Day 5 Royal Ascot: Queen Elizabeth

  The final day of Royal Ascot saw the Queen’s horse Dartmouth win the Hardwicke Stakes, bringing this week of horse racing to an end on a royal high. For the races today, the Queen repeated a turquoise straw design with pleated crin overlay and a royal blue silk rose at the side.

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Fiona: A nice bright colour palette again today these are great colours on the Queen. I like this hat, the pleated crin softens the whole look around her face and makes her look far friendlier! The crin is not perfectly sitting, but that is the nature of the pleated crin and I admire the milliner for using it in this fashion. Sometimes I wish we could see the dresses she wears underneath, in this case its only possible to see the peep of aqua blue with the royal blue neckline, but the whole ensemble is very nice – probably up there with yesterdays coral pink outfit.

Christie: What an interesting hat! She’s gone away from her angular crown to a rounder shape and the crinoline is an different addition indeed. I feel like, if the flower was placed just a bit lower, that this look might just work. I do applaud Queen Elizabeth in constantly being open to mixing up her style.

Jill: I do like the color of this hat although I wish her jacket was a bit more open so we could see the dress for which the color was matched. The brim of this hat is perfect, the shape is very nice on her and I think the wide straw edge and the pleated crin overlay all work nicely. The crown unfortunately does not work in my opinion. The crin gives it a bit too much width and the trim seems an afterthought, popped on to make it work with the coat. Thankfully she has that gorgeous broach to divert my attention from this unremarkable hat!

Royal Hats: I have warmed to this hat since we first saw it last year and really like the pleated crin simply because it’s something totally different. It’s a great hat that I’m afraid falls a bit placed with another awkwardly designed neckline on the Queen’s dress and coat.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 23, 2016

We have not seen this hat in almost a  year, dear readers- have your thoughts changed about it since its first outing?

Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Day 5 Royal Ascot: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I didn’t love this hat the first time, and I still don’t. The pleated crin was a good idea but it failed in execution. Maybe it needs a larger hat to work or for the pleats to be horizontal rather than vertical? Back to the drawing board!

  2. So this seems to have grown on me. I like the colour contrast and think it’s fun for the races. I guess a bit of a peek at the turquoise dress would tie it together a little more, but I like the boldness of the approach. It divides opinion this one, for sure!

  3. I agree with all the comments regarding the dress and coat necklines – they are just not flattering and always end up not sitting level on the Queen is dropping away on one shoulder. A tailored , centrally buttoned coat is do much more flattering and I love Her Majesty in a coat with a collar of some sort! The hat is passable but the cringe is I think awful – I just want to tidy it all up!

  4. Although I don’t DISlike this hat, it still comes in last this week.
    In order of enjoyment/pleasure:
    1. Coral Friday
    2. Pale pink Wednesday
    3. Yellow Tuesday
    4. Orange Thursday
    5. Teal Saturday
    HQ, you deserve another holiday . . . Take one!

  5. HM certainly kept us waiting for the blue hat this year. And although the colour is lovely, as is the upturn on the brim, the ‘crin’ wrapping on the crown looks like someone’s high school home economics project. Sigh. Your coverage and commentary was wonderful again this year and adds so much to the enjoyment of the week. Thanks!

  6. Looking back at the previous time this hat was worn, I like it a whole lot better now. I want to say they reshaped the brim a little so more of it is off her face, which makes a world of difference! Also, I think this brooch is much more flattering for the overall ensemble. My only big complaint is I still wish the rose didn’t sit so high. Brava!

  7. I cannot like that hat. Apart from anything else, the light passing through the hat brim casts an unflattering blue-green shadow on the queen’s face. I think the coat might actually look rather nice with a better hat.

  8. Sorry girls (hat experts) but I respectfully disagree. This hat was likened to a toilet-roll cover the first time it appeared and I see nothing today to make me change my mind. It looks cheap, which is a dreadful thing to say about a monarch’s hat. The coat is screaming for lapels to try and tie the asymmetrical neckline into something resembling a ‘design’ and not just an ‘idea’. I have praised AK over the past few days, but she undoes all her good work today. Pah!

  9. There is nothing I like about this hat but especially dislike the coat. Odd man out again. I am not seeing what you are seeing. HM has worn some lovely hats this week but not for me on this occasion. Thank you for the tremendous coverage.

  10. I think the colours are a bit jarring. Otherwise I prefer the softer shape of this hat on Her Majesty. I agree that the hat looks a bit cheap on my computer.

  11. I have not warmed to this outfit in the intervening year. While Wednesday’s orange hat with the blue coat worked because one could see the orange dress under the blue coat, this turquoise hat looks totally out of place because one only can remember the turquoise dress that peaked through when she arrived in Germany last year. The necklines of coat and dress are awful together, and the asymmetrical coat really isn’t all that flattering to an outfit that already is out-of-the-norm for Queen Elizabeth. The pleated crin is an interesting detail, but everything else about the outfit is a complete miss for me. All I could recommend is to wrap the blue silk rose off the hat and to create an entirely new outfit for the turquoise hat.

  12. Not a big fan of this one – the fabrication on this hat looks a tad ‘cheap’ to me, but that’s only looking at it from photos – maybe in person it looks nicer? Not feeling the coat neckline does HM any justice either.

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