Funeral of Queen Fabiola

The Belgian Royal Family was joined by cousins from the houses of Luxembourg and Liechtenstin for Queen Fabiola’s funeral today in Brussels. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a small black velvet pillbox which was trimmed with a simple band of black silk around the perimeter of the hat.

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Ninety-three year old Grand Duke Jean also made the trip from Luxembourg to bid farewell to his late sister-in-law.

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Princess Stéphanie, the Hereditary Grand Duchess, wore a larger scale, rounded black pillbox hat.

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Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein and Archduchess Marie Astrid also wore classic, unembellished black pillbox hats.

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While these simple black pillbox hats were so very appropriate for the funeral today, I think there is also something very beautiful about each of them.

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11 thoughts on “Funeral of Queen Fabiola

  1. I was surprised that the Luxemburg Royals didn’t consult one another to say they were coming in pillboxes. While these hats are nice, there is too much pillbox overload in one place. I felt so sorry for Queen Mathilde and her family, who were so upset at the funeral. I liked her outfit, but not her hat. Rest in Peace Queen Fabiola, your humor and fashion sense will be sorely missed.

  2. None of these excite me, but I do think they were appropriate for the occasion. I was rather surprised how many pillboxes came out today; they’ve really made a comeback in the last year or so. I do think Stephanie should’ve done something different with her hair or a different style of hat; her severe hairstyle paired with the pillbox seemed to age her a bit too much. But a minor complaint.

  3. I thought the furnereal apparel worn by the royal ladies was varied and very restrained. Pillboxes seemed to be the hat de jour which, since they all looked so elegant, was not bad thing. My standouts were Queen Mathilde, GD Therese, HGD Stephanie and (sorry I don’t know her name) the elegant lady in black with theblack and grey castinets.

    An honorable mention must go to the incredibly elegant yet serene Empress Michiko.

  4. I think all the ladies looked lovely. I just can’t find it in myself to critique fashion when people are at the funeral of a much-loved lady. Dignity and respect were clearly in evidence from everyone, and Queen Mathilde was clearly very emotional. It must be very difficult indeed to have to be royal and maintain a level of public stoicism when one’s heart is so sad.

  5. That is the best the Grand duchess has ever looked.
    They all dressed nicely.
    Queen Mathilda looks very emotional indeed.
    Sad time.

  6. I loved all those hats, with the exception of Queen Mathilde’s donut hat. I especially liked the Grand Duchess’s hat, and the hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie looked beautiful, and very elegant. Some of her outfits leave me les than enchanted, but this one was a real winner. Both of the royal couples from Luxembourg looked very stylish and dignified. The Grand Duke is my top royal guy crush, and I love to see him and Maria Teresa together. They are obviously still in love after all these years, and are a great couple. The same for Guillaume and Stephanie. Great pictures, and again, thanks for posting.

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