Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday: Service of Thanksgiving

Royal Hats

Fifty-three members of the British royal family attended a national service of thanksgiving this morning at St Paul’s Cathedral in London to celebrate the 90th birthday of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. For this celebration, held on the day of the Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday, the Queen wore what Buckingham Palace described as a “primrose yellow coat, dress and hat”.

Embed from Getty Images

Made of yellow silk wool pique, the dress and coat are embroidered in white flowers. The embroidery is continued on the upturned edge of the hat’s white straw brim while the fabric covered crown is left without embellishment. A large yellow and white silk dahlia bloom on the side provides the hat’s final flourish.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

While some parts of this ensemble feel overworked to me (like the overly fussy, scalloped edge on the coat), the hat is a little underwhelming. We have seen this hat shape from Angela Kelly several times before and I was hoping for something just a little bit different for this momentous occasion. These quibbles aside, the the scale and colour of the hat work well on Her Majesty. Yellow can be a tough colour to wear but this soft shade is just right.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her ice blue picture hat with inverted brim edging, straw and crin bands around the crown, and a mass of flying straw and crin curled bow loops on the side. I have previously described this hat as a walking celebration and as such, it fit well with today’s happy occasion. It is, however, its fourth outing and I have my fingers crossed that Camilla has a new design waiting in the wings to début tomorrow.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: May 10, 2015September 21, 2014June 18, 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated the cream straw beret-based cocktail hat she wore for her daughter’s christening last year. Today’s outing gives us a much better look at the piece which is trimmed in white silk orchid blooms and a straw bow with flying tails.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

At fist glance, this hat looks like a perfect match for Kate’s exquisite coat but at a closer view, I’m not sure the mix of different creams and whites of the two pieces work well together. A fellow blogger also pointed out  hat the flying bow tails resemble antlers, a most unfortunate comparison that I can not shake out of my head. This leaves me less enamoured with this hat- it’s a nice enough piece but I don’t think it’s outstanding.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor:
Previously Worn: July 5, 2015

What do you think of these three pale hued hats at the service of thanksgiving today?

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Photos from Getty as indicated

30 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday: Service of Thanksgiving

  1. Camilla for the win here. The Queen second and Kate a distant third. I know that all the extras on the Queen’s outfit (the embroidery, the scallops, the piping, the buttons) are Angela Kelly’s way of saying that this is a special outfit for a special occasion, but I would prefer to see the Queen in an outfit made beautiful by an exquisite simplicity of luxurious fabric and elegant design. Under the circumstances, her hat is not too bad, being small, basic, unoffensive, nicely decorated with the cheerful dahlia and bright color.

  2. The Queen looks lovely as always. The yellow reminds me of the outfit she wore to the Cambridge wedding. The scallops don’t bother me nor does the hat but since someone pointed it out maybe a white purse and shoes would have been better. The Duchess of Cambridge always looks beautiful but since looking more closely after certain comments I have to agree the white of the trim on the coat and the color of the hat don’t match. The Duchess of Cornwall looked very elegant. I have always been a huge fan of Diana but I must say Camilla has found a great style for herself. It doesn’t bother me that this is a repeat or the color is not bright. Both Camilla and Katherine might have wanted to choose colors that would not upstage her Majesty.

  3. Beautiful brooch by ER, just terrific. Very much dislike the scalloped hem on the coat but am okay with the scallops down the front edges (if you have to do scallops, that is). The colour works well for her and that’s a smart comment by the person who noted that the white underbrim helps light her face.

    Love Kate’s coat, although again a smart comment re the fact that it’s quite ‘middle-aged’. Not sure that the lovely hat goes with it – putting aside the colour, it just doesn’t tie in enough with the striking coat.

    Camilla does what Camilla does with a lack of fuss and quite well.

  4. By now so many people have commented. My only regret concerning the hat is that this color choice probably means that that beautiful yellow/gray hat from the Germany visit won’t be worn again within the next week. The two hats are similar in style and color.
    Someone seems to believe that scallops are obligatory for major occasions. In addition to the Stuart Parvin outfit Baxter mentioned earlier ), this Olympic dress also was scalloped:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Although I don’t find scalloped hemlines particularly attractive, I very much like the scalloped neckline and vertical closings of the coat. Actually, it’s a stunning outfit. We should be grateful, I suspect, that the hat is slightly underwhelming; otherwise it would have more scallops. The flower and particularly the white brim are lovely — and enough.
    Pity that Queen Elizabeth has given up white shoes and purse; that big black purse really does not let the outfit shine.
    I think the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat does not help the coat, which is beautiful. The odd antlers and extra cream color of the hat seem a mistake to me.

