Seeing Double: Queen Mathilde

Royal HatsLooking into my archives on Queen Mathilde’s hats recently, I found an interesting pair of picture hats, both designed by Fabienne Delvigne and worn, each for the first time, just eight days apart:

Princess Mathilde, May 11, 2001 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Navy and white version worn during a Swedish state visit to Belgium,  May 11, 2001

Black and white version at the May 19, 2001 wedding of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands

Both hats are fantastic- the shape of the large mushroom brim is wonderful and the contrasting trim, in classic navy and black, makes for such timeless and elegant combinations. I’m just curious why Princess Mathilde, as she was then, ordered such similar versions of the same hat and wore them so close together?

Photos from Photonews via Getty and Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Queen Mathilde

  1. Well, they say two are better than one, and in this case I believe this to be true of these two hats. The hats, no matter what color, suit her perfectly…..the Queen looks good in every hat she wears!

  2. Queen Mathilde’s mushroom-brimmed hats suit her well and she looks really elegant in them. I often buy 2 pairs of shoes the same in different colours if I can find comfortable ones, so being a keen hat wearer that she is, I can understand why she bought 2 similar hats that suit her and are comfortable to wear. I am surprised that she wore them so close together. These are 2 Royal hats I would like to see taken out of the closet and worn again. These hats are really timeless styles that will never date.

  3. The hat design is absolutely fabulous. Since the hats were worn for two separate audiences, I’m sure that either Queen Mathilde and/or her dressers had the one hat in mind when selecting the second outfit and just figured, “Oh, why not?” Since it’s such an appealing hat, I can understand why Queen Mathilde requested more than one.

  4. I am also surprised they were worn so close together. Otherwise, I completely support the decision to buy both. Very classic shape and color combos, and the fuss-free styling won’t become dated. We definitely need to be seeing more of these hats!

  5. I do agree that she looks wonderful in both and also that it is like finding something that looks and feels good, so you buy multiples. It would be nice to see the hats reappear in public.

  6. I think it was on a dare instigated by Maxima. They should double-dog dare each other more often–these hats are fantastic.

  7. I have 2 teardrop crown fedoras that are almost identical, one in navy and one in black, so I can’t fault her at all for having both of these haha. But seriously, it’s a good look for her, and of course we know Máxima is also a fan. Both queens should repeat them again, just hopefully not at the same time!

  8. I always thought it was the very same hat and Mathilde had returned it to Fabienne Delvigne who replaced the blue trim with a black and white one to match the dress. I preferred the blue version, but its a beautiful hat in both versions and its screaming for a repeat.

  9. I guess she just has so many occasions to wear hats if she sees a design she likes she thinks two could be useful. Like we might do with say, a jumper!

    It’s a great shape on her – I like her in a wide brim a lot, she looks very elegant in them.

  10. These large mushroom brimmed hats look so good on her, that I can understand why she bought two similar styles. I hope that she repeats them both.

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