’s 400th Anniversary

  1. A friendly and smiling Snow Queen – sensible shoes for walking on grass, a wowza gold brooch, fur-trimmed coat, cute hat and that big smile. Great combination. The only quibble is the choice of grey for her accessories (although what do you wear with white?) and the handbag seems just a little large.

  2. I think Queen Daisy looks fantastic. Very much the snow queen outfit, and what could be more appropriate?! I love jaunty placement of the hat.

  3. Yes! Perfect for a Scandinavian queen in winter. I noticed immediately that you can see her hair too, which I like.I love her coat!

  4. Your comment… “A Scandinavian Queen” is perfect. A Scandinavian Queen of the snow and ice as we move into winter is embodied in this outfit. I love it. It’s cold, I think the length of her coat is just fine. She looks fabulous amongst the green of the military. Very Queen-like.

  5. I pass. I know she is tall but the coat is too long. The hat and coat do not balance. A large pillbox would have been better and the coat shorter.

  6. While the small hat does seem uncharacteristically small for the long coat, it looks stunning. Queen Margarethe does seem to be channeling Empress Michiko here rather than Queen Elizabeth.

  7. I think it is one of the best looks I have seen on her. Maybe she is taking some cues from her daughters-in-law. Whatever, I love this hat on her.

  8. I think this is one of Margarethe’s more successful looks. We know she is not a fashion-plate, and yet she is so incredibly artistic. Perhaps she is leaving the fashion-plate title to her daughters-in-law, and just getting on with being the Queen. Remember she is very tall and this hat and coat would be very striking on her. I like the look very much, and as Elizabeth says, she looks very happy.

  9. The hat itself is fine and a good style for HM. I just find the matchy matchy fur trim on the coat and hat to be a bit much. While I like the hat,, I think I would have liked it better in red, or blue or green or purple. Anything but the white.

  10. I love this winter white hat, it is sassy on her, and I like the placement on her head also. She seems so very happy and full of life…..

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