Day 4 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot  Royal Ascot is not just about the ladies and before we wrap up on this, the fourth day of the races, we need to peek at the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duke of York and Prince Michael of Kent in their handsome black silk top hats.

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Also at the races today were the Earl and Countess of Hopetoun and John Warren and his wife, Lady Carolyn Warren. Skye, Countess of Hopetoun, wore an exaggerated black straw fedora with tall crown, trimmed with straw roses and soaring quills. Lady Carolyn Warren wore a large red straw picture hat with angled crown, trimmed with long straw twists. I believe both hats were made by Philip Treacy.

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That wraps up the royal hats worn today- if there are any non-royal hats that stood out to you, please feel free to share them in the comments. I’ll be back tomorrow with the final day of hats for Royal Ascot 2016.

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30 thoughts on “Day 4 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

  1. Interesting hats from yesterday

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    • More
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      • The “no” Treacy hat really sums up my feelings about this atrocious hat! I caught glimpses of it in the York post, but it truly is as hideous as I imagined. There are very few hats that I truly hate, and this is one of them. (thanks for bearing with my rant haha)

  2. I’m surprised to see that the on the hats of Prince Phillip and Prince Charles, the lower edge of their hatbands don’t appear to meet the brim at the front – there is a slight gap, although the bands appear to meet the brim at the sides. But then, not all top hats worn at Ascot seem to show this feature. Perhaps the modern topper hatbands have stretch, and therefore mould better to the crown and brim contours, whereas the traditional hatbands don’t have any give? does anyone know?
    BTW, that tie the Duke of Edinburgh is wearing – a bold, fascinating design!

    • All 4 of the royal top hats in the photos above have the traditional, felt band encircling the crown of their hats. It is literally a black felt strip of fabric that has no other embellishment (no side bow). Hats from when silk toppers were made 75+ years ago used this felt trim. And some present-day hatters that refurbish antique silk top hats use this style of trim.

      I noticed many hats (both silk and felt, black and gray) that had the felt trim where the band was not only not flush to the brim of the hat, but some were twisted and inches off the brim at odd angles. I saw one man’s hat where the band was so twisted and half-way up the back of his hat that I almost stopped and tended to it, but decided not to. I hypothesize that the felt banding doesn’t adhere well to the silk or felt of the hat and, thus, can move if not tended well.

      Some present-day hatters use, rather than a felt band, grosgrain like other men’s hats. This allows for a much crisper presentation and the grosgrain can be tacked down with a thread in a few locations, not visible to anyone seeing the hat, and consequently is always flush with the base of the crown and brim. This also allows for a nice but simple bow about half-way on the wearer’s left side of the hat.

      I’m sure a purist might scoff at the grosgrain but, for me after having seen 100s of hats this week, the grosgrain is much nicer. But maybe I’m biased because that’s the type of band I have on my hat.

  3. I’m intrigued by the pattern on the D of E’s tie. It looks like shelves of books to me. Can anyone tell?

  4. No complaints about the men, but Prince Michael was the real knockout today! He looks amazing and outshone Marie-Christine by far; definitely one of my favorite looks this whole week!

    Glad to see the Countess of Hopetoun and Carolyn Warren again; I especially loved Carolyn’s red and white combo with a classic Treacy hat.

    RTM and Stewart Parvin were 2 other favorites today; I loved all of Stewart’s blues, and I hope he sends that waistcoat to my closet ASAP!

    I didn’t like Anna Friel’s bird hat by Jane Taylor, partially because it looked too much like a stuffed bird on her head, and partially because her whole ensemble seemed very wintry to me.

  5. Designer Stewart Parvin looks most handsome in his silk top hat but my eyes are on Rachel Trevor Morgan in a gorgeous navy hat with cream trim and flowers, her own design. So beautiful!

  6. Actress Anna Friel’s brown feather bird hat got a lot of press today but it’s the amazing blue hat worn by her unnamed companion with intricate folded accordion pleats that got my attention

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Thank you again – another beautiful hat and a perfectly fitted coat. Love the natural straw with the trim.

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