British Royals Continue VE Day Anniversary Celebrations

VE Day Anniversary Celebrations continued in Great Britain this weekend with the Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall attending a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey this morning. The Queen repeated a navy straw hat with slanted crown, wrapped in a wide band of straw that knotted loosely at the front. The last time we saw this hat, it was trimmed with a large pink silk rose– as you can see today, the trim has been switched out with a pair of white silk lilies.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat and dress are Karl Ludwig Couture
Previously Worn: October 21, 2014
The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her ice blue picture hat with inverted edging, straw and crin bands around the crown, and a mass of flying straw and crin curled bow loops on the side. This hat is all about celebration, which made it a fitting choice for VE Day Commemoration, and Camilla continues to wear it so very well.
Designer: Philip Treacy. 
Previously Worn: September 21, 2014June 18, 2014

The Countess of Wessex was in the Channel Islands on Saturday, attending a military parade and outdoor service in Guernsey and a Liberation ceremony in Jersey. For these events, she topped a vibrant green silk gazar dress with a black straw pillbox hat. According to the designer, the bespoke hat was trimmed with “vintage straw braid detail” which you can see in greater detail here. The hat and dress had a distinctly retro 1950s vibe which felt so appropriate for this anniversary and looked fabulous on Sophie.

Designer: Jane Taylor. Dress by Suzannah
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Photos from Getty and Twitter as indicated

10 thoughts on “British Royals Continue VE Day Anniversary Celebrations

  1. I am the minority here, but I really like Queens blue hat. It is such a nice change from the very severe hats she usually wear, and the white lilies are better than the pink rose to me. It is a very festive hat that would look good at a garden party as well. Cam looked wonderful. I am no fan of Sophies green dress and hat:: Looks too much like a vintage costume to me.

  2. HRH The Countess of Wessex had the best hat and outfit. Her vintage look dress, in green, which I think is the shade called Kelly green, looked great on her, and this is a shade of green that is bold and hard to wear. I loved her pillbox, especially the unusual trim. Second from the top of my list was the Duchess of Cornwall’s ice blue picture hat with it’s flying straw and crin curled bow loops on the side, which is an over-the-top hat, but it worked for celebrating the VE Day Commemoration. It kind of reminded me of exploding fireworks. Her outfit, jewels and accessories coordinated perfectly. The Queen came in a disappointing third from the top of my list. I didn’t like this hat the first time around, but at least the pink flower coordinated with the pink in her dress. The hat looks like a miner’s lamp gone wrong. The summery straw hat is at odds with the winter coat, and the 2 shades of blue are a mis-match. The cut of the coat doesn’t seem quite right. The Queen does look so good in blue, which really focuses your attention on her blue eyes, and the jewels are spectacular. It is high time she wore a new hat.

  3. It would have been so much better to have left the white thing off the Queen’s hat. When will they get her a nicely designed coat?
    When she passes I do not want her remembered for wearing these home made clothes and hats.
    The Duchess of Cornwall looks lovely wearing her expected style. She does have her hats figured out.
    Sophie is properly dressed for the occasion. Her hat design goes back tothe ’50s. So to to me it is outdated but who knows maybe it will come into style.

  4. I loved all these hats! I really liked HM’s hat the last time, and enjoyed the change for this event. Camilla always looks fabulous in this hat and I’m glad to see it make an appearance beyond Ascot; it should happen more often! Not normally a pillbox fan, but Sophie did it right here, especially with that fantastic kelly green dress. Brava ladies!

  5. The Duchess of Cornwall’s hat is amazing. It makes a notable impression, and I like it.
    All I can figure out about the Queen’s hat is that someone decided that the pink flower would be too bright or too festive for the memorial church service and switched it out with a white model at the last minute. (So perhaps they should have chosen a different outfit to begin with.) At least the pink one went with the dress. The navy hat doesn’t really go with the coat, the hat always photographing darker than the coat, and the over-done design probably would look better with no flower. (We know one can just rip it out.) The hat and coat don’t seem to be of the same season either, summer hat with winter coat. I continue to dislike this hat, more now than formerly..

    • I agree with you Snug Harbor and I also agreed with what you said when the Queen last wore it. I do like the Countess of Wessex’s retro pillbox hat.

  6. I liked everyone’s hats and thought they all looked fabulous. Camilla’s hat is a delight and Sophie’s was really charming. Both of those ladies can really wear hats. They know what they like and they know what suits them. The Queen continues to amaze me with her stamina and grace. She is always so engaged in what is going on and has such a lovely smile. Theses three royals are hard working and they are always appropriate.

  7. Some fabulous hatting here! I do still love that one of the Queen’s, is just a nice variation on her normal style, though I think I preferred the pink flower to this white one. Camilla continues to look fab in this hat, which only she can wear! And then there’s Sophie. How amazing does she look in this outfit?! The dress is the star of course, so she wisely keeps the hat subdued, but it’s still a winner. I hope we get to see this getup again (Ascot?!), it’s a winner!

  8. All 3 looked great – but I do adore Cam’s had and that shade on her. Sophie’s had is darling and I do like HM’s despite I typically don’t like the big crowns on her that harken toward that Mad Hatter look – this one seems a tad more toned down and works for me. I really remember what VE day was like here in the states (and the night before that really was wild, despite we still had real serious stuff going on in the Pacific.

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