One Hat, Six Coats

this or thatDuring her visit to Anglesey last week, the Duchess of Cambridge repeated a chocolate felt bumper hat that has been a staple in her millinery wardrobe for several years. Designed by Silvia Fletcher for Lock and Co., the “Betty Boop” style features a slightly elevated bumper brim embellished by a large, flat bow on one side. Kate has paired five different coats so far with this hat, begging the question of which pairing is best:

1. At the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Aldershot, March 17, 2012 in a green Emilia Wickstead coat dress

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

2. With an ecru coat, faux fur muff and Max Mara Studio leopard print dress on March 2, 2013 at a wedding in Switzerland

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

3. With a pink Joseph coat to the Cheltenham Races on March 15, 2013

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

4. With a brass buttoned, brown tweed Moloh coat for church on Christmas Day in 2014

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

5. Attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Aldershot on March 17, 2015 in a Catherine Walker coat

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

6. With a red LK Bennett coat on a February 18, 2016 visit to RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Some of you commented last week that Kate wore this hat further forward on her forehead than she has in the past- looking at these photos, I think the placement on this hat’s last outing was more straight (I prefer the jauntier angle she placed it the first four times). While I adore the impeccably cut Catherine Walker maternity coat, its muddy colour puts it at odds with this hat. I’m not fond of coats #3 and #4 which leaves #1, #2 and #6 as my favourites. The coordination in ensemble #2 is beautiful but if pressed to make a single choice, my vote would be for #1- the beautiful movement of this green Emilia Wickstead coat dress works so well with the hat and the colours work well together.
Which ensemble do you think pairs best with this hat?
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34 thoughts on “One Hat, Six Coats

  1. I also like #1 the best. I think Kate wears more drab colors when she doesn’t want to stand out and one way not to upstage a bride is to wear brown so I also like #2!

  2. I really dislike this hat in general – but it looks best the first time with the green swingy coat and her hair down.Looks downright silly with her hair in a ponytail

  3. Nos. 1, 3, and 5 are my choices. I really like the style and color of the coat dress. No. 3 is a very pretty color on Catherine..with her skin tone there. The boots looked great, though the coat was a bit too tight. I love the color and style of the maternity coat. All three coats could have used a coordinating plaid scarf at the neckline, or muff, or gloves even, in a cashmere or silk…something to add a bit of dash!

  4. I’m sorry but YAWN. I don’t know anyone in their 30s who dresses as totally BORING and old lady as Kate does. That hat is SOOOOOOOO BAD.

  5. Without a doubt going for #1 as the best look. #2 is a great look too.
    I do agree the color combo in #5 is weird. But in that left pick the placement of the hats is perfect.

  6. It is hat number 1 for the win! The green and chocolate pairing works and the military style of the coat looks very good on the Duchess. The next best is photo 6, because cream can combine with chocolate well, in flavours and in colours too. The next best is photo 5, because red can work with chocolate, but the hat placement seems too far down onto her forehead. The nest best is photo 3, which is a very country look. I don’t think the very long coat length is flattering on her, and the all brown colours are rather drab for Christmas. The next best is photo 4. I think her hairdo is good here, and I like the coat, but it looks dark grey on my monitor, and the colours of the coat and hat seem to clash. My least favourite photo here is 2, because the shade of pink seems off with the chocolate brown hat, and the coat fits badly, and the collar is very bulky.

  7. 5 is the best because that hairdo works so well with it. Otherwise it looks too much like a carhop hat. I love that Emilia Wickstead coat in the #1 position, but the hat doesn’t do a thing for it.

  8. I think the Duchess has found a shortcut to choosing a hat for each outfit. Wear the solid brown hat with brown shoes and purse when avoiding black. We know she has a solid-colored navy blue hat, with navy shoes and purse, which she has has paired with many shades of blue. She’s followed the same pattern nude/beige/tan too with other colored coats. Then she can wear black accessories, including hat, with the remaining outfits. This week’s red coat with brown hat was an unfortunate choice.
    I don’t mind this brown hat, like it particularly with coat #4, in fact, partly because the patterned scarf lends added interest to the outfit.

