Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to three hats worn over three decades by Queen Elizabeth on this day to the Highland Games. Any guesses what we’ll see her wear this year?

Tall beige Cossack style hat, September 3, 1989

Indigo bumper hat with striped wool cuffed brim, September 3, 1994

Violet bumper hat with basket woven silk brim, September 3, 2005

Photo from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I think in the first picture, someone is sad because mummy didn’t pack an extra blanky for him!
    I love the 2nd hat; nice shape and color.

  2. I quite like the 2nd picture, the hat is very becoming on HM and that jacket, what great sewing for all the plaids match on the sleeves and the jacket……that is one beautiful jacket. That color plaid is very interesting as the plaid itself is wide and bold….wonder if there is a name for it?

    And as TiarasRU said, that hat in the 3rd picture is a fruit bowl tuned upside down………very good insight TiarasRU. And to think I actually had a cream colored bowl with that design…….lolololo.

  3. I too like the second outfit, hat included, more than the others. Brimless hats do allow one to see the Queen’s face better but provide no protection from the sun and, thus, really aren’t suitable for most occasions.
    For this year’s Highlands Games, I predict something like this since she’s favored pink since since’s favored pink, it seems to me, since the birth of Princess Charlotte:

      • True. But there have been occasional photos of royals who were squinting. Then everyone comments on the squint, as though royal eyes are affected differently by the sun. In your photo above from 1989, both Queen Elizabeths are wearing sunglasses — a rarity. Protocol and formality might as well be (a little) practical too.

    • I think she may well wear this pink tartan number as a nod to the arrival of Princess Charlotte and to her Scottish heritage Snug Harbor.

  4. I really like the second hat, the Indigo bumper hat, and the outfit worn with it. I have seen other photos of this taken from other angles, and it looks good from any angle. It brings out the Queen’s blue eyes well. The first hat, the tall beige Cossack style hat, is a nice departure from the Queen’s usual style, but the color is bland. I like the violet color on the queen in the final photo; however, I can’t ever like the basket weave types of hats. They remind me of a fruit bowl turned upside down on the head.

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