British Royals Celebrate Christmas- Part I

Members of the British Royal Family joined the Queen today, as they do each year, for Christmas Day Service at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene near Sandringham.

The Queen wore a new ensemble today in brilliant red, topped with a felt hat . The teardrop shape of this hat’s crown is one we’ve seen on previous hats; the design is completed with a side spray of black feathers and hatband of the same fine braid as is trimming her coat. .

Embed from Getty Images

Several readers guessed the queen would be in red this year and you were spot on! The look is festive and the coat’s open collar, edged with that lovely braid, frames the hat and Her Majesty’s face really well. What’s less successful for me is the crown shape- its height and flared silhouette creates an awkward proportion that feels a bit clunky. While the colour is great, I’m not sure the shape flatters.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her royal purple felt brimless hat in a gently rounded helmet shape, trimmed with a large spray of  purple goose biot feathers. It’s a bold shape that she carries off well despite it’s clunky (again!) mushroom shape – the colour is divine, the spiky feathers play down the helmet vibe well and Camilla’s soft hairstyle lightens the look. The modern hat pairs really well with Camilla’s traditionally cut velvet coat, the two pieces combining to create a rather regal statement.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy Bruce Oldfield dress and coat.
Previously Worn: March 11, 2019

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her dark green percher saucer hat trimmed with large, pleated flower on the back raised side of the design.

Embed from Getty Images

Today is the first time we’ve seen this hat not worn with a green coat and despite its small scale, holds its own. The styling here, coordinated with a purse and shoes in the same colour against the neutral coat, allows the hat to stand out more than we’ve seen it before. Coordinating Charlotte’s green coat makes a particularly sweet connection.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Silvia Fletcher for Lock and Co. Coat by Catherine Walker. 
Previously Worn: Mar 17, 2017Dec 25, 2015

Princess Beatrice, who was joined for the first time by her fiance Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, wore a bandeau in forest green peachbloom felt accented with a beautiful pleated swirl motif. The design is a beautiful colour on her and the pleated detail gives such interest to the piece, making it much more special than a simple bandeau.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the Knotted Felt Band from AW 2019. Coat by The Fold London
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Princess Eugenie wore a navy blue headpiece described by the designer as a “silk covered headband, adorned with cut feathers and a silk bow.” The colour is lovely on her and the layered cut feathers give some beautiful dimension, height and movement to the design.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the Silk Feather Bow Band from AW 2019
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

It’s a lovely parade of jewel-toned designs so far (we’ll look at remaining hats worn by the Wessex ladies, Princess Anne, the Countess of Snowdon and Lady Sarah Chatto tomorrow). For now, what are your thoughts on these first five designs? Enjoy the Queen’s Christmas message below.

Photos from Getty as indicated 

18 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Christmas- Part I

  1. What a perfect colour on HM! I find the hat crown a little tall, as others have noted.
    I do like Camilla’s hat. I just love velvet at this time of the year, so that luxe saturated purple is gorgeous.
    Anne’s outfit is nice enough and that fedora suits her.
    I’m afraid I don’t like either of the York headpieces. It may just be placement issues.
    I do not find Catherine’s hat to be a good match to that furry collar, although I like both coat and hat separately. The coat seems so wintery that it seems to call for a hat without a leafy decoration. Maybe that’s just me.
    Even with these quibbles everyone looked very good. Thoughts go out to the Duke of Edinburgh. I miss his presence at this event.

  2. I’ll just add my 2 cents worth. I love HM in red and her brooch is to die for! I am on the side against her hat shape. Camilla’s color is beautiful, but I do not like that hat and that spray of feathers on top helps hide the original shape and that is it. A no from me. The Duchess of Cambridge looked great, though I am not a huge fan of grey coats. I did like the furry collar on this coat, though. I thought she accessorized well and her best accessory was Charlotte! I loved Bea’s headband, but not the color of her coat. Eugenie’s coat didn’t enhance her figure, but the headband was a beautiful piece.

  3. Well I though the Queen and Camilla aced it! I really liked HM’s red, so festive; the coat was well tailored and I don’t even mind the shape of the hat, I think it provides some interest. And Camilla looks fabulous, I don’t mind the helmet shape, and that purple is a regal.

    The headbands, yeah they’re fine. And I love Kate’s coat but think a dark grey hat would have been a better match.

  4. Chiming in to echo all the comments so far: hooray for the jewel tones, braided detail for HM, and the non-monochromatic ensembles. There’s nothing I absolutely LOVE here, but the pleated swirls make Beatrice’s green bandeau my favorite for the day. I agree with Sandra that the York sisters should both have worn their headpieces farther back, though.

  5. Happy Boxing Day, all!

    HM: Everything’s already been said: Fabulous color, braiding, magnificent coat. The crown shape/size diminish its overall pizzazz! I MUCH prefer the queen’s Christmas ensemble from 10 years ago, with her honkin’ brooch and boots! (Pretty cool for an 83 year old at the time!)

