Queen Elizabeth’s Easter Hats

Reader Alexandra posed the following questions: “Does Queen Elizabeth always wear a new hat for Easter Sunday? Are these hats always in pastel colors like they were the past two years?”  For an answer, here is a look back at the hats the Queen has worn so far this century:

2000-04-23 Easter Sunday 1 250 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
A previously worn tweed Breton hat with green velvet brim for Easter Sunday, 2000;
New designs for 2001 and 2003 in red and green with feathers 

Embed from Getty Images 2005-03-27 Easter Sunday 1 250 Embed from Getty Images
Three repeats: A pale lime hat with sharply upturned brim for Easter 2004; a pale blue hat with quills in 2005; a Philip Somerville design in turquoise straw with diagonal crown in 2006

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
A new burgundy textured straw hat with silk rose trim by Rachel Trevor Morgan in 2007 and pale pink felt hat with a gold embroidered crown in 2008; a repeated Rachel Trevor Morgan cloche in blue silk in 2009

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
3 Repeats: Rachel Trevor Morgan hats in purple and blue in 2010 & 2011; mauve Philip Somerville with leaf in 2012

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

New hats from Rachel Trevor Morgan: pink felt with feather pompom in 2013 and ice blue straw with silk flowers in 2014

UPDATE- Since this post was first published, the following hats have been worn by Her Majesty on Easter Sunday

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
A repeated blue felt Angela Kelly design on April 5, 2015; a new yellow straw Rachel Trevor Morgan in 2016

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
New aqua hat with pink flowers by in 2017; a repeated mulbery straw design in 2018, both by Rachel Trevor Morgan

Embed from Getty Images
Repeated blue straw and silk cloque hat with pink trim by Angela Kelly in 2019

It’s a nearly even mix of new and repeated designs in a variety of colours (some pastel Easter shades and others not!) and shapes.  So to answer your question, Alexandra, I suspect the Queen dresses as many of us do on any given day- based on the weather of the day and her current mood! Thanks for your question.

Photos from Tim Graham and Wire Image via Getty; Picture Press/Camera Press/Mark Stewart;  

18 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Easter Hats

  1. What strikes me most about this group of hats is just how different they are. People say that the Queen has a certain style of hat that she always wears but this proves she wears a little of everything and is NOT afraid to try new styles.

  2. My pick for best Easter hat is 2014, the ice blue straw with silk flowers by Rachel Trevor Morgan, with the matching outfit. This colour looks so good on the Queen.

  3. I love 2014’s blue, 2013’s soft pink and 2001’s zingy green. But, with a passion, I HATE that burgundy lampshade from 2007. What on earth is that about? It looks like an awful cheap 1960s hat, that style is doing absolutely nothing for her I’m afraid.

    There’s obviously no pattern to whether Easter gets a new titfer – unlike Christmas which always sees a millinery debut these days. If she does trot out a new hat, it’s the first since Christmas I think, she’s definitely being getting value out of her closet of late – and that’s a good thing say I!

  4. The Philip Somerville design in turquoise straw with diagonal crown in 2006 is my favorite hat and outfit. A close second is the Rachel Trevor Morgan:ice blue straw hat with silk flowers in 2014 with a matching outfit.

  5. Thank you for this lovely look back at Her Majesty’s millinery choices for Easter Sunday. My personal favourite is from 2008- the pale pink felt hat with gold embroidered crown and felt trim. I just think it is so elegantly and simply crafted with a classic and timeless touch. The dimensions are very complimentary, it is a lovely soft shade and the trim so nicely done. It just seems to sit with great ease……and shall always remain a favourite. Can’t wait until tomorrow!! Thank you.

  6. Love the sage color of her suit for Easter, 2000, but her hat is probably my least favorite. I’m not much for the matchy-matchy in the 2009 draped blue fabric, but the ice blue in 2011 and 2014 is stunning. Overall, the Queen looks lovely whether she’s wearing pastels or vibrant colors – she rarely, if ever, disappoints.

  7. Thank you for an interesting post. I too suspect that, while various outfits are possible candidates for the day, the precise selection must depend upon weather and the Queen’s mood on the morning of Easter. What would be interesting to know is whether all possible candidate outfits are of one color or one designer and how many such candidates there are.
    The 2014 RTM hat is exceptionally beautiful. With recent posts’ comments in mind, I notice too that all coats above look symmetrical, not scrunched to one side and not pulling between buttons.

  8. I love the 2014 hat. The pink & purples suit her now her hair & skin tone have mellowed. She is the ultimate embassador for millinery !

  9. HM needs to bring back that beautiful green one from 2001 NOW! Also, I think it looks a little ridiculous, but I still want another outing for that wine-colored lampshade hat from 2007, along 2011’s great Easter hat. Thanks for this lovely review.

  10. 2014 was my favorite! Lovely spring color, great use of flowers on hat to go with the flower buttons on coat and she looked warm enough for the weather. She always looks great at Easter. I am never disappointed

    • The only two Easter hats I could find from the 1990s were these two from 1995 and 1991.

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

      • These three from Easter hats from 1987, 1988 and 1989 (with a young Prince Harry in tow) show her millinery style from this era.

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

      • That green coat from 1988 is gorgeous. I would so love to have it in my closet. The colour is divine. It looks like it would be so sumptuous and soft to touch. Not feeling the same love for the hat though, sadly. Cute photo of Harry.

  11. Some of these hats look like winter hats (green in 2000, red in 2003, burgundy in 2007) so your theory about choosing a hat based on the weather makes a lot of sense.

    The purple patterned straw hat in 2010 stands out to me. It’s so different to what the Queen usually wears and the touches of yellow make it very Easter-y.

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