Royal Christening in Monaco

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco brought their twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, to the Cathédrale de Monaco yesterday to be christened.

Princess Charlene, May 10, 2015 in Dior | Royal Hats

For this special event, Princess Charlene wore a silk crepe dress in palest aqua topped with a textured straw pillbox hat in the same shade.

I think a pillbox shape was a great idea for Charlene today as there was no brim to obscure the view of her animated face or be pulled askew by little hands. A pillbox is also a very natural choice to compliment the streamlined silhouette of her 1950’s inspired dress.
I’m afraid, however, this pillbox is less of a ‘box’ and more of a pancake. The odd proportion of this hat/pancake dictated its vertical placement on the back of Princess Charlene’s head- a placement I just can’t get behind. While her dress, pearl earrings, sleek hairstyle and megawatt smile were all flawless, I think the hat needed another inch or two of height to really work.

Princess Charlene, May 10, 2015 in Dior | Royal Hats

Designer: Stephen Jones Millinery. Dress by Dior Couture. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The stars of the event arrived in custom Dior gowns with pin-tucking and Calais lace trim. Each gown was topped with a Calais lace-edged apron embroidered with tiny vegetables and the child’s monogram. Prince Jacques (pictured below) and Princess Gabriella also wore coordinating pin-tucked bonnets, which were removed during the service.

Prince jacques, May 10, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: Baby Dior
Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco wore a large purple raffia picture hat with square crown and relaxed brim which was folded up in the front. A  handmade and fair trade item, this easygoing hat looked effortlessly chic on the elegant princess.
Designer: The Madagascar Hat Company.
Previously Worn: This believe this hat is new
Beatrice Borromeo, who will join the Monaco royal family this summer when she weds Pierre Casiraghi, wore an exquisite cream picture hat with a short, domed crown and a wide cartwheel brim. The unembellished hat gained all of its ‘wow’ factor from the sweeping shape and different textures of straw on the crown and brim, proving again that a royal hat doesn’t always need huge blooms or plumes to make a grand statement. It was my favourite hat of the day.
Embed from Getty Images
Beatrice Boromeo, May 10, 2015 | Royal Hats
Designer: unknown. It is similar to several hats in Philip Treacy’s SS 2015 collection
Previously Worn: This believe this hat is new
Princess Charlene’s mother, Lynnette Wittstock, topped her demure oyster suit with a cream cocktail hat. The straw pillbox base of this piece supported a large waved circle of striped crin which was further trimmed by a large silk rose and cream feathers.

Lynette Wittstock, May 10, 2015 | Royal Hats

 Princess Charlene’s sister-in-law Chantell Witstock (below left) also wore a cream percher hat with large silk flower trim and feathers while her brother Gareth’s partner Roisin Galvin wore a pale grey feathered headpiece.

Chantell Wittstock and Roisin Galvin, May 10, 2015 | Royal Hats

The only other royal guests who attended the christening were Prince Albert’s close friends, the Duke and Duchess of Castro, Prince Charles and Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies. Princess Camilla, who can never be considered a wallflower when it comes to fashion, topped her electric blue and white checker board jacket with a coordinating cocktail hat. The blue-based hat was trimmed with a large spray of white silk flowers and three vertical feather spines dyed in the same electric blue as her ensemble. All I can say is that in the sea of pale-hued royal hats at this event, this getup certainly stands out.

You can watch the entire event below- I especially recommend five minutes starting at 1:53 after the service for some adorable interaction between the babies and a good view of Princess Charlene’s hat.

Which hats stood out to you at this very happy event?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Eric Gaillard / Reuters; and Monaco Info

25 thoughts on “Royal Christening in Monaco

  1. I have watched a fair amount of the video of this event and I have to say that I think the hat worked better in motion than in the stills and seemed to complement the choice of outfit quite well. Charlene looked so happy and proud and was so attentive to her babes. One of the Nannys looked a little ahh stressed, especially when the little princess was grizzly. It looked like rather an informal formal affair if you know what I mean. Thanks.

