Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 100 Years of the Women’s Institute

Queen Elizabeth, the Princess Royal and the Countess of Wessex attended the Centenary Annual Meeting of The National Federation Of Women’s Institute at Royal Albert Hall this morning in London. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this British Institution, Queen Elizabeth repeated her pale blue straw hat with domed crown, asymmetrical upturned brim, and silk flower and ribbon trim.

Today’s photos award us the best views of this hat and coordinating coat that we have seen to date- views that show incredible detail and coordination between the pieces. The straw of the hat is a perfect match to the crepe of the Queen’s coat, and the same silk has been used for the coat’s buttons and bow trim as well as the bows on the hat and band around the crown. I love the mix of curves in this piece (the domed crown, curved brim) and the placement of silk flowers and silver velvet leaves is masterfully done. This piece is simply exquisite.
Queen Elizabeth, June 4, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 17, 2014; April 20, 2014
 Photos from Getty as indicated and James Whatling via Corbis

27 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 100 Years of the Women’s Institute

  1. This is an exquisite summery outfit for the Queen and she shines for such a wonderful event!

    The loops of the buttons are an infinity loop, I shall call them infinity buttons. That material appears to match the band on her hat. It’s very appealing.

    The dress underneath looks like a delightful flowery pattern. I do wish we could see her dresses more often. It would be nice if she took her coat off for the event itself, to show off that lovely dress, but I guess that doesn’t happen much?

  2. WOW, HM looks fabulous and so pretty in this hat, I love this hat, the color, the shape and the trims. There is nothing wrong with it or her outfit in any way. She looks so ready to cut that cake and take a bite. Today she is filled with joy and that smile says it all, what a beautiful day for her and hope there are many thousands more days to come.

  3. I think this is HM’s best appearance of 2015 to date. These photos really demonstrate just how stunning the hat (and whole outfit) is. Glad to see them all having fun, but it is a bit interesting Anne and Sophie didn’t wearing anything on their heads.

  4. This is one of my favorite hats and outfits that the Queen has ever worn. The powder blue color is perfect, and the asymmetry of the hat, and the detailed trims, are eye-catching, without being too busy. This is one of Rachel Trevor Morgan’s best hats of all time, not just one of the best she has made for the Queen, in my opinion. The coat by Stewart Parvin is well-cut, and fits the Queen well, and I like the bow detailing. I wish the Queen would wear more clothes and hats by these designers. I wish that the Princess Royal and the Countess of Wessex had worn hats too. I would like to closet raid her white Pucci dress, which has now sold out. The video of the cake-cutting is fun to watch, and here is a link.


  5. One of my favorite ensembles of HM’s. The flowers on the hat are perfect, plenty to be seen but not overwhelm. The bows read sophisticated rather than twee. And that smile lights up the world! The Daily Mail has a wonderful video of the cake cutting that is really adorable.

  6. Parvin and Trevor Morgan… They get it so right together. This is lovely.

    Looks like a hilarious engagement looking by the laughs they had. Anne is in an outfit that I think is actually from 1988 (I remember it from the time!) and Sophie is her glamorous self. Great stuff.

  7. I agree that the Queen looks fabulous here. Well done.

    However, I’d love to grab Princess Anne off the street and take her to a salon for a makeover. What is with that hair? Good grief.

  8. This is one of the Queen’s prettiest recent outfits. The coat hangs beautifully, and the hat is absolutely spectacular, intricate but somewhat muted. It seems to coordinate with the dress and the coat and still manages to make a statement on its own because it’s so well proportioned.

  9. Love the colour, and the outfit as a whole is super. The bows down the front of the coat are a really nice change and just make the whole thing a bit more sophisticated.

  10. I love your blog and I have never left a reply. But in this case I have to say, this is probably the most outstanding ensemble I have ever seen the Queen wear. The hat is perfection as is the coat and dress underneath. Her bouquet of flowers add the magical touch. She selected well for honoring a very deserving organization as the WI. A woman of honor celebrating thousands of women of honor. Thank you again for sharing.

  11. So, so SOOOOOOO pretty! I read the headline and though for sure she’d FINALLY have a new hat but I love this one so it’s all good. Thanks for pointing out all the connections between the hat and the coat.

  12. The Queen looks lovely and also looks like she’s having the time of her life with her daughter and daughter-in-law. I read that they giggled over the cake because it was hard for The Queen to cut into. She stated” it must be fruitcake then!”

  13. This makes me happy in my heart. Lovely, lovely hat for QE with no Dr Seuss about it, beautifully paired with that pale blue coat and fabulous pearl brooch. Best is every pic I have seen of this event QE has a big smile on her face!

  14. I’ve always thought the Queen wears just about any color well, including deep jewel tones. But I’ve begun to think softer, pastel colors are a bit more kind to her these days. She looks absolutely spectacular in the pale blue coat and hat. That said, I’ve seen several photos of this event in addition to those posted here and in all of them HM looks to be having a jolly time. Maybe that’s why she looks so good in this outfit. Celebrating the importance of women and their contributions brings out the best in the Queen, and well it should!

    • The Queen is at her absolute best in this ensemble. It is amazing what a trained couturier and milliner can do for a woman.

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