Day 2 of Belgian State Visit to Poland

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde continued their visit to Poland today with stops at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, a nature education centre, a conference on child development and Wolfgang Goethe college. For this busy day of events, Queen Mathilde topped her dove grey coat and dress with a chic new hat.

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The hat is a hybrid of shapes, borrowing the distinctive double humps of a Homberg for the top of the crown, the straight sided crown of a fedora, and the smoothly extended but short brim of a cloche. The result is a uniquely shaped hat that gives the slight air of informality to this ensemble that works well for less formal daytime engagements. I particularly love the way the folded double ribbon trim on the hat echoes the pleated detail at the waist of Mathilde’s dress.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda wowed many readers yesterday in her supremely elegant grey dress, coat and bumper hat. I thought the rakish angle she placed her navy pillbox today was spot on as well.
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13 thoughts on “Day 2 of Belgian State Visit to Poland

  1. Yes, much improved today in general, although QM’s hat looks a tiny bit too tall, but still very stylish. The First Lady’s ensemble today is wonderful as most have mentioned; she suits these pillbox hats well. My favourite hat though is the blue cloche pictured in photo 8- the colour in particular is divine. Thanks.

  2. Mme. Kornhauser-Duda tilted pillbox is delightful on both days. I am loving the revival of the pillbox by so many, but the tilt makes it even more fabulous! Thank you for pointing out the detail on Queen Matilde’s had and it’s link to the dress – makes it the hat really work for me.

  3. Much better look for Queen Mathilde today than yesterday.
    First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda looked splendidly chic both days.

  4. Now this is a great look! At first I wasn’t really sure if that hat shape really suited her but after seeing all these pics I think it looks great on her. Perfect combinaton with the dress and coat. Well done!

  5. Ah! Queen Mathilde looks so elegant today as does the Polish First Lady. It was interesting to learn about the component parts of the queen’s hat.

  6. Yes! we could say: welcome back, Your Majesty! Fresh and radiant as usual. And the First Lady did not disappointed us as well.
    I must add – Queen Mathilde is half-Polish and we are very proud of her.

  7. It’s so interesting to read about all the different hat shapes that went into this hat. I thought parts of it looked familiar and now I know why! I would not have chosen this kind of hat to go with this dress but it looks good.

  8. Mathilde looks much refreshed after yesterday’s unfortunate mishap! The all-dove grey monochrome outfit is a bit boring, but the subtle details on the hat and the dress help make up for that. Brava! And another great showing by First Lady Agata; I especially love the pairing of navy and pink in her outfit.

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