Trooping the Colour: Extended British Royal Family

Trooping the Colour is wonderful not only because it is Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday celebration but because it is attended by the many members of the extended British Royal Family who we seldom see throughout the year. While the Linley family did not attend this year (along with Princess Anne’s children and grandchildren), the Kent family was well represented. Princess Alexandra of Kent repeated a dove grey hat wrapped in wide ruched sash around the based of the crown and dotted net veil. With her tailored grey jacket, she looked most elegant.Lady Nicholas Windsor, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady Helen Taylor and the Countess of St. Andrews, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats

The Duke and Duchess of Kent’s daughter-in-law, Lady Nicholas Windsor, wore the most avant garde hat of the day, a brimless moulded piece in ecru straw trimmed with a large u-shaped embellishment. While some might think her hat sprouted horns, I liked the unusual trim and Paola wore the piece very well. The Countess of St. Andrews wore a large navy picture hat with square crown and cartwheel brim edged in a wide white stripe; her hat was trimmed with a large white.

Lady Helen Taylor wore a black beret-based percher hat lavishly trimmed with opalescent paillettes and widely woven black net veil.  You can see a detailed photo is creative hat here.

Designer: Stephen Jones. It is the “Nerve” design from SS 2015
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Michael of Kent repeated her angular, pale grey pillbox with dramatic ostrich plume trim. This hat is an excellent pairing with her austere dress and coat and Marie-Christine looked fabulous.

Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: October 18, 2015June 18, 2014; June 16, 2014

Zenouska Mowatt,  Lady Gabriella Windsor and Julia Ogilvy, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Michael’s daughter, Lady Gabriella Windsor, wore a large picture hat in pale pink straw trimmed with three large curling sashes. If this hat is, as I suspect, the OC-875 design from Philip Treacy’s summer collection this year, it features a flat crown and large, cartwheel brim. Princess Alexandra’s daughter-in-law, Julia Ogilvy wore a pink beret trimmed with large flowers while Zenouska Mowatt (Princess Alexandra’s granddaughter) wore a dusty pink curved hat which appeared to be trimmed with silk flowers and a crin overlay on the brim.

The Duchess of Gloucester repeated her raspberry pink straw hat. It’s a fine hat that unfortunately, is not helped by the tulled scarf wrapped around it.

While not visible in photos from today, the Duchess of Gloucester’s daughter-in-law, the Countess of Ulster,  wore a navy percher hat. Lady Sarah Chatto repeated her black straw saucer hat. This draws today’s coverage of Trooping the Colour to a close. Which hat was your favourite on the Buckingham Palace balcony today?

Photos from WeirPhotos/Splash News and WeirPhotos/Splash News via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Trooping the Colour: Extended British Royal Family

  1. Princess Alexandra looks lovely as ever. I saw a photo of Lady Helen from the front, and it definitely improved my outlook on her hat; it is a bit busy, but I approve, especially as her outfit is quite tame (which we know is not always the case). Sylvana’s hat looks pretty awesome, but the way she’s wearing it makes it seem a bit 1990’s for me. I like Paola’s hat for something different, and looks great in that very pale yellow.

    Unfortunately I’m not so thrilled with Marie-Christine; while I think she looks excellent in this hat, I feel we have seen it one too many times at this and other similar events; she definitely needs to bring back her hat from William and Kate’s wedding ASAP. Lady Gabriella wore one of my favorite hats of the day, and I love that she (along with her mother and Camilla) can rock a large-brimmed hat like none other. It looks like Julia Ogilvy repeated her hat from the Queen’s 60th reign service at St. Paul’s and it is a lovely choice for her. Zenouska also wore another of my favorite hats of the day and it’s a great color we don’t often see for royal hats.

    The Duchess of Gloucester’s hat is disappointing because of how casual it looks in comparison to all the others. Also sad Katharine Kent didn’t seem to make an appearance this year; she always wears something delightful.

    I’m pretty certain the woman in the white and black disc headpiece with the coral dress is Lady Amelia.

    It was great to see HM bring out Viscount Severn and Lady Louise with her and the DOE in that video. Overall I think this was another successful Trooping the Colour.

  2. If you look really closely you can see the Duchess of Gloucester’s hat has the tulle in the Ascot pictures also. You can just see it sticking up. I’m with you in that this hat would look better without it.

  3. Found image of Duchess of Gloucester. Lovely colour hat
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Such lovely hats yesterday. And lovely coverage too. All the other royal blogs ignored Trooping and only covering Sweden!

  5. Princess Michael usually goes so over the top but yesterday she looked great. Same for her daughter. If she wore the hat you think she did, it’s the best of the lot.

  6. On the left of the very first photo in this post is either Lady Marina or Lady Amelia Windsor in the white hat with black trimmings.

    And on the video below beginning at about 14:06 behind Zenouska Mowatt we can catch very quick glimpses of the Duchess of Gloucester wearing the hat from Day 1 of Royal Ascot last year as well as the Countess of Ulster in a navy percher. On the other side appearing briefly behind the Lord Nicholas is Lady Sarah Chatto wearing a black hat.

  7. Lady Gabriella wears hats so well, I think, I love her pink hat. I’m not crazy about Lady Nicholas’ hat, but appreciate her trying something different. Joanne

  8. Princess Michale of Kent looks lovely – and I do like the large soft pink picture hat her daughter had on as well.

  9. An abundance of hats here. For sheer elegance, I have to go with Camilla and Marie Christine, and Alexandra as a close runner-up.

  10. I suppose Lady Gabriella looks the best. Harry looks particularly handsome in the last photo. Standing next to his Grandfather you can see the resemblance.

  11. PAlexandra and Marie-Christine look lovely and elegant. Kate’s was fun although I got a Dr. Seuss vibe from the feathers. Not a complaint, just humor. I like the vintage feel of Helen’s hat. Wish I could see a close up. I don’t see the draw for the odd shapes growing out of hats such as Paola’s. Reminded me of something Princess Bea wore to a certain wedding. They just don’t suit my taste. But there are enough hats for all. HM wore a new hat and I am happy. So even though there were no outstanding hats, the ones we saw did the job.

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