British Royals Honour Gallipoli Centenary

Members of the British Royal family attended Sunday morning service at the Church of Mary Magdalene in Norfolk yesterday morning where the 100th anniversary of the end of the doomed First World War Gallipoli campaign was remembered. Queen Elizabeth used this occasion to début her first new hat of 2008, one of Angela Kelly’s split crown designs in winter white felt with purple trim to coordinate with her coat and dress.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Some of you may remember an earlier hat made to match this ensemble- the stylized bowler with high crown and short, upturned brim pictured below. The lavender twisted bow and tweed sash around the base of the crown on on the old hat have been relocated to the new hat and an open collar was added to Her Majesty’s coat. I always felt the proportions on the bowler hat were a little off and I think that the renovated hat and coat lend improvement to the original ensemble.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: April 20, 2013; December 13, 2012; September 1, 2012; December 25, 2011 
The Duchess of Cambridge attended, curiously, in the same suit and hat she wore to church two weeks ago. While I don’t think Kate needs a new ensemble for each outing, I like to see more than a fortnight pass before an outfit or hat is repeated. That being said, the ensemble is exactly the kind of thing I imagine a royal to wear during a weekend in the country and Kate is nothing if not predictable. It is nice to see her anchor one of her go-to cocktail hats with an updo for a change (a considerable improvement over this hat’s last outing).
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Designer: Sylvia Fletcher of Lock & Co. It is the “Fairy Tale” style.
Previously Worn: December 27, 2015March 29, 2014November 11, 2013; Sept. 23, 2013March 17, 2013March 8, 2012

The royal party was joined by Kate’s family (likely visiting for Kate’s birthday this weekend). Her mother Carole wore a jewel toned pillbox while her sister Pippa wore the same brown fur papakha hat that Kate wore back in 2006 (bottom right), before she and William were married.

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While none of today’s hats were terribly exciting, I’m curious about your thoughts on the Queen’s updated piece. Do you prefer the new hat or the original?

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22 thoughts on “British Royals Honour Gallipoli Centenary

  1. Is it possible/feasible to have reshaped/blocked/steamed HM’s hat into the new improved shape, or is it definitely a new hat? I quite like the change.

    • That’s what I was wondering in my earlier post. The hats are so similar (other than shape). The brim looks exactly the same in both photographs. Of course, AK could have selected the same off-white material, used thread of the same color and stitched in the same amount on two hats. Seems odd to have selected the same off-white material, though, since it’s really not all that flattering with the coat or the dress.

  2. I do think this hat is much more streamlined for HM and looks better overall, although it seems a bit of an odd choice for this occasion, at least color-wise. Kate looked quite appropriate, although nothing too outstanding. Enjoyed seeing Carole and Pippa show up, both in great hats. Carole was my favorite out of all of these, especially with that fur collar coordinating so well with her pillbox hat.

  3. Agreed- that’s definitely Kate’s Betty Boop topper. I love how Pippa is wearing Carole’s fur hat that’s also been worn by Kate as well. There’s something so charming about it.

  4. I’m perplexed I can’t deny it! Why was a new hat made for an outfit that would normally be approaching retirement? I was puzzled when I saw it and I still am.

    Kate also there a curve ball with this repeat. A day of sartorial confusion for me…

  5. I don’t like either version of the Queen’s hat. I would have preferred a totally new hat, and the off-white color doesn’t go with the lilac in my eyes. Both hats are over-trimmed. I prefer the original coat neckline too, for a more formal look. The Duchess’s hat looks better with her hair up, and that Michael Kors designed suit is stunning and very British countryside wear, which is strange as it is from an American designer. It is a little soon to repeat it. I like Mrs Middleton’s hat, but I do think it is the one the Duchess wore before, just with the bow at the back. Pippa’s brown fur papakha hat looks like the same one we saw the Duchess wear before. Hats can look quite different with different positioning and different head and face shapes. Good on them for sharing hats.

  6. I agree that Her Majesty’s coat remodel and new hat improve the ensemble.

    I also agree that the chignon balances out the Duchess’s cocktail hat better than loose hair. As Jan has commented, she has probably repeated the outfit to keep attention from herself. Paradoxically, that probably just drew more attention!

  7. Kudos to Catherine for understanding that a new outfit would draw attention away from Her Majesty and from those who gave their lives in World War I. After all, most of us wear the same hat and coat to work/church/whatever, day after day, week after week in the winter months – why shouldn’t she?

  8. The Queen’s coat is a definate improvement. I will pass on the hat. Kate really needs a make up change. The black makes her skin look so dry and then she just looks old. Not happy to see the royals sporting fur.

  9. The Queen’s redesigned coat is a marked improvement. Getting rid of that roll of fabric was a good idea. I prefer the newer hat too: again, getting rid of the roll is an improvement. What puzzles me about this hat, though, is whether it actually is totally new. Do you think it’s the same brim? Looks dangerously similar. Is it possible that the split crown shape could have been made into the old bowler? It was a tall hat. If the hat is not new but merely just a redesign, then I’m puzzled that (the same?) off-white fabric was chosen for the body of the new hat. If the hat were entirely new, I’d think AK might have chosen different fabric. I’m still not too fond of the purple trim around the new hat, even though it’s better than the bigger trim on the old hat.

  10. I like the new version of HM’s hat much better. The previous iteration looked like it was adorned with a tweed snake. This is better, although still over-embellished, to my eye.

    Catherine looks lovely, as she always does. Her mother and sister look lovely as well. If I were Carole, I might push the pillbox back just a bit, but really, that’s just quibbling.

  11. I do like the Queen’s outfit with the altered coat collar. I agree with the other comment – that Catherine looks so much better with her hair up and the total look is improved.

  12. Neither of those hats the Queen is wearing are favourites for me. Catherine looks 100% better with her hair beautifully coiffed. Very elegant.

  13. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that Carole is wearing Kate’s Betty Boop hat. Can you imagine the scene at Amner?
    Kate: You are all coming with us to church this morning.
    Carole and Pippa: But darling, we didn’t bring hats. Whatever shall we do?
    Kate: Don’t worry, Mummy. You can borrow something. I have scads of lovely hats.

    • My initial thought was the same but now I’m not sure- the bow on Carole’s hat looks smaller and the top crown appears a little more rounded. Here is a picture of Kate in the Lock & Co. Betty Boop hat for reference.
      Embed from Getty Images

  14. About Pippa’s fur hat, is it possible that it could be worn upside down too? Or just fold some of the material inside on the top? For me the proportions look very different in Pippa’s and in Kate’s pics.

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