Inventory: Duchess of Cornwall’s Green Hats

To kick off our look at green hats this month, we’re venturing into the Duchess of Cornwall’s millinery closet. Camilla is certainly a fan of all things green with six pieces in her inventory (more than most other royals, as we’ll see in coming weeks) including several leafy designs and the most festive of St. Patrick’s Day hats:

1.Embed from Getty Images  2.Embed from Getty Images
Introduced: July 19, 2005; March 17, 2006
Designers: both are Philip Treacy

3.Embed from Getty Images  4.Embed from Getty Images
Introduced: May 6, 2006; December 15, 2006
Designer: both are Philip Treacy

5.Embed from Getty Images  6.Embed from Getty Images

Introduced: June 14, 2008; June 16, 2015
Designer: both are Philip Treacy

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Camilla has added the following green hats:

7.Embed from Getty Images
Introduced: June 19, 2019
Designer: Philip Treacy (flower by Anfisa Koreleva)

When I think of royal statement hats, I don’t immediately think green but each of these pieces is truly a statement hat in its own right. While I prefer the darker brimmed pieces, the fantastic floral fascinators remind me just how brave Camilla is when it comes to her hats. What pieces here are your favourites on her?

Photos from Getty as indicated

28 thoughts on “Inventory: Duchess of Cornwall’s Green Hats

  1. I hadn’t seen hat 2 before and I just love it. The colour is amazing and I think the daring shape and trim really suits Camilla. I can’t say I’m a fan of the match with the jacket in this particular look. Number 5 is a bit too wedding day for me but number 1 is a total stunner.

  2. The colour of no. 2 looks a thousand times better than I would have expected on her. I love her massive hats and am extremely, extremely glad that those side-of-the-head affairs (like no. 3) are out of fashion these days.

  3. Camilla looks good in hats! All kinds of hats! I, too like most of these hats, but I cannot abide #5. It looks like she stopped by the road and picked a bunch of wildflowers and put them on her head! Okay, it looks a little better than that but it is too much of a Mohawk turned sideways for me. I love #6. This is one of my favorite styles of hats even though it looks like lips and I expect them to start talking to me every time I see them.

  4. Number 1 is a glorious confection, perfect for the Ascot gavotte. I hate fascinators (a misnomer if there ever was one) but even number 3 is quite fetching. A nice set of hats. She carries off a big hat every bit as well as the QM.

  5. Boy, there isn’t a bad one in the bunch! No. 1 is spectacular….. No. 3 is beautiful and spectacular. Camilla’s confidence shines through in all hats she wears.

  6. I would wear the brimmed hats at 1,2,4 and 6. My favorite is 1, because the color is so good, and it looks like leaves are raining down onto your hat. I think 3 is OK for her, but it’s not my taste. Hat 5, I think is just too busy. if it was smaller, or even if it didn’t have the extra flowers, it could have worked. I just think those mauve flowers are way too much on an already complex hat.

  7. These are all great! Lots of volume, great shapes, very dramatic. #5 is very special, something we don’t see everyday.

  8. The Duchess really loves Philip Treacy, doesn’t she? And, don’t we all!?!
    I think every one of these hats is a success. Even the fascinator! (I think the fascinator works because it has a lot of visual mass, it’s not just a fuzzy doo-dad hanging off the side of her head.)
    I think I like #2 and #6 the best. I love the big ascot hats and the one she wore to Zara’s wedding — although, it looks like the edge of meadow that didn’t get mowed. Still pretty, though!

  9. I really like hat #2, although I’ve always thought that the color doesn’t go well enough with the jacket. Changer the jacket; keep the hat.
    Hats #1. #3 and #5 are typical for the Duchess’s over-the-top style and look fabulous on her. #3 is surprisingly flattering as well.

  10. At first my thought was that hat number 1 was sooooo big…but then I really like the way the feathers seem to be floating around the hat.

    • Here are some alternative views of hat #5, taken when Camilla repeated it for Zara Phillips’ wedding on July 30, 2011

      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      • Wow! Thank you Hat Queen. While I adore the Duchess of Cornwall’s pizazz and sense of fun and most of her millinery, I really don’t quite know what to make of #5 — from all angles. I think she and Queen Maxima will compete for “most adventurous” when it comes to their variety of hat styles.

      • It is massive!! It sort of reminds me of something, I just can’t think what, especially with the sun shining through it in pic 3. But I do admire Camilla’s bold millinery choices which she carries off with great aplomb.

    • There are too many royals to complete an inventory for each of them every month. We’ll cover what we can this year and add those we missed next year. Who knows- Kate might add some red hats to her collection in the meantime!

  11. I love #2, #4, and #6, but I don’t dislike any of these! Unfortunately the photo for #5 does not do the piece justice in my opinion (I think she looked amazing in it at Zara’s wedding). We definitely need more royals wearing green hats!

  12. I love number 6, very elegant and understated. Number 1 is fantastic but somehow I can’t look at it without thinking that it’s shrubbery gone wild and a good trim would be in order.

  13. I like all of these – even the hanging basket fascination. My favourite is Humber 1 though, it’s fabulous. It’s such a bold piece of hattery – it’s big, the leaves are certainly a bold touch and she looks wonderful in it. This is real Ascot millinery and it’s great.

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