Inventory: Queen Elizabeth’s Red Hats

I thought I’d send love to all of you dear readers today by sharing a peek into Queen Elizabeth’s hat closet. We’re going to look at Her Majesty’s red hats and by your request, we’re going to include all pieces worn this millennium. Here they are, in the order they were introduced into service:

1.Queen Elizabeth, February 16, 2000 | Royal Hats   2.Queen Elizabeth, November 29, 2000 | Royal Hats   3.Queen Elizabeth, November 7, 1997 | Royal Hats

Designers: unknown; unknown; I suspect Frederick Fox;
Introduced: all in the mid-late 1990s

4.Queen Elizabeth, March 9, 1998 in Philip Somerville| Royal Hats    5.Queen Elizabeth, June 4, 2002 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats   6.2002-10-22 1

Designers: Philip Somerville; Philip Somerville; unknown (see side view here)
Introduced: November 19, 1997; June 4, 2002; October 22, 2002

7.Queen Elizabeth, April 20, 2003 | Royal Hats  8. Queen Elizabeth, March 13, 2008 | Royal Hats  9. Queen Elizabeth, December 15, 2006 | Royal Hats

Designers: all unknown
Introduced: April 20, 2003; November 8, 2005; December 15, 2006

10.Queen Elizabeth, September 5, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats 11.Queen Elizabeth, December 25, 2009 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats 12.Queen Elizabeth, April 25, 2012 | Royal Hats

Designers: Rachel Trevor Morgan; Angela Kelly; likely Angela Kelly
Introduced: April 20, 2003; December 25, 2009; January 17, 2010

13.  14. Queen Elizabeth, February 7, 2016 in | Royal Hats
Designers: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren; likely Angela Kelly
Introduced: December 25, 2015; February 7, 2016

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Queen Elizabeth has added the following red hats:

15.  16.
Designers: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren; Rachel Trevor Morgan
Introduced: December 25, 2019; May 22, 2021

While it is a lovely coincidence to have fourteen red hats on February 14, I was surprised at the low number. Since 2000, the Queen has worn more than 60 blue hats and while you can argue that there are far more shades of blue than red, seeing just fourteen red hats over the past sixteen years does seem surprising.

Of the group of hats above, #1 through #7 and #12 all seem to be retired. My favourite is the lone Rachel Trevor Morgan design of #10, a workhorse hat of sorts with more outings than any other hat in the Queen’s current rotation. The beautiful crown shape on this design along with impeccable trimmings makes it a stellar piece. On this Valentine’s Day, which one of these royal red hats stands out to you?

Photos from Anwar Hussein via Getty;  REX/Shutterstock;  Anwar Hussein, Tim GrahamPool/Tim GrahamMax Nash, Tim Graham, Tim Graham,  Anwar Hussein, Max Mumby/Indigo, Chris Jackson, Max Mumby/Indigo, Chris Jackson and Max Mumby/Indigo, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press and Steve Parsons/WPA Pool via Getty

36 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Elizabeth’s Red Hats

  1. I like number 1 – and you say it’s been retired. (Almost) Anything with feathers on is a winner for me! Aside from that, possible 9 and possibly 10. Why am I hesitating? Because I’d like to have a better look at the trim, specially the artificial flowers. 9 is a different shape and so to be applauded and the colour of 10 seems to be that pillarbox red that so suits HM.

  2. My favorites are #10 (Rachel Trevor Morgan) and #14, the Angela Kelly. Both are very flattering shapes, colors and trim for Her Majesty.

  3. Good grief I thought the Queen had more red hats than this! I have a favorite here, which is hat numero 10. I like all the hats except for hat 12 which is an odd shape and it also looks too small for her head.

  4. I like numbers 4, 7,9,10 and 13. Number 9 looks so youthful and sweet on Her Majesty. The fur hat and scarf also is fresh and flattering.

  5. I love number 10, but there’s something about the feather decoration on number 1 that keeps pulling me back. Number 6 is the dog here, almost taking lowest spot away from the stovepipe monstrosity at number 12. Quite a feat. I say almost because the side view isn’t bad at all; I suppose it’s the detail right up front that kills it, that along with the fact that it looks like the Queen got too hot and shoved her hat back.

  6. I agree that #10 is the winner. I like the shape and color of #9, even if the trim is a little much.

    The style of #6 along with that uncharacteristically severe expression make the Queen look like her grandmother.

  7. I vote for hat number 10 for the win! The next best is number 4, then number 5, then number 3, then number 2, then number 14. I don’t care much for the rest. I am amazed that the Queen has worn so few red hats! Thank you for this compilation HatQueen.

  8. I love #9. I just like the subtle difference in shape. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day my fellow hat lovers and thank you dear HatQueen for this special post on this special day!

  9. Oddly I like number 8. It is plain but I like the deep dark rich red color.
    HatQueen, you know I always say thanks for all your hard work.

  10. Numbers 4 and 10 are my favorites. I think they have the best proportions and style. I appreciate that the Queen’s hats function as hats: covering her head, providing warmth in winter, shade at other times, rather than just as ornaments. Although they are certainly ornamental the way they coordinate with her outfits. She could probably get away with a lot fewer hats if she just had some basic colors such as number 10 to use with a variety of outfits.

  11. What I love about Queen Elizabeth is how she never sticks with one style. She mixes things up constantly…from her outfits to her hat styles. She is never boring. Long may she reign.

  12. I too am very surprised that after so many blue hats the red selection is so sparse. There are some real winners here however; number 10 is obviously a winner and much loved by the Queen, but 10 and 11 are also winners and in that rich shade of red that suits her so well. She should wear more red, but I suppose it’s more of a wintry colour and Spring, summer and Autumn tend to be her busiest periods.

  13. There really are surprisingly few red hats that the Queen has worn in recent years, although there are several other hats with red on a predominantly differently colored background. #10 above and is my favorite (and everyone else’s), but I like #11 too, both for the regular split crown hat and for the interesting coats that go with this outfit.
    Of the old, no-longer-worn hats I like #1 and #4. I dislike #6 and #8.
    I do wonder how #13 will be repeated. These fur-trimmed outfits that look so wintry at Christmas tend not to fit well into the regular rotation once the Queen’s back to work.

  14. I really dislike 6,9 and 12. Number 9 has a real Mad Hatter look for me. I agree that number 10 is my favourite but generally these are not the best array of hats Her Majesty has worn. Happy Valentine’s Day. Will you be wearing a red hat? I will.

    • Jake, I was wondering the same about the predominantly grey one . . . always one of my favorites!
      Of the 14 shown here, the only one I really DISlike is #6. As much as I agree with everyone about #10, I put at the top of my list #11, 14, 7, and 4. Happy VD to you all!

    • I asked myself the same question and concluded that since the hat crown and brim are grey, it’s a grey hat!
      Embed from Getty Images

      I had the same dilemma with these two hats but decided they need to be included in the white inventory for the same reasons.

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images
      Choose a size:

      • I agree, great fun, a bit frivolous and no doubt some movement with that spray of feathers. What makes it for me also is the coat….I think the two coordinate beautifully together.

  15. Happy Valentine’s day to all the hat lovers!
    My favorite ones are the 3 and the 10. I find the shapes very nice for the Queen. I have to say that I dislike most of the Angela Kelly’s hats because they are disproportionated and so old fashioned.
    Have a nice day!

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