Designer Interview: Jill Courtemanche

Royal Hats Long time followers of Royal Hats are well acquainted with American milliner Jill Courtemanche whose guest contributions here (see her explanation on how hats stay on royal heads and guest commentary for Ascot in 2015 and 2014) have been such a delight. I thought you might also enjoy a brief peek inside her studio and approach to design. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Designer Interview: Jill Courtemanche

  1. This interview with Jill Courtemanche was interesting. It is fun to take a look behind the scenes. I saw a few hats here that would be just the trick for some of our favourite royals.

  2. Designer Interview: Jill Courtemanche was a fascinating article. What amazing hats she designs! I reckon more Royals should shop here.

  3. I love the way she ended the video about wearing a hat to help you look the way you feel each day! Now I want to buy a hat for my every feeling!! 🙂

  4. Jill Courtemanche is an amazing milliner and I really enjoyed this video. There are some superb hats here that I could imagine many of our Royals wanting to wear. Thank you very much HatQueen for this interesting video.

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