Day 5 Royal Ascot: Princess Eugenie

Royal Ascot  Princess Eugenie enjoyed the races with her sister today, topping a striking black white and yellow ensemble with a large black straw hat decorated with pearls.

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Christie:  I actually quite love this hat – the shape and the pearl trim are just beautiful in their minimalism and placement.  She looks incredibly elegant in this!  However,  I just don’t feel like the outfit lives up to the level of class that the hat brings to the look.

Fiona: Another classic look today from Eugenie. I do like the collar and cuffs of the top, but I don’t know that the black stitching is to my liking- it was a huge trend a few years ago and I always feel it is a little dated. The obvious here would be to put flowers in the hat to create a cohesive look but I am glad she didn’t – the pearls dotted randomly on this dome shaped hat are girlish and quirky, and it makes for a little of the unexpected. So overall a rather nice look.

Royal Hats: I love that Princess Eugenie has been experimenting with different (and larger) shapes and this hat is a success. The pearl trim is so effective and unexpected- we’ve seen a lot of royal hats over the past week and it is wonderful to end with one that has an air of myster and surprise. The York sisters receive so much criticism for their fashion and while not everyone likes the sartorial risks they take, I applaud them for it. They have had some of my favourite hats at Ascot this year.

Jill: I very much like the clean line of this hat and although not an easy shape to wear, it suits Princess Eugenie nicely. The pearl detail is minimal and fun with the print of her skirt. My only real issue is that I feel she is a little hidden under the brim and I wish it sat up a bit higher on her head. Her outfit is very fresh and I adore the top stitching on the collar and cuffs. Side by side, the sisters look quite lovely and modern, well done!

Designer: Nerida Fraiman. It is the ‘Audrey’ design from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Princess Eugenie’s new hat for the final day of the races?

Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Day 5 Royal Ascot: Princess Eugenie

  1. Very pretty! I like the scattered placement of the pearls. The hat looks a little faded with the saturated black of the top of the dresss, but I imagine that is only in the photos.

    “Audrey” is a good name for it, although I imagine she would have worn it with a sheath.

  2. A fab hat from Eugenie’s, this broad brim suits her so well, and the 50s silhouette is so flattering for her. I think I’d prefer a plain or at least just black and white skirt, but no matter, she looks fab.

  3. At certain angles (mostly from above), I really love this hat, but straight on, I like it a little less because the pearls are so 3D and distracting to me for some reason. Overall another great look from Eugenie. She really brought her A-game in June, and hope she continues this winning streak!

  4. Love the hat – love the dress but, for me, not together! The dress is more suited to a garden party than Ascot but the hat is gorgeous (love the pearls) and would have really stood out with a simple dress and pearl earrings (or studs).

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