  2. Not shown here, but the floral headpiece of Eleanor (Elena?) of the former Yugoslavia looked charming in the one shot I saw. It was taken from above and to one side though and the headpiece decoration did look larger on the side of her head than the top, so can only sort-of endorse it, but the idea was a nice one for a spring christening (even though it looked like summer).

  3. Princess Charlene’s silk crepe dress in palest seafoam green was an elegant choice, but the tiny matching pillbox hat, placed too far back on her head, killed the looks for me. Those earrings are spectacular. The babies are the cutest, and their bonnets look great. What a shame their christening robes were so creased! Don’t they have an iron back at the palace? Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco looked effortlessly perfectly chic as usual, in her large purple straw picture hat and tailored suit. The big hat was perfect for the sunny day. Beatrice Borromeo’s cream picture hat was indeed exquisite as HatQueen said, and I agree with her, that it was the best hat of the day. Princess Charlene’s mother wore an elegant little hat and outfit. The Duchess of Castro’s electric blue outfit and hat were a bit over-the-top for a christening, but somehow she always manages to pull off these audacious looks. I didn’t like the strange green coiled headpiece on the lady in green in the first photo, though her outfit looked lovely. The worst hats of the day were worn by Princess Charlene’s sister-in-law Chantell Witstock, in that cream percher hat with large silk flower trim and feathers, and Roisin Galvin in that pale grey feathered headpiece. In their defence, I guess they don’t probably go to many events requiring hats, so they probably wanted something minimal that they could wear again.

  4. SHE’S SMILING … and looks so genuinely happy and relaxed. So I will forgive Albert for sitting on her hat. It looks fine from the front, but unfathomable from the side. However, for me, today Charlene’s grin is the winner. (But I wish I had a drop of Caroline’s chic in my genes.)

  5. I like all the hats with the exception of Princess Charlene’s. Mrs. Witstock’s hat actually is my favorite, but Princess Caroline’s is spectacular, and I like the whole outfit worn by the Duchess of Castro (although it might have been chosen to turn her into the center of attention at an event at which she was not the star).

  6. Metre-Marit called, she wants her look back! Actually, I think Charlene looks über chic, and I think she makes this tiny titfer work here. And she looks the happiest and most animated I’ve seen her in, well… Ever!

    I adore Caroline’s look. That hat is fabulous. Beatrice is equally chic. And Camilla, well this is typical her, as in pretty horrific, but somehow she makes it work. God only knows how, by she does!

    • Thanks for this link Barbara, this white wide-brimmed hat and the floral dress make for a great outfit.

  7. The princess looked so elegant, so beautiful, so joyous, and then she wore that hat. It isn’t terrible, bit it was too flat, and the placement didn’t help either, although from some angles it didn’t look too bad. It was great to see this happy event, and wonderful to see how overjoyed she was. And the babies are just too cute. Beatrice Borromeo always looks so effortlessly chic and lovely. She will be a wonderful addition to the family.

  8. Whilst I can’t decide whether I like Charlene’s hat or not – depends on the angle of the photograph – I absolutely covet those gloves. And it’s great to see her so happy and full of joy.

  9. I was surprised by Diane de Polignac’s hat placement, almost as much as by Princess Charlene’s. One too far back, one too far forward. But I’m curious about the de Polignac hat — any idea who made it?

  10. Caroline’s hat is something else! I do like Charlene’s little spit of a hat and I think it would have looked funny to be any bigger – she can be so ‘different’ and I like that about her – different yet harolding of her own classic fashion sense. I did read elsewhere Charlene’s entire outfit, had and dress, were made by Dior for her. Beatrice’s hat looked terrific (love the color on her) – perfect for the bright spring sun of Monaco

  11. Charlene’s mother’s hat was my favourite. Charlene’s hat looked like what we use to call a bun was a miss. Caroline’s hat was nice.

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