    12-25-09 Christmas
    Embed from Getty Images
    CAMILLA: Great color and nice change in shape from her typical huge hats.
    KATE: Great festive color with the beautiful coat.
    BEATRICE: Again, the forest green color is fantastic, and the textured details gets points for a hat style that I don’t like.
    EUGENIE: I like the shade of blue, and that’s about it! (Remember what mother taught us about saying something nice, or nothing at all!)

  6. What a feast for the eyes! this year the parade of stately colours in itself was a thrill.
    HM: fabulous
    Camilla: fabulous
    Kate: fabulous
    Beatrice and Eugenie:nice hats, with the usual styling issues.
    BTW, I wouldn’t normally get excited over a teardrop crown hat, but especially after seeing the video, I confess I’m won over by HM’s new red one. As part of an entire look, the curves and asymmetry of the hat provide create illusions (height and sweep) which to my eye subtly emphasize qualities in this ensemble which are noble and regal. Masterful.

  7. Happy Christmas to everyone from here in Washington, DC!

    Unfortunately this crown shape brings down what is otherwise a fabulous Christmas ensemble for HM. Something a little shorter and more rounded would make this perfect. I really like the braid detailing on this one as well. And nice job everyone who correctly predicted this color!

    I’m glad to see Camilla back in this hat, although I wouldn’t have guessed she would wear it for Christmas. Definitely a favorite of the day.

    This mixing and matching of hats and outfits and colors, such as Kate has done here, is what I want more of in the world of Royal Hats! I love everything about her look. My absolute favorite of the day!

    Beatrice looks very sophisticated in this camel and black outfit, and the pine green bandeau headband is the perfect addition to this look.

    Eugenie’s bandeau had potential, but I find her look messy unfortunately, especially with her hairstyle and underwhelming coat. The stripes on the heels of her pumps are the one thing I love here!

  8. I think the Duchess of Cornwall wins: hat is good color and shape, and entire outfit looks regal.
    I like the trim on the Queen’s coat (and hat, I guess), but that’s about all I like of this outfit. The Queen has several hats of this shape, but they work best when worn at an angle. Because of that black blob, though, the hat really can’t be slanted any more, or the blob would be at the back of the hat. The coat is a pattern used several times before too: one can recognize it because the lapels are abnormally narrow, and the buttons are dangerously close to each other. In other words, the whole outfit is too exaggerated.
    The Duchess of Cambridge’s coat is marvelous. Her hat, purse and shoes, while going perfectly with each other, don’t appear to go with the rest of the outfit, though, and the hat doesn’t stand out in the photographs. I look forward to seeing this coat again.

  9. Thank you Hat Queen for posting today! I hope you had a great Christmas Day.

    I agree with most people that The Queen’s hat and coat color is lovely, the brooch is fantastic, but I wish the hat shape was a little different. I did watch her speech earlier and thought it was lovely. She looked so lovely in the sapphire blue dress and beautiful brooch. The part at the end with her and Prince Charles dodging Prince George’s flying pudding mixture was amazing! Loved it!

    I love the color and fabric of the Duchess of Cornwall’s outfit. So pretty and luxurious. I am not a fan of the hat shape.

    I loved the Duchess of Cambridge’s entire look. It was lovely that she coordinated so well with Princess Charlotte (so lovely to see her and Prince George attend). I covet her jacket. It’s so warm and cozy looking, but also quite elegant.

    I thought Princess Beatrice looked wonderful. I’m not a huge fan of the hat band, but I understand why she would want to be more subdued. Her coat was fantastic and she looked lovely and happy walking with her fiance. I have similar feelings about Princess Eugenie. Her jacket was great, and the overall look was subdued.

  10. I love the colour on HM – and that brooch, wowzers! However, the hat is a bit of a miss, if I’m honest. The brim needs to be a bit wider, maybe, to balance the height of the crown, but as trickymum says the point of the crown is a bit too sharp so there’s likely little that could be done to rescue it when the basic design is slightly flawed. Overall, a nice look though and so festive.
    Love the colour of Camilla’s ensemble, not so in love with the hat. Suits her well enough, though and wouldn’t suit everyone.
    Love Kate’s outfit. I’m not usually a fan of her coats finding them over-detailed with fake pockets and too many buttons, but this one is just right for the occasion. It looks warm, is a great length and don’t mother and daughter look cute together?
    Both the York princesses look as though their headpieces are placed too far forward. Both seem nicely designed and I think they’d look even better if they were higher on their heads. I’d like to see how Eugenie is wearing her hair and I wish Beatrice had worn knee-high boots, it would have been a more polished look.
    So far, pretty good. Minor quibbles only. Well done, those women!

  11. Agree with you, HQ, about the shape the crown on HM, but the I got lost in the richness and warmth of the color and braid detail coupled with the coat.

    Really like Kate’s hat paired with what is truly an elegant coat. Love the green paired with gray.

    Sorry you evidently did not take the day off from this blog today, HQ, but really appreciated seeing this today!

  12. I love the colour and simple trim of HM’s hat, but it feels too high for me, and the point is a bit too sharp, but the overall look and colour with the coat, dress and brooch look so Christmassy!
    I liked Kate’s green hat with her green coat; I may even like this styling better.
    Camilla styles hers the same, but it always looks good and again the colour is luscious.

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