  5. I must say the Queen’s hat is growing on me. I was a little disappointed when I first saw it, as it is a rather utilitarian shape, but looking at the first picture of the Queen coming out of the Cathedral, I must say I really like the outfit as a whole, and the hat goes very well as part of it.

    Camilla’s is a great hat, and a perfect example of what she can pull off and why she’s such a delight to hat-watchers.

    I wouldn’t say that Kate’s hat is a favourite, but I think it looked good as part of the overall outfit. Although there seemed quite a contrast between the cream of the hat and the white of the trim in the close-up photo, that really isn’t apparent in the distance, and I suspect is one of those differences where light plays a huge part.

  6. HM looks lovely. I can see why HatQueen and others are underwhelmed, but this shape is one of the better of Angela Kelly’s designs. There’s so much going on with the coat — and that brooch! — that a simple hat works well.

    Ditto for the Duchess of Cambridge, since her hat sets off the stunning coat, a more contemporary version of the Queen’s Wedgewood ensemble.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the family later!

    • I’m having a change of heart about the Queen’s hat. It is a good shape and it is very good to see some restraint on its embellishment, particularly with this coat. Your comments are making this hat grow on me!

      • The white brim is also quite a nice detail. It references the embroidery, it reflects and puts a bit more light on the Queen’s face, and it makes sure there is no sallow tone that a completely yellow hat in this shade might cast on her skin. It’s definitely a hat that improves under scrutiny!

        • Very good point. Like you, I was not a great fan of the yellow hat she wore to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding as it seemed to cast that sallow hue you mention. This white brim does really lift the hat (and maybe even draw out the embroidery around her coat’s neckline?).

  7. MrFitzroy is pleasantly surprised, this is a good basic serviceable hat on HM. Unfortunately, it’s not really a “major occasion” hat, is it?….but when one thinks of the yellow fondant covered cake on a board with twee roses that she wore for the Cambridge wedding, things could have been much (much) worse, and this one is quite lovely in it’s relative simplicity.

    The coat is a tough call. It’s lovely that the embroidery references the stunning and important brooch (in this case, the jewelry was obviously selected first) and the idea of the scallops themselves are not bad, but the execution is, indeed, a bit stiff and overwrought.

    However, it did bring back lovely memories for Mr Fitzroy — as Granny Fitzroy used to have a scalloped and embroidered tablecloth in this exact shade of yellow, on which she would lay the table with her lavender and cream Wedgwood Queensware. It made for a lovely effect. She would be thrilled today.
    If one finds a photo of the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge side by side, it would indeed be an exact reference to Granny’s table!
    Here’s to Her Majesty — and to a stunning Trooping of the Colour ahead, and a fabulous Ascot week to boot!

  8. I may be wrong, but did Eugenie wear the same hat as CP Victoria wore to Alexander’s Te Deum?…CP Victoria’s was white and worn at a different angle…

  9. I love this yellow hat. I was dreading another Dr Seuss or Mad Hatter style hat so this one is a lovely change. I think the scallops are a design feature too far on the coat (and dress), and I’m thankful that they didn’t make it onto the hat. But, Her Majesty looks wonderful.
    The Duchess of Cornwall looks nice, as she often does in this outfit. I still like it!
    The Duchess of Cambridge looks lovely. I’m not as bothered as the rest of you with the variations of white and cream. Would I have liked a new hat, in that pale blue color? Yes. I’m glad they re-wear all of their expensive garments and hats, but I don’t mind seeing something new from time to time.

  10. Actually, I’m delighted we didn’t have the usual Angela Kelly Mad Hatter design. Her Majesty is a petite woman and Kelly’s hat often are too overwhelming in my opinion. I love the color of the ensemble. And wish Queen Elizabeth a very happy birthday.

  11. Like many others, I think the Queen is in a fab colour, but I wish there was a bit less going on with the coat, it just has the usual Kelly heavy hand. The hat is a repeat of the shape from Ascot last year, which is nice enough.

    I love this outfit on Camilla, I like that she gets wear out of her wardrobe!

    I feel unsure about Kate’s outfit- the coat is very similar in style to Princess Anne’s one – so I just find it a bit old for her. She looks good, but it’s a bit of a safe look I think.

  12. Pale yellow suits the Queen. Don’t care for the scallops on the coat; they remind me of a tablecloth.
    Duchess of Cornwall looks fabulous in hat and coat.
    Duchess of Cambridge: I agree that the coat is lovely, but after the HQ’s comment on antlers, I have grave reservations about the hat!

  13. I love that shade of yellow on HM; she looks amazing. Her coat reminds me of the Quen Mum, but everything works for her. She is lovely and always age appropriate. There are never really any surprises in her wardrobe, and she wisely leaves that to the younger family members. Camilla looks great too. I like that she and the older members of the family recycle clothing and hats. In these economic times, it is refreshing to see someone doing the same thing we have to do!

