Queen And Duke Celebrate Maundy Thursday in Sheffield

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Royal Maundy Service at Sheffield Cathedral this morning. For this event, the Queen, who distributed traditional Royal Maundy money, wore her turquoise wool hat with tall, hourglass shaped crown trimmed with a simple black velvet rosette.  While I am still not a fan of the sharply curved and bulbous looking crown, I love the colour on the Queen and appreciate the touch of whimsy this hat lends to this ensemble.

Designer: Angela Kelly.  Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: October 16, 2014

Photos from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Queen And Duke Celebrate Maundy Thursday in Sheffield

  1. This is another great color for HM and the trimming on the hat is lovely, but the hat itself is not to my liking. Overall this ensemble is standard for HM, but nothing stands out for me (again, other than the color). Great to see smiles on hers and the DOE’s faces! Looking forward to Easter (my mom and I will both be wearing headpieces to church too).

  2. Happy Easter everyone! The Queen’s hat, and indeed the entire outfit, is awful. It is time to find a new designer and milliner.

  3. I find it hard to get excited by this outfit. The hat shape, while exaggerated, is all right, but the black velvet rosette seems too lightweight to counter the black velvet collar on the coat. As was true at its first wearing, today’s pictures show that the buttons and buttonholes between the first and second buttons were mismeasured, causing a rumpling in the coat. The 2nd and 3rd pictures show the collar is a little off kilter. And I don’t know what happened to the inverted pleats or tucks in the coat; the 4th picture shows them clearly to be of different lengths. Are AK’s seamstresses/tailors different from those used 5-10 years ago?

  4. This color and the simplicity work so well for the occasion, showcasing both the traditional bouquet and (as JamesB notes) the Beefeaters. While this hat shape can be good or bad, depending on how it is trimmed and the overall ensemble, MrFitzroy has a particular problem with this one (as with certain other Kelly hats) — it just doesn’t look well constructed or properly finished….from certain angles it looks pinched, off kilter, and the fabric is not evenly stretched, as well as uneven stitching.
    Despite that, HM looks great and is clearly enjoying herself, which in the end is all that really matters!
    Happy Easter to all you wonderful hatters and to our dear HatQueen.

  5. Love the color, but I hate the hat. I find it ugly but clearly HM favors it since she wears similar hats quite frequently. The shape just doesn’t do it for me, but regardless of what she wears, it is a treat to see her.

  6. Perfect hat for this event, the colour really pops against the Beefeaters in the pictures. I don’t share your dislike of the shape, it is a bit Mad Hatter-ish, but we’re all here for a bit of zany hatting aren’t we! My main issue is thT the tailoring on the coat isn’t that great – you can tell it’s not a Stuart Parvin. Nonetheless, a great look, I love it.

  7. I like the Mad Hatter look, and I think her Majesty does too — she certainly has plenty of hats in this style. This hat looks fun and spring-like. Win!

  8. Agree – good color, but wacko hat crown – never have liked this profile on her hats – it’s too Mad Hatter for me.

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