Day 2 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cambridge

Royal Ascot The first major royal first at Ascot today was the inaugural attendance of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Her hat is described by the designer as an “elegant mesh saucer disc with angular printed feather, delicate rose and twist detail”.

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Fiona: Put a sack on her and she looks impeccable, there is not much the Duchess does wrong in the style stakes. Her Dolce and Gabanna dress is beautiful and the detail to the bottom, with the boho-tier should be wrong for this occasion but it works. Generally I do like the shape of the hat, the button centre with the lattice outer straw brim. But there could have been a lot more thought into the placement of the trimming. It looks like it was thrown on last minute, the flower is too small and untidy looking, the feathers are just thrown on and the twists of white straw look like they were placed on as it was being packed into the box! Other than the hat trimming, she looks fabulous as always.

Christie: The shape of this piece is.. ok, but is this a paper straw? With a paper straw trim? There are so many elements in the quality of this piece that I am just not happy with. On the side view, you can see the brim wire sticking out, the edge of the brim is frayed, the silk flower is an oblong shape and the spattering of gold on the feathers makes them look dirty. I’m sorry to be so critical of this piece, but I love the Duchess’ style and would like to see her in something of higher quality. I do like the idea of a natural straw on her though.

Jill: It’s lovely to see the Duchess of Cambridge at Ascot! It took me a minute to warm up to this hat, I like the shape on her and the mix of materials is very interesting, especially the softly hued feather accent. I wish the straw was a bit more ivory than natural with the dress, but the overall look is very pleasing and I think she looks divine.

Royal Hats: I really wanted to like this hat- an open weave straw is an interesting twist and the hat’s scale and shape are  wonderful on Kate. However, I have to agree with Fiona and Christie that the execution falls short, particularly with that haphazard trim. Such a light feeling hat was a great pairing with Kate’s exquisite lace dress but again, I’m left craving some colour. Even a pink shoe would have made a world of difference here!

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the Una design from SS 2015
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The great thing about royal hats is that the same design can elicit completely different responses, just as Kate’s hat did for our guest milliners today! What did you think of this, Kate’s first Ascot hat in a lifetime that I hope will bring many more?

Jane Taylor SS 2016 Una design

Photos from Getty as indicated and Jane Taylor London

19 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cambridge

  1. She looks lovely, although somewhat matronly. Her hair is “finally” upswept instead of hanging in her face for her to muss with. I don’t know if she has honestly found her style yet after two children.

  2. I don’t like the hippie chick wedding dress at all. Despite the technical flaws the designers noted, I like the light feel of the hat. Would love to see it paired with a bright, warm-toned dress. That combination worked so well for CP Mary today.

  3. I think this is actually a fantastic ensemble for Kate! I really like this hat, and her dress is lovely. Again (as I’m certain you’re all sick of hearing from me at this point), I’m missing the color! Where is it??

  4. I LOVE Kate’s outfit. She is the epitome of elegance. However, I would love to see her wear more color.

  5. OK that dress is out of this world amazing but she’s wearing a brown doily with feathers on her head. WHY DIDN”T SHE WEAR THE POTATO CHIP HAT? It would have been so fab with this dress.

    I took a closer look and Christie is right the gold on the feathers really does make them look dirty. #hatfail

  6. As others gave said, I like the hat and the dress but not together. The dress is too flipped for the races and for his hat – if it didn’t have the frill at the bottom, and perhaps was more of a tailored rock it would work. And yes, too much cream. I’m finding it all a bit ‘meh’ really.

  7. A big NO to both the hat and the dress – what a dreadful ensemble on our lovely Kate! Her hair is very nice and her earrings pretty but what was she thinking with that dress? And once you have a dress like that, where do you go with the hat without making it look like a registry office wedding?

  8. Not a fan of this hat at all. It’s not a good pair with this dress. Also, the angle Kate wears it at is not a fav of mine – it pulls it into almost a pearcher for me which I don’t care for. The model has the hat positioned much nicer, lower on the head in the front vs. to the up and back like Kate wore it.

  9. I love this hat, but in common with several others I hate this dress. It might have been better with a large picture hat as Kat said, but I think it would be better off not ever seen again. That the Duchess looks lovely anyway is just a testament to her poise and smile.

  10. The best thing about this hat is its lightness. I like the texture of the brim. It does have an airy feel and the way it is positioned on the base makes it seem to be floating. The trim echoes the pattern of the lace in the dress. I do agree with a lot of the others commenting that it’s a bit boring seeing so many all cream outfits. My problem with this particular outfit is what I feel is a slight mismatch in the formality of the elements. The hat and hair are formal but the long flounce on the dress seems to take it to the realm of casual summer dress. I think suede pumps are wrong with this and wished for some light strappy shoes. I also feel that a part up part down hairstyle would have suited this dress style better. I think two of Kate’s best features after her smile are her hair and her legs, so it’s a shame to hide them.

  11. I think this is a really pretty hat. I like Kate’s placement of the hat and pairing with an undo. I don’t think the trim looks haphazard I think it fits with the general light and youthful vibe of the hat. I particularly like the open weave brim.

  12. I would love to see her in more color as she wears them so well. The cream dress is not my favorite, and perhaps, as Kat says, a large picture hat in non-cream would work to improve the look. The hat’s shape isn’t my favorite, and maybe some color in the trim would change my mind. However, her hair looks fantastic and it’s so lovely to see her at Royal Ascot!

  13. Someone on another blog mentioned the dress being reminiscent of Eliza Doolittle’s Ascott dress. Not sure she was really the style inspiration here but I wish the Duchess would have opted for a matching picture hat à la Eliza to complete the look. I find this hat great fun though – just not in combination with that dress.

  14. I LOVE this hat, however it is competing with the lace dress and loses a lot of its impact (reminding me of Crown Princess Victoria at Prince Oscar’s christening). I also am craving some color!

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