Belgian National Day

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were joined in National Day celebrations today by the King’s siblings. Princess Astrid attended the military parade in uniform (I believe, in her rank as Colonel of the Belgian Medical Component).

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Princess Claire topped her bright spring green dress and jacket with an embellished beret-based percher hat in the same hue. The piece was described by the designer in a press release as a “punchy green hat made out of banana fibers.This young and bright bibi will perfectly express Her personality.” 

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Help me out, readers – what does a bright green hat say about one’s personality?!

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I like the colour of this hat but paired with a dress and jacket in the same hue, it’s too much. The banana fibre trim brings lovely texture to the piece but I’m not sure about the placement. While the shape looks attractive head-on, from the side, as shown below, it is reminiscent of an unfinished papier-mâché balloon. I think I might have preferred this dress and jacket with a large natural straw picture hat.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I’m curious to hear what you think of this vibrant piece!

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18 thoughts on “Belgian National Day

  1. I still can’t get over Princess Astrid walking along in a woman’s uniform with a skirt, pumps with white gloves and a sword? Translation is, OK, we’ll give you equality, here you go, wear this sword with your Best Dress and see how silly it looks!

    If your Military Services are gender equal that is great, but this looks both ridiculous and demeaning. All officers who wear swords, regardless of gender, should wear trousers, “parade shoes” and white gloves. Never, ever, a skirt and pumps! (Think Princess Anne). Fortunately, Astrid has the class to not let it matter.

    Having spent 20 years in the military, all I see is a token gesture. Give the wee girl a sword to play with and that’s it, we’re all equal. Not! And what a cheap shot!

    Princess Claire and the greens. You have to hand it to her, she wore them from the top of her head to the hem of her skirt, and she owned them! Loved the cut of both the dress and jacket, even the banana fibre hat looks good on her and love her in green, but the shoes . . . apart from being rather elegant, I’m not sure about the colour. But then again, what else do you wear with all that green? 😉

  2. Princess Astrid looks really good in uniform, as does the Princess Royal. I think Princess Claire was brave to opt for this bright green ensemble, and I think the dress and hat are in what is called “Kelly green” from memory. I wish she hadn’t opted for a similar green jacket. The combination of these bright greens is too much for my eyes. I think the embellished beret-based percher made of banana fibers had the makings of a great hat. This was an original look. It was spoiled by her hair, which is not quite the right updo, the fact that the hat is worn too far down over her forehead, and that it looks weird from the side. She seems to have a bold, fun personality, and takes more fashion risks than many other royals, and green does suit her, but I think so much green was too much at once!

  3. She looks all right, a bit jolly green giantish. I’m having too much trouble getting past how much he looks like a dictator in those shades to really focus on her. Astrid looks lovely, as always, in her uniform.

  4. A smart green hat leads me to believe she’s fun, bubbly, charming and full of on a different page from most of the commentors, I like the slightly different color greens. I think it adds some depth to the ensemble.that said I’d love to have seen the tie on the jacket and the shoes be navy. And then the base of the hat too?

    My main thoughts here aren’t judging her outfit but her spouse….what a grump! And using his cell whilst ‘working’. Unless he’s involved in the Greek monetary crisis, keep it out of sight and on silent please. But that’s not about the hat, is it? 8)

  5. I like green but her hair seems messy…the hat is not a bad choice . The royals are having a blast. I think it gives a strange affect to the well dressed look she is trying to give. OTH I am glad they are having fun.

  6. J’adore, j’adore! I know, my favorite color is green and therefore I’m biased, but we hardly see green hats, and this is a fun one. It’s good that this is a cocktail hat, because a portrait hat in this color would’ve been way too much (at least with this outfit). I think Claire looks great and seems to be quite happy here.

  7. I think Princess Claire looks rather good. The green suits her and the hat and outfit are well coordinated. I think the updo is very stylish and flattering.

  8. Not good at all…..way to much going on here. The huge green blob is sliding off her head is what I first thought of when I saw the picture, not becoming at all. And the trim on the jacket is so sloppy and untidy looking, it would have been better with a simple collarless jacket. Less is more in this case and she is overloaded.

    PL needs to keep that phone in the pocket of his jacket…..during these occasions when on duty for the family and in public, it can wait!

  9. I think Princess Claire looks great. Happy and engaged. It am always impressed by these women navigating cobbled streets in stiletto heels! If I were to try this I would have to wear a crash helmet!

  10. I rather like it. To me, the green comes across in the photograph as emerald and that pairs well with navy blue, so perhaps navy for the hat and trim around the suit neck would have helped. Just conjecture.
    They do all look as though they are enjoying themselves. This may be the first time I have seen a member of a royal family on a cell phone at an official event.

  11. To borrow a phrase often used by Tim Gunn on the T.V. show Project Runway, “That’s a lot of look!” I think Princess Claire just has too much going on here. There is a lot of green, and in different shades, which looks mismatched. The hat is really too busy for such a small hat, and the position is a bit strange. It looks like it’s falling forward off her head from some angles. The neckline detail is very complicated also. Sometimes less really is more!

  12. I don’t hate it! The two shades of green in the outfit carry through – though they are so close that you could think it a mismatch. It’s a lot of green for sure, but there’s texture to lift it – and on Max we’d applaud it for sure! I do think that like Mathilde, Claire has the kind of looks that suit more paired down appearances, but I still find this one very happy and cheerful.

    I too am rather amused by the word ‘bibi’ for that is my surname (spelt differently, but pronounced exactly the same!) So I’m v pleased to have a hat (almost) named after me!!

  13. Boy, those girls look like they’re having a hoot! And what is Prince Laurent up to on that phone call, eh? (Hiding from those darn lip readers is not exactly a great look.)

    But we’re here for the hats, specially the green one. HQ is mystified by what the colour says about P. Claire’s personality; I’m mystified by ‘bibi’. Anyhow, I rather like the hat … but only from some angles, definitely not from others. Is it too small, too perky at the back, too green, too far forward on her head? Not sure. But I’m leaning towards too small. Just a bit bigger and it might have looked more like a hat and not a green cake perched on her head. The overall green-ness of the outfit is also a bit of a snag.

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