How It’s Made: An Ella Gajewska Handmade Hat

Royal Hats Here is a short but charming look at the construction of a handmade hat by London based milliner Ella Gajewska. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “How It’s Made: An Ella Gajewska Handmade Hat

  1. Greetings , am interested to see the video but unfortunately l can not see the video of how these beautiful hats are made ,pls hat queen can you send the video to my mail thanks.

  2. Thank you, HatQueen, for all the work that goes into this lovely blog! Learning about the workmanship that goes into creating beautiful things makes me appreciate them even more. I have sewn all my life, but I know that if I were to try working with such stiff materials and steam, I would wind up in the Emergency Room! It must take so much practice to work so proficiently. Beautiful video, and beautiful hats!

  3. Beautiful video. I love it that Ella uses an antique sewing machine too. And such fine hand sewing. It’s fascinating to watch her make the fascinator!

    Hat Queen, I love your blog! Such a day brightener.

  4. How It’s Made: An Ella Gajewska Handmade Hat, was just so cool HatQueen! I recommend the fandom take a look at her collection at this link. There are some awesome hats, and a few of our Royal ladies could find some great hats here. It seems her cat approves!

  5. I really enjoyed this video HatQueen. It is so interesting to see how milliners work. The cat looked intrigued! I love the retro typewriter and record player. That is such a beautiful hat!

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