Day 2 Royal Ascot: The Princess Royal

Royal Ascot  After her wonderful new hat yesterday, Princess Anne chose a repeated purple headpiece for the races today. Her hat, in an interesting tear-drop shape, is edged with slim white piping and trimmed with white net tulle and a purple silk flower.

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Fiona: I quite like this look and the upturn detail on the coat cuffs, even the pattern and cut of the coat is pretty. I think her headpiece is a little fussy against the floral coat pattern – the shape of the headpiece works fine but something a little more structured in the trimming would have worked better with no veiling, or at least with the veiling properly finished.

Jill: I can’t believe I am saying this but I think this may be my favorite look of the day! This is such a fun change from what I am used to seeing on Princess Anne and it is quite spirited. It was clearly made for the jacket, I like how the points of the fascinator mimic the lines of her collar and the color combination of the purple and green is lively and youthful. My only issue is the flower, I think it could have used a bit of a freshen up and some steam.

Royal Hats: Even at its first outing, that flower was a little flat!

Christie: Yes – Day 2 and still no brown! I don’t find this hat to be anything particularly special, but it works well with the outfit. This colour doesn’t particularly suit Princess Anne, it seems to wash her out and bring out the cool tones in her skin.  Perhaps if she brought in a deep burgundy in her lips and a deeper accent somewhere else in the outfit it would work. It’s lovely to see her with a different shape on though, it looks beautiful positioned on the side.  I would like to see the ends of the veiled trim finished differently as well, not as blunt, perhaps.  And maybe some lighter elements in the trim / finishing.

Royal Hats: Because we see her drab tones so much, I think Princess Anne looks great in purple! Jill’s insightful comment has me seeing this hat in an entirely different light (almost to the point of liking it!) and I must admit that the placement seems better than past outings. However…. there still is something clunky about this design that makes it fall short for me. That, and it’s pairing with Anne’s floral coat. I’m not sure any hat can save that coat.

Designer: Walter Wright
Previously Worn: May 18, 2015; June 21, 2012; April 29, 2011

We have seen Princess Anne in this hat before, dearest readers- what did you think of its outing at Ascot, yesterday?

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: The Princess Royal

  1. This is not a new look although it is not a bad look. While Princess Anne is not stylish, I wish she had worn purple or even white gloves (unless there is a royal restriction on white gloves at a “horse race”) instead of the navy blue that she has worn before.

  2. Didn’t she wear this coat to William and Caterine’s wedding or was it her daughter’s wedding? Regardless, the coat belongs in the 60’s along with the hat. I almost wished she had worn brown!

  3. I’m going against everyone and saying I love this coat, especially those cuffed sleeves! Granted, it is a bit sci-fi looking, and I love sci-fi, so there’s my bias . . .

    Purple is a great color for Anne, but I still don’t like this hat, even after all these years. Time to make her a purple hat with a proper brim and crown to go with this outfit, and we would have a stunning look.

  4. I love Anne’s hat, but then I love purple. I often wonder how members of the Royal Family get along, and Anne and Catherine look like they get along great.

  5. HQ- NOTHING can save that coat! It doesn’t even belong on a sofa! Anne’s hat is cute from the side but from the front it looks like cardboard.

  6. Love Anne so find it hard to criticise – but the gloves, bag, shoes are typical, I reckon. What do I have that’s near enough? Oh, look, these will do. It’s always nice to see her in something that’s definitely ‘dressy’ and this is that.

  7. Nice hat on HRH – the purple is refreshing to see on her, and I am not a purple fan at all ever. The coat, on the other hand, needs to be donated – I don’t care for the gauntlet cuffs at all. It looks quite dated.

  8. It’s hard to judge this hat with fresh eyes since we’ve seen it so often. It’s a good match for the coat, that’s for sure.

  9. I liked her Day 1 hat much better. I am sure one of the guest milliners could rearrange the trimming/flower and we would have a new favorite.

  10. For me the navy gloves throw the whole outfit off, and it is on precarious footing at the best off times.

  11. Well she’s getting her wear out of it! She’s actually wearing it properly this time, tilted forward rather than plonked on her cottage loaf, and it’s better for it. Just that subtle change makes all the difference, and I like it.

    • I think the problem is that the hat was just taken out of its box and put on! Whereas it should have been tweaked and steamed!

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