Hats From the Past

Royal Hats Looking back 25 years ago to this day in 1991 that saw a trio of British royals attend the Ascot Races (Queen Elizabeth’s hat by Philip Somerville). I suspect that based on this photo, most of us will feel very grateful that fashion has changed!

Photo from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. I think Princess Margaret’ s hat is awful. I am not a fan of too many feathers. A fashionably placed feather or two is okay and sometimes it is very good, but that superfluous amount on Margeret’ s head is very dated and I don’t remember seeing much of that style in the 90’s or the 80’s for that matter. But I was focused on Princess Diana at that time. I love Sarah’s hat and I don’t even mind Her Maj’ s hat.

  2. Having lived through the 30s and 40s, I’ve seen it all it would seem in fashion. I think the 80s trends were my least fav of the fashion years – these frocks and hats included. I think folks call the 70s the me generation – the 80s always harkens back to excessiveness to me.

  3. I think I actually remember both the Queen and Fergie in these outfits. I do like Princess Margaret’s outfit and also remember the Queen Mother wearing lots of feathers.
    I think the Queen had several similar hats…blue comes to mind.
    Today the button size and the fact they are right down to the bottom on Fregie’s outfit seem off but not likely then.

    • Hmm… the current Princess Royal (since 1987) is Princess Anne but she is not in this photo. Perhaps you mean Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister?

  4. I like the queen’s ensemble very much, except for the hat, which is a lovely color but way too fussy–too many elements. I do like the duchess’s hat! Suits her (and her suit) well, a good shape and color. (Hard to know what I would have made of the suit at the time; it might have looked fine then, but it doesn’t age well.) I have never been a fan of abundantly feathered hats, so I can’t say I like Princess Margaret’s, even though it is suitable to the occasion and a splendid red; she is very well turned out from what I can see. Almost always an elegantly clad woman.

  5. HM is my least favorite of the 3; I just don’t care for much of anything with this look (other than the fuchsia color of the coat). I actually love Sarah’s hat, but definitely don’t like the rest of her dated outfit. Margaret is the only one who’s whole outfit could still work today, but it would definitely be an Anne move to do so.

    Like someone else said, so much color. Where did it all go this week (minus HM)?

  6. What strikes me is the abundance of colour! except for the Queen, many of the Royals have relatively subdued wardrobes these days.

  7. I remember liking this big hat on Fergie at the time, and I still do. It’s got a real sense of drama, though the 80’s power suit isn’t the best.

    The Queen was in her somewhat frumpy stage before she had her makeover – this is okay, it just needs tidying up a bit.

    And Margaret is fabulous in the way that only she did!

  8. I quite like the Queen’s open coat and the Duchess of York’s hat!

    I, too, am surprised you’re still going! I thought after all the posts and, I imagine, coordination you’ve had over the last few weeks, you’d take a week off! (Though this flashback makes me glad you didn’t!)

  9. I sometimes wish The Queen would wear open coats so you can see the printed dress underneath. As for Princess Margaret’s hat – love it! Hope she didn’t steal any of the Queen Mother’s feathers! The Duchess of York’s hat could still look good today.

  10. Not when Princess Margaret wears an exotic, rampant pouf of feathers like this! I admit I’m suffering from a visual overdose of frou-frou in trims this Ascot week,and would be perfectly happy if I never saw another silk flower again…well at least for a few days 🙂 — but I’ll never tire of an all-feather hat, whatever it’s shape.

  11. Oh my goodness, yes I am glad we have moved on . . . yet, dare I say it, I actually like Sarah Ferguson’s hat though not enamored with the rest of her look. I like the flowing open coat on the Queen. Does anybody else?

    One thing is for certain about you HQ — you have stamina. What a royally good job you and your guests have done again covering Ascot for us. Thank you all!

    Now, what’s next? (smile)

    • I actually like that hat too – it must have looked great with her coloring and I think with some adjustments it could still work.

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