Day 2 Royal Ascot: Countess of Wessex

Royal Ascot  After a minor fashion blip yesterday, the Countess of Wessex seemed back on her sartorial game today for the second day of Royal Ascot in a new blue percher hat with unique woven chevron detail.

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Christie: This is one of my favourite colours! It’s great to see a 2 tone draped brim, I love how the French navy comes through the hatched detailing at the front. I don’t know that I love the choice of crown shape, and the sinamay trim looks like an afterthought,  but the hat is different and the colour looks gorgeous with her blonde hair.

Fiona: Love everything about this look. The colour of the beautifully tailored dress is super on Sophie and the fact that the hat has a darker black tone in it (by virtue of the black lining or underlay) is great. The shape of the hat with the pleated drop off at the back is fab and the detail around the circumference of the hat is wonderful. My only criticism is that the pattern on the hat is not symmetrical although the hat appears to be symmetrical or is it an asymmetric hat?

Royal Hats: I love this hat, not only because it’s such a great scale and colour on Sophie but also because it is something we have not seen before. I also really love that the brim is backed in navy straw which makes the hatched chevron pattern in the straw stand out more. This pattern might not be perfectly placed but I still think this is a unique and creative piece that looks fantastic on Sophie!

Jill: This is not my favorite although I love the color on her. The workmanship on this hat is lovely though. The treatment of the straws and the technique of layering them and having such a clean finish is not easy to achieve so kudos to the milliner, it’s just not my favorite silhouette.

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Another mixed response for Sophie’s hat yesterday at Royal Ascot, dearest readers- what do you think of this new blue design?

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19 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: Countess of Wessex

  1. What a unique hat! While it may not be everyone’s favorite, I think that is something that definitely stands out from the crowd. This turquoise color, mixed with the navy, takes it to the realm of the unusual. I wish I could say the same about the dress,but the one word that comes to mind is plain. There is no trim, jewelry, or anything that relieves the plain and boring neckline. Verdict: like the hat, dislike the shape and style of the dress.

  2. The color is beautiful for Sophie and the chevron gives it a fun Spanish-flair to the hat. But I don’t like how it feel like there is a giant bowl sitting on her head, and I especially find the crown bulging up in the middle to be odd. If this hat was more of a flatter disc style tilted to the right (more like what she wore on Day 1), it would be a true winner for me.

  3. The shape of the hat is OK but the pattern makes it look like a blue doily. I’m sorry but her dress looks like a smock. It’s so bad. She looks fab in blue but I think she’s just trying too hard.

  4. Love the colour … but I find the dress style a bit meh, and the hat … To me the hat looks fine from the back and side, it’s the front view that bothers me. The material seems a little ‘casual’ for Ascot and it looks too much like a sunhat that’s got squashed in a suitcase on the way back from a fun holiday in the Caribbean or the Med. So, unusually, not a winner for Sophie, from me, anyway.

  5. The hat…I can’t even. It’s a lovely color for Sophie. That’s the best I can say for it. That aquamarine brooch though… I die.

  6. I think Sophie looks great in this pretty color. The hat is a success I think even though the shape is definitely weird. From the back it looks like a graduation cap gone wrong. I like that in many pictures it seems to be a darker shade of blue than the dress. I suppose that’s due to the dark underlayer. It makes it less matchy matchy. Also, the chevron design is different and attractive, although I would prefer it to have been placed more symmetrically. The shape and the pattern add interest without gussying up the hat, so that is stays in keeping with the very plain and simple lines of the dress. The dress itself looks warm and comfortable. I’m not a complete fan of the longer lengths the countess has been wearing. I think sometimes they just make her look old and dowdy, which she certainly isn’t.

  7. I love this one! Sophie looks lovely in this bright color and the hat is not something we’ve seen before. I don’t love the view from the one side (in carriage with Mary) but I don’t know how you’d resolve it. The navy underlay really makes the pattern stand out.

  8. I knew Sophie would wow on day 2 and she certainly did. Sophie knows how to do Ascot! My favourite hat so far. Credit also to milliner Jane Taylor for creating a unique and skilfully made hat. The fact the chevron detail is not symmetrical doesn’t bother me, I think it is meant to be like that.

  9. I like this hat – a fab colour and it’s fun. It lacks a bit of the drama Sophie has brought in recent years (by that I mean it’s not as huge as some of her real winners) but it’s a polished and fun outfit for the races.

  10. Great hat for Ascot – I don’t think I would love it as much on another outing. The front view is fantastic but I’m not sure about the side-view.

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