British Royals Celebrate Queen’s Birthday

Members of the British Royal Family gathered this weekend at Windsor for a jam-packed weekend of events that combined two favourites- the Queen and the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Over the weekend, Her Majesty was spotted enjoying the show as a kerchiefed spectator.

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To present the day’s awards, she popped back to the palace to change. On Saturday, she repeated her magenta hat with silk crepe crown and edging around the straw brim, trimmed with flowers and striped feathers.

Queen Elizabeth, May 14, 2016 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats Queen Elizabeth, May 14, 2016 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: July 5, 2015June 20, 2015

For yesterday’s awards, Queen Elizabeth repeated her pale blue straw hat with domed crown, asymmetrical upturned brim, and silk flower and ribbon trim. While the photo here does neither the hat nor the wearer justice (jump over here to see much better views during its last outing), it remains a beautiful piece and it was nice to see the Queen in it again.

Queen Elizabeth, May 15, 2016 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 4, 2015June 17, 2014; April 20, 2014

The Duke of Edinburgh, who is an accomplished carriage driver, took part in the show throughout the weekend. He looked dapper and relaxed in a white straw fedora with curved brim along with two wool plaid flat caps.

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Prince Michael of Kent also joined in some carriage driving, looking most distinguished in a cream straw fedora. The high crown and exaggerated pinches on this piece give it an interesting shape and the pleated navy band adds a refined touch.

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Lord Frederick and Lady Gabriella Windsor joined their father. Ella’s take on a fedora in dark green featured a tall crown, wide brim and simple bow at the side in coordinating grosgrain ribbon. Freddie’s straw fedora featured a cowboy-hat shaped brim that I’m not fond of. Thankfully, the smart grey and red trim added some polish to the piece.

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The weekend’s climax was a variety show set up in an arena in Windsor Great Park that featured more than 1200 performers, 900 horses and numerous other animals (cows, dogs and a goat). While the Queen did not wear a hat for this evening event, the Princess Royal, Earl of Wessex, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor and Zara Tindall, who all took part in the pageant riding horses belonging to the Queen, did.

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So many of the hats we see here lean toward the formal side and it’s a fun change to see more informal pieces. There will be more celebrating (with lots of hats) on the Queen’s official birthday celebration on June 11.
Photos from Getty as indicated; Press Association and NS News Agency Ltd.

12 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Queen’s Birthday

  1. 1. HM is wearing one of my favorite pinks, and the pale blue RTM is a real hum-dinger!
    2. Philip is great looking, as always. He just keeps on going!
    3. Lord Frederick has a LOT to learn. I don’t mind mixing patterns (I do it all the time) but I find nothing satisfying with his rig.
    4. Lady Gabriella’s forest green is wonderful, but too autumnal-looking for May. (When do we get all of HM’s green millinery?)

  2. I love both the blue and the pink hats that Her Majesty wore. Thanks for including the link to a better picture of the blue. Very nice!
    Prince Philip looks good, as always, in his flat caps and in his fedora.
    I’m not keen on the downward tweaked brim of Prince Michael’s hat. Looks like a funnel. Also, I think that Lord Frederick’s hat is too small and the colored band doesn’t do a thing for it. I would say, if you want to wear a cowboy hat, do so!
    Lady Gabriella’s hat is a little heavy for late spring, but it looks nice on her.

    The horse riders all look appropriate in their helmets. Is Prince Edward’s more of a bowler style?

    And, a shoutout to the headscarves! I love them!

  3. It’s been a while since we’ve seen HM bring out the Hermes, and she’s able to pull headscarves off so well. The magenta is a beautiful color for HM, but I still find the brim shape to be odd on this particular hat. And that ice blue RTM masterpiece! Such a tragedy is was not shown off better this time (oh darn, she has to wear one of her best hats again for us to see it, such a tragedy haha).

    Thanks @HatQueen for featuring the men’s hats here; always feel we get a little sidelined since our hats aren’t always as exciting or varied as the ladies’. Philip has always looked good in this straw fedora, although it is a bit crooked on his head this time. And those driving caps are wonderful too! (it’s the only style of cap that looks good on me).

    The wider brim on Prince Michael’s hat helps balance out the tall and narrow crown and I think this is a great hat for him, but that fold in the brim in the very front is a bit annoying to me. Gabriella always looks good in these feminine fedoras, but it’s a bit interesting she went for a felt hat when everyone else wore straw or something lighter-weight. Frederick’s hat is too small for him (notice how high it sits on his head), and the brim is too warped to be flattering; a larger size and a flatter brim, and we’d be in business!

    Overall a fun look at some more informal royal headwear!

  4. The light blue RTM is an exquisite hat, but I think AK’s pink is good too. I like the bumper and the hat’s proportions. So many pink outfits recently!
    I wonder how the Queen’s scarves are arranged.

  5. It’s RTM every time as far as I’m concerned as the best hat maker for the Queen – her designs are always exquisite and suit the Queen so well. This ice blue/ pale blue hat is a beautiful, flattering shape and beautifully adorned.

  6. Thank you so much for another interesting post. I am intrigued – what makes a newsboy cap? I thought the Duke’s caps were just common or garden flat caps.

    • You’re right- the Duke’s caps are indeed flat caps. A newsboy cap is sewn in triangular panels on the top of the cap that meet in the middle with a button. This gives a slightly fuller look to the cap. Correction made!

  7. Fredrick’s hat looks too small for his head! Have you ever noticed, no matter how many of these events The Queen attends, she never looks bored! She always has a look of interest on her face. I do wish she had given up her head scarves long ago – I only wore them in the 50s and then never again! I wore a few little triangle head scarves that tied on in the 60s.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show from a hotel in Ireland. Prince Michael wins as most elegant man and of course, Her Majesty wins for the ladies, although Ella Windsor looks as elegant as her father.

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