Princess Anne At Banner Handover

Princess Anne was in Ypres, Belgium yesterday to take part in the handover of the banners of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals at Saint George’s Memorial Church (a church built in memory of the more than 500,000 British and Commonwealth troops who perished in the three battles fought for the Ypres Salient during World War I). For this event, she topped her very chic teal and navy military styled coat with her brown fur pillbox hat. I think the pairing is successful, particularly for this event, and gives this hat, a piece that Anne has worn for years (long before wearing fur was controversial), an updated new lease on life. What do you think?

Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Princess Anne At Banner Handover

  1. Not a fan of the hat at all. Even if it were fake fur, fur hats often too close to hair color as in this case. Too “hairy” for me. Wonderful to see her in this great looking coat. That’s a lovely color trimming the collar and flaps that Princess Anne or her dresser could have worked into a show stopping look if they had used it in a hat. I was around her quite a bit when I was a horse racing photographer years ago. Princess Anne was most cordial and generous to everyone around her. She made sure we got our shots. Hard working as ever I see. A national treasure.

  2. The hat looks good from the front, but I don’t like the funny knob on the top of it. I agree that the coat is beautiful. The flared wrists add an elegant touch to an otherwise very military design. And the navy accents really work with the teal. A navy hat could have been a successful alternative to the fur.

  3. The Princess looks great in teal and the navy accessories combine well with it. The brown fur hat seems the odd thing out in this outfit. I am not a fan of this hat, and I much prefer the hat of the lady standing beside her.

  4. The Princess Royal is always so professional and dutiful. I love to see her in a uniform or an outfit that has that uniform feel to it. She seems comfortable when dressed this way. I love the hat. Is there a button, or some kind of raised up detail in the center?

  5. I’m so used to seeing the Princess Royal in military get-up astride a horse for ceremonial events, that this outfit for this event is a good compromise. She does so much unheralded work for which she deserves our appreciation.

  6. I agree. Very smart ensemble. Although they are an obviously choice, I especially liked that the navy gloves, purse, and boots (shown in others photos I found) all matched. The hat adds another design element without detracting from the, as you noted, very chic coat. Also, teal is a very good color for her.

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