Norwegian Silver Jubilee Part 1

Scandinavian royals gathered in Oslo over the weekend to celebrate King Harald’s Silver Jubilee. After a dinner hosted by the Crown Prince and Princess at their home on Saturday night (see a group photo here), the commemoration continued on Sunday morning with a worship service held in the Palace Chapel (watch the complete service here).

Queen Sonja looked to be repeating the black calot hat she wore for the Nobel Peace Prize in December but the hats are different- this one has more straight sides and the veil on this design is dotted with a more open weave and affixed with a diamante anchor. It’s a simple hat that allows her luscious purple velvet Pucci jacket to shine and works especially well with Sonja’s hairstyle. I also think the dotted net tulle veil adds a note of formality that was needed at this milestone event.

Queen Sonja, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Sonja, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Crown Princess Mette Marit topped her tailored cream coat with a blue silk headband decorated with jewels in a flower motif. The ribbon incorporated into her braided hairstyle and trailed down her back. While there is uncertainty if Mette-Marit’s lack of millinery over the past seven years is linked to her neck injury in 2008 (and might explain her use of headbands instead of hats), I don’t think this piece worked and wish she had gone with one of her go-to pillboxes instead. Between the messily trailing ribbons and an overkill combination of headband and lapel brooches which completely cluttered a beautifully streamlined coat, I’m left looking at this ensemble and wondering, “Why?”

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: The floral brooches are from Prada’s AW 2015 collection

Princess Märtha Louise followed her sister-in-law’s headband lead and wore a ribbon headpiece of stacked black silk bows. While I don’t want to disrespect whatever design process went into this piece, I have to wonder if someone took the bow off a wrapped gift, stuck it to the side of her head and called it a completed headpiece. We know that Märtha Louise has an interesting black cocktail hat or two in her millinery closet and I wish she had chosen one of them instead.

Princess Märtha Louise, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Princess Märtha Louise, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: November 15, 2014
Princess Astrid topped her royal blue suit with a cozy cream fur (or faux fur?) hat with brown stripes.  It’s not my favourite hat in the world but alas, it is a hat.

2016-01-17 silver jubilee 16 2016-01-17 silver jubilee 15

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I do not believe this is new

Queen Margrethe repeated the rimmed saucer hat with white fur knotted bow from her own Ruby Jubilee. It’s a wonderful hat tailor made for grand winter Scandinavian events such as this and she wears it so very, very well.

Queen Silvia repeated the purpley-blue silk covered calot she first wore last summer. In a twist from its last outing, she turned the hat slightly, placing the black feather trim at the side (instead of at the back as it was for its début). I think it is a  successful move, giving the smooth piece some much needed texture and contrast.

Designer: Kerstin Carlefalk
Previously Worn: May 31, 2015
After the church service, the Norwegian royal family joined in a number of winter activities in Palace Square. We’ll look at those (along with a few more hats) later today. In the meantime, dearest readers, it’s clear that my thoughts on these hats run both hot and cold. Which pieces stood out most to you?

16 thoughts on “Norwegian Silver Jubilee Part 1

  1. All the Queens look so nice in their hats…their choices are very much “them”. But why Mette Marit and Martha Louise choose ribbons to wear and not hats is a mystery. Ribbons are for a five year old! I think both are very attractive women and would look good in a variety of shapes and sizes of hats.

  2. Queen Silvia’s hat is the best here. The purple colour always looks good on her and she always looks good in these calot hats, which work so well with her hairstyle. I prefer the hat on this outing, with the black feather trim at the side. The next best is Queen Sonja’s black calot hat, and I like the trim of the diamond brooch to the side of the brim. She is another Royal lady who looks good in calots and who also suits the purple of her outfit well. The nest best is Queen Margrethe’s rimmed saucer hat. I prefer her in larger or brimmed hats but she looks good in white. The next best is Princess Astrid’s fur hat. I am not fond of the shape of it, but I like the idea of the stripes. I liked her royal blue suit and I wish she had a hat that toned with it, and not brown stripes. My least favourites are Crown Princess Mette Marit’s headband and the even worse Princess Märtha Louise’s bow. These look like they belong on children!

  3. All three queens look good, especially Queen Sonja. I like the addition of the brooch on the brim. Did Queen Margarethe switch coats, or was the white wool coat underneath the fur?

    • She added the brown coat for the afternoon walk to the gala performance. I included the photos here because there were so few released from the church service.

  4. Sonja’s hat is much improved from the last time with the different placement on her head and the addition of the little brooch, which helped keep it from funeral territory. That dark purple jacket is divine on her!

    Mette-Marit and Märtha-Louise look fine, but nothing to fuss about for sure. Mette-Marit is no surprise, and I’m at a point where I’ve given up seeing her in a proper hat ever again *sigh*. Märtha-Louise is more disappointing because we know what fun she can have with hats.

    The jaunty angle on Astrid’s hat saves it from being boring; also, I can’t imagine it’s fake, but you never know. Love her cobalt blue outfit!

    Always love this winter white outfit on Margarethe and this hat shape really suits her. Not a fan of those boots however, and that brown fur coat looks too bulky on her thinner frame.

    Silvia looks very appropriate, but she’s fallen into Duchess of Cambridge territory and needs to work in some other hats styles again; also, not a fan of her short boots either. Carl Gustaf looks great in his black fedora!

  5. I agree with Monika that the ribbon hair adornments are suitable for children. I wish the younger set were more committed to hats! The calot hats are nice and appropriate for the occasion. I like Princess Astrid’s fur hat, but the stripes in the fur make it look like a wig that’s askew.
    Love the fur coats!

  6. I actually enjoyed Märtha Louise’s bow- I thought it looked nice in her hair and while it was not a full hat I thought it was a change from some of her more *interesting* style choices.

  7. I would like to weigh in here. I have a serious neck injury as the result of a car accident when I was in university decades ago. However, I still wear hats! So the excuse doesn’t really sit with me. I thought Sonja looked beautiful throughout the celebrations. Bless Astrid and her zany headgear. She always makes me smile. Silvia and Margarethe looked festive and cosy too. A wonderful way to mark a significant anniversary.

  8. Princesses Mette Marit and Märtha Louise are wearing hair decorations that would be adorable on a four year old.
    I do not think that a fascinator weighs more than those headbands.
    I do not understand their choices.

  9. Nothing outstanding. The Queen of Denmark looked nice in all white. I know it is cold but hope we are not seeing a trend towards real fur.

    • The Queen has worn fur for all her life, and I would not be surprised if her fur coats (this mink, the yeti etc) were 30-40 years old. There is no shame in wearing vintage fur here in the North – as long as it is very old, but I am aware of different attitudes in different countries.

      • Oh – the hats. I really llike the white hat with the white coat, but ti dies look odd with the bown fur. Honourable mentioning to Queen Silvia and no points to princess Märtha-Louise and CO Mette-Marit.

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