Queen Elizabeth Opens Namesake Rail Line

Queen Elizabeth visited the Bond Street station this morning where she she formally unveiled the new roundel for the Crossrail line, to be named after her when it opens in December 2018. For her tour around the construction site, she repeated a hat we’ve not seen in some time. Made of the same lavender crepe as her coat, the hat features a tall, hourglass crown and a short mushroom brim. Trimmed simply with parallel pintucks that are echoed on her coat, the hat’s impact comes entirely from its unusual shape. It’s not my favourite of the Queen’s hats although I admire the restrained trim and she looks lovely in this shade of purple. What do you think?

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26 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Opens Namesake Rail Line

  1. I don’t love the hat, but I love her and she looks lovely. I like how she coordinated her outfit with the “Elizabeth Line” color (lavender)

    • SUPER cute how she matched her outfit to the logo! The hat is fierce and SOOOO much more stylish than the hats her daughter and some of her granddaughters and granddaughter-in-laws wear. Just sayin’.

  2. I love this hat and coat on Her Majesty! If it had been cold enough I would like to have seen the black fur scarf she wore at the neck at another time. But she looks beatiful nonetheless.

  3. The Queen looks good in this lavender shade. It was thoughtful of her to dress in a similar colour to the logo of the new train line. I can’t say I like the very tall, hourglass crown of the hat, or its short mushroom brim. I like the parallel pintucks on the hat that are echoed on her coat. I don’t like collarless coats and this one is an example of why. It somehow looks unfinished to me. Her brooch is beautiful, and looks like it has amethysts in it.

  4. I’ve always thought that this was an excellent outfit. Although mad hatter-looking, this hat shines in its simplicity: decorated only with stitching lines to match the decorative stitching in the coat (and the dress), the lack of a contrasting color or a second design element makes the unusually shaped hat stand out. A more traditionally designed purple hat certainly would make the outfit more “normal,” but this hat makes the outfit pop and calls attention to the Queen. This is my favorite of all of AK’s hats made from this particular block.
    And I’d be quite certain that the outfit was selected to match the purple “Elizabeth Line” logo in the tube.

  5. Queen Elizabeth looks beautiful in lavender, and I like that she matched the symbol of the line. I like the pintucks on the hat and coat. However, I think the crown is too tall, especially given the narrowness of the brim.

  6. I really like this hat. I love the colour, it is actually very simple, with just the pintucks and the shape to carry it. I think it works well as part of the whole look too, a good unified ensemble.

  7. I’d like to see her in a heavier coat with a cozy collar at this time of year. This seems like a springtime outfit. That being said, the hat is okay. Not my favorite shape but the pintucks are nice. Most of QE2’s hats are too matchy-matchy in my opinion. For example in this instance a simple black hat would have worked fine. But maybe that would be less fun for us!

  8. Jake said what I was thinking! Did HM dress in purple to match the Elizabeth Line colours? I like her outfit with the pin tucks, but the crown of the hat is too tall.

  9. Not my favorite hat for HM ever, but it still very much works for me. The pintuck texture helps keep things from being too boring. Also, was it coincidence or planned that HM’s outfit color almost exactly matches the color of the roundel?

  10. I like the color but not the hat style; however maybe she wears these taller crown hats to add some height to her person, to make her stand out more?

  11. I’ve always really liked this outfit. It’s Angela Kelly doing what she does best, a simple, well executed concept. The tucks unify the outfit brilliantly and prevent it not being too monochrome. Perhaps the hourglass of the hat could be slightly reduced, but nonetheless I think it’s a winner.

  12. I’m not a lavender or purple person, so along with the shape on this hat, I’m not a fan just by nature of the shade — but I know lots of folks are purple people! She sure must like this type of shape hat – she has worn a lot of them in her later years now.

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