  14. I think HM looked quite stunning today. I love the subtly embroidered fabric and I think the hat looks lovely. I wish the yellow was a bit more saturated, but at any rate, HM is one of the few people I know who can pull off yellow extremely well. Also, just my opinion, but based on what little I’ve seen of her personality and commitment to duty, I would venture to say HM is trying not to draw too much attention to herself (hard to do, being the Queen at 90!) by keeping this hat a little more understated.

    Love the return of this hat for Camilla. I agree I would love to see some new designs (and especially new colors, hint hint Clarence House!), but this one is definitely a keeper!

    Kate’s coat is absolutely beautiful, and this cocktail hat does it no justice. As a couple other commenters said, separately they work, but together they don’t, and I agree that an ice blue cocktail hat to match her coat would’ve been a fantastic choice.

    Certainly a great start to this great hatted event!

  15. QEII looks great in that shade of yellow – I do agree with you, her coat is just a bit stiff looking with the fabrication and it’s scallops. I never did like this Kate hat — agree, it looks like it has antlers on it. Had hoped it would be retired post the christening.

  16. For some reason, I love yellow (the proper shade, of course) on Queen Elizabeth and this color lights up her face. While I thought the yellow hat she wore in Germany was prettier with the gray touches, I liked this hat, white and all. Camilla wore her usual hat style as did Kate, they both looked very stylish. I
    With Kate, I would have liked to see her hat in the same beautiful color of her coat. She always looks so beautiful in pale blue.

  17. ‘Underwhelming’ is a perfect description. Although I was bracing for an Angela Kelly creation, we’ve seen much worse.

    This week also marks another anniversary that is very important to us hat watchers – 10 years ago at the Thanksgiving Service for HM’s 80th Birthday the very first hat Rachel Trevor Morgan created for the Queen made its debut! Over the past decade we’ve seen some incredibly beautiful and elegant hats from this talented milliner. When she and Stewart Parvin team up they always knock it out of the park. Too bad we didn’t see one of their combos today.

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Thank you Baxter, for this lovely memory, and the reminder that SUBTLE scallops can work quite well on HM!

  18. I love Camilla’s hat and outfit (as usual), but am feeling underwhelmed by the other two. I don’t think Catherine’s cream goes with her blue coat (which is stunning) and I feel the Queen’s feminine coat (lovely scallops) deserves a more feminine hat.

  19. Also, I now noticed that while Camillas hat is very pretty, she has worn it with the same clothes all the time. I know she tends to do that, but I would love to see the hat being combined with some other clothes.

  20. I really like the scalloped edges on Queen Elizabeth’s coat and dress. Maybe it should be scalloped edges or embroidery, not both. At first glance, I thought the hat was a repeat. Nice but not super special, to me.
    The Duchess of Cornwall’s repeated hat and outfit are stunning. I love the color on her and the pattern texture of her coat just pops out.
    My screen shots are also giving varied color hues of the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat and coat trim. Separately the are beautiful. Together not so much.
    Thanks for all that you do Hat Queen!

  21. I thought exactly the same HQ re the colouring of the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat and coat appliqué. It’s the base colour that’s throwing it off I think which doesn’t even go with the tone of the shoes/clutch. Much better pairing first time round (Princess Charlottes christening).
    Lovely colour for Her Majesty.

  22. Love this shade of yellow on HM. However, she can wear every hue and color quite well. The scalloping is nice. Doesn’t worry me. I love the embroidery on the Queen’s outfit and the detailing on Kate’s.

    Insofar as the hats, I think the Queen’s is very pretty but the white under the brim bothers me. Looking at the overhead shot it appears the hat has a white brim with yellow trim just around the edges in the same fabric as the crown, dress and coat.

    I like Kate’s hat but they are all beginning to look the same to me. Nothing new; nothing special but nice. Of course, I don’t have the Hat Queen’s eagle eye and millinery expertise. But It appears HQ is similarly underwhelmed. Nice to see Kate’s hair done up nicely though so kudos for that.

    Is Kate’s hat really cream or is that just the photos/lighting? On my screen and phone it most often appears white and only occasionally on the creamy side.

    Camilla’s hat is very, very large and fabulous. But then they almost always are. Love this color on her. Adore the little dragon fly pins.

    Which reminds me, what about the Queen’s brooch. It is gorgeous.

    Noticed that the fellows are all wearing blue too. Prince William and Duke of Edinburgh wearing red ties, and Charles wearing an elegant light blue tie.

    So looking forward to the other hats for some razzmatazz.

  23. All very servicable hat. Nothing outstanding, but very nice! Both Catherine and Camilla went rather understated (on their own scales) which seems very proper on this occation 🙂

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