  9. I like #1 and #2 the best. It’s a fine, serviceable hat and the angle makes all the difference… wouldn’t mind seeing some others, though!

  10. This is very close between numbers 1, 2 and 5 for me, but I’m going to give it to the updo. Just can’t get on board with Emilia Wickstead-everything looks like the fit is too large IMO. Now if the Catherine Walker coat was that shade of green, that would be perfection!

    • I like coats #1 and #5 for the exact same reason I DISlike #4 and #6, and the colors are inconsequential!
      I favor coat #3 for its color with the hat.

  11. I agree the Duchess looks best in this hat with the first green coat. I think it’s partly because that coat is such a good style on her: the perfect length and a nice full, swingy skirt that lightens up the look of the tight, restrained hat style. I also like the hat with the cream coat with the fur collar. The half up hairstyle seems to be the best with this hat.

  12. I’m with you HatQueen. No: 1 is the best look I think. I reckon No: 4 is the next best. Personally, I’d like to see the hat worn with a burnt orange colored coat.

  13. Always have liked this hat on her – but I do hope she has gotten rid of that Joseph pink coat – she had the button moved over on it to make the bust bigger and it always showed where they move the button from and bugged me.

  14. I was very disappointed by the appearance last week. I thought that it was because the strange mix of brown / red and also the fact that the hat presented something strange. Thank you for this post with all the pairings, I understand what bothered me lat week additionally to the strange mix of color. I find the hat wonderful with pale contrasting coats (cream and pink are fantastic pairing) AND when Kate wears it with a wider angle. Looking at it again, it is also nice with the green E Wickstead coat. But the other ones are aging young Kate so much…
    I find her new eye makeup much nicer. Since Air cadet appearance, Kate lightens the black line under her eye and it is much better to open her look and giving her a less tired face.

  15. I too like the brown maternity coat, but the colours are off, which is a shame. A complete contrasting colour would have been better. Coat 4 is nice, but I find myself yawning. Really for me too then, it only leaves number one. That coat has a lovely swing to it, and it would be good to see it repeated.

    But really, I think I’m over this hat now. She’s got some other fabulous ones she hasn’t repeated, could they get a look in now?!

  16. I find #4 as the most striking due to the contrast of texture with the coat, then the color scheme of the scarf pulls all 3 – hat, coat & scarf together for a very sophisticated look. Basically I like all of the pairings except the latest with the red coat

    • I like #4 the best, also. If only she had an updo it would be perfect. I think it looks best with this color combination. I love coat #1 for it’s style, but I don’t think the h a t adds to the style of #1 significantly of itself. #2 is a good color combo, but the faux fur interferes with the color contrast.

  17. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t like the hat as well on this outing until I read HatQueen’s analysis — it’s the placement, of course. #1 with the hair styled as in #4 would really nail it. I like the hat with the rose coat, but the coat itself seems to be sewn crooked.

    • The issue with the rose coat is early pregnancy. Close inspection will reveal where a button was moved to accommodate a growing tummy, thus the wonky fit.

  18. #3 is just perfection, as far as I’m concerned, with the first a close second. I thought it looked…fine with the red, but I’d much rather see a black hat with that vivid coat. That brown with the pink and the gray was too blah for words

  19. I like #1, with #2 second. The entire look of #1 is a winner, especially that swinging green coat dress. She looked sensational that day. I like the color combination of #2 with the pink coat, but I would like to see that pink coat a bit longer, or with a longer dress underneath.

  20. #1 is my favorite, because I think everything goes together so well. The green and the brown are balanced and her hair looks great. #2 is my next favorite; the pairing of the boots and the shorter coat keep the hat modern and younger. The other 3 appearances are fine, but nothing special in my opinion.

  21. I agree with #1. She is wearing the hat almost touching her eyebrow on the right and the jaunty angle really suits the Duchess – the last outing was much too straight. The green coat is beautiful with the hat – the best of all the ensembles